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-Revd Dr David Antwi
*If you do it well with diligence, you won’t have to make noise but you will make news.
Hallelujah, thank you very much Papa, I am very grateful. Mama, thank you very much.
I am grateful to God for today, for giving me the opportunity to stand here, to share my testimony.
I have been following Papa from afar for many years and in the United Kingdom, we used to be on Television preaching, but Church and life was still the way it has always been until I had the privilege of getting closer to Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr, 2008. When I got close to him, I started observing him and understanding true followership, followership to another dimension; I started plugging in, following hard.

When you come to my house: morning, afternoon, evening, midnight, when we go out, when we come in; Papa’s message keeps playing all the time.

Keeps playing and keeps playing. Suddenly something entered me and the Ministry of signs and wonders, the Teaching of faith radically changed our Ministry.

Following Papa, Papa thank you very much, following Papa over these years, I have learnt so much. I realised that there is more to Ministry than just meets the eye.
I have learnt how, not to look to be seen or seek to be known but seek to know and you shall be known: Papa taught me, it has saved my Ministry.
Papa taught me that Ministry is not industry, that if you do it well with diligence, you won’t have to make noise but you will make news.

Today, in United Kingdom, it is speaking. The extension of the Commission, the Liberation Mandate is speaking so loud in our Ministry. Many, many branches are spreading from Central London, spreading all over the United Kingdom by the special Grace of God. We see miracles, there is such revival in United Kingdom through our followership of this assignment. Today, we are here to celebrate God and be part of this.

We are in this for life.
Papa, thank you so much. This work has changed my life, has changed my family, changed my understanding of Ministry and today we thank God for what God is doing. I am here to celebrate and to say if this is what we have enjoyed in the wilderness days, wait to see, this era is a new story. Thank you so much Papa, I am grateful, I am honoured


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