AND DAVID ENCOURAGED HIMSELF IN THE LORD… But what if David is too far gone to encourage himself in the Lord?

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Today, as I mused on my journey so far in Christ, three particular instances stand out as times when I couldn’t encourage myself but I needed the strength of other brethren to get me on my feet once again.

1st instance was in 2014. Early one morning, I got one of the most jarring news I’ve ever had to deal with. It was a phone call. A journey of faith and assurance that had lasted for months plummeted into a death knell that shook me to my core. I left the room to the bathroom so I could weep away from my wife. The news had come to both of us at the same and I knew how deeply shaken she was as well. I felt I needed to be strong for her and so I couldn’t afford to break down before her. My entire frame shook with heavy sobs soon as I shut the door of the bathroom. I convulsed with tears and pain and questions of “Why, Lord? Why?” At some point, I couldn’t get much of a grip on myself anymore and I knew I needed help. I staggered out through the other door of the bathroom to the sitting room and there found one of the brothers living with us (Olugade Ayodeji). I told him, “Please, just hug me.” He did and another wave of tears came pouring. I wept till I was sore but the fact that I had this person voicelessly standing with me in that embrace supplied so much strength that I was soon able to go inside to strengthen my wife.

The second instance was one day that I felt so exhausted in my body, soul and spirit. I whispered for the brethren we lived together to please gather and minister to me. There I laid on the ground as they laid hands on me at different points on my body. They laid hands and there commenced a mighty outpouring of both intercessions and prophecies. Believe me when I say that before they were done, waves of God’s power began to surge through me. The waves were so much, I sprang up from the ground in one leap.

Waves and waves and waves and then the energy was so much that before we all knew it, I had begun to lay hands upon some of them as well. This has become a lifelong key. I have seen this work over and over. God’s people are a repository of resurrection power!

The third instance was during a conference where I suddenly felt overwhelmed by some people’s sentiments and I couldn’t hold it, I had to turn to Dada Caleb and poured it all out to him and then he clasped me in a firm hug and kept speaking God’s words to my ears as I bawled. Oh what great refreshing I knew that day! What should have been an offense soon became a supply of strength to me.

Now, I write all of these to say that I have known the power inherent in God’s people reaching out to each other and serving as pillars of support to one another. This was one of the things that birthed the culture of clasping each other in warm hugs as part of daily life in White House and then it spilled into our meetings with the clear but non-legalistic boundaries that brothers should hug brothers and sisters, sisters.

Effulgence was that meeting where the supply that came from these hugs broke forth into a testimony of love so fresh, so otherworldly, so pure that attendees went back with a vital, throbbing revelation of the Father’s Love. Love Feast came after that and then more recently, Inferno. At Inferno, on the last night, what glory broke forth amidst us as God’s children held each other in warm embraces that opened up a tangible flow of our Father’s Love!


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