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Pastor Peace Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the topic ‘The Uncommon Helpmeet’ Part (4)

*If there is anyone looking for the fruit of the womb, May God visit you today in the name of Jesus Christ.
(Mother’s Day Celebration Service)

Helpmeet means a vision helper, someone that compliments, someone that assist someone to meet his or her target.

A proper companion. A companion is someone that accompanies another or keeps company with another. Someone that fits into another’s vision.

The uncommon woman is one that is genuinely qualified with a rare quality and is suitable to assist or compliment another in the accomplishment of a given task.

God created Eve to accompany Adam. Genesis 2:21. And God said it is not good for man to be alone.

You will locate your own help meet in Jesus Name.

A woman that fits into your vision. She has everything as a mother and a woman.

From the Scripture we know that a woman was taken by the side of the man to show that God created a woman to compliment a man.

No matter what the worldly people are saying, they don’t read the Bible. Don’t allow them to misguide you.

Some of them are not married and they are not happy. The people that are married in the house of God, they want to bring you out. Don’t fall into their tricks.

They will tell you it doesn’t matter, that they don’t need man but the men take them to hotels. So what is it that you don’t need, why not marry? So don’t allow somebody to deceive you and take your husband.

You have everything it takes to be great in life. You will be great in life in Jesus Name.

That you are a helpmeet doesn’t mean you can’t be a governor or a chief judge or justice, president, or prime minister. No, you can be anything you want to be.

Being a helpmeet just means you compliment your husband, so through you becoming a governor, they will now know your husband. Is that not so?

Our sister in Nigeria, Madam Ngozi, you can see what she is doing all over the world. She doesn’t have two heads so you can equally do better.

Don’t always want to be a house wife, sit down in the house let your husband go and bring for you. No, that’s not what God created you to be. He didn’t create you to be a parasite.

It is not every woman that I will call that you will know because I won’t call their name on the altar of God but some of them, they are making their husbands to be known even through the demonic way.

So be a helpmeet but our own has to be in positive ways. I want you as a woman to know that you are unique, wonderful, you are not an after-thought.

God created you to help somebody, somebody that if you are not there, the person can never be complete.

Some Qualities of an Uncommon Helpmeet

Hearing and doing makes you an uncommon woman.

  • The helpmeet woman dresses well.
    Mark 5:15.

When someone doesn’t dress well, it means the person is off her mind.

So anytime you dress anyhow, it means that the person is somehow.

‘Being ye transformed’, don’t turn to the worldly people. The worldly people are not the one to teach you, you are the one to teach the worldly people. Wear expensive things but don’t dress like them. Example, the wife of the Former President, President Donald Trump, she dresses expensive and covers herself.

If you don’t have foundation, you fall for anything so learn to have foundation.

When you dress indecently, it shows you are not normal. Proverbs 31:25.

A wife that is wearing revealing clothes publicly is not doing her husband any good.

Elegance does not connote expensive but being well dressed.

Be decent with your nails and makeup within approved standard. Don’t keep your nails, some people keep their nails like vulture. No, don’t do like that. Uncommon woman don’t do like that.

Stop causing people to talk down on your husband because of how you dress. Have you seen a royal personality appearing in the public with revealing clothes?

Bra is to hold your breast, you won’t wear bra and allow the hand to be showing. Bra is underwear.

Your v-neck dress, you are not supposed to allow someone to see the line demarcation of your breast.

Revealing your breast does not mean beauty.

You have to be careful because you are an uncommon woman.

Revelation 5:10. Don’t make indecent dressing part of you. It is a disgrace to Christianity and to your person.

You are addressed the way you dress.

Don’t be looking at people that are tired, trying to change the world by all means. Proverbs 7:10.

Don’t wear the attire of the harlot, they are not for you.

Make sure you wear under wear, you are a woman. It makes you decent.
Because that is the reigning thing now, some women don’t wear pants and when you don’t wear, people know by the way you are walking.

  • An uncommon woman is a giver. At your level, learn to give. She gives her way out of poverty. When you give, it has a way of bringing honour and blessing to your family.

Giving can encourage your husband to be giving. Do many things with your money, it is not only clothes. Proverbs 11:24, Proverbs 3:27.

Learn to give for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Your prosperity is tied to your giving not to your receiving.

  • An uncommon woman serves God faithfully and sacrificially. Romans 12:1. Mark 12:20.

An uncommon woman does not use the excuses of work not to serve God.

An uncommon woman serves God with her money, body and time. She is an addict of the Kingdom of God.

May God touch you and change you to serve Him faithfully.

Your serving will distinguish you in the Name of Jesus Christ. It will make God to visit you.

If there is anyone of you serving God faithfully that is sick, I command that sickness to leave you in Jesus Name.

If there is anyone looking for the fruit of the womb, may God visit you today in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Whatever you are looking for, may God visit you in the Name of Jesus Christ.

The God of David Ibiyeomie, the God of Salvation Ministries distinguish you and make God know that you are serving God.


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