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Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
“We heard that your Pastor said, God said, ‘He will buy aircraft’. Aircraft or witchcraft?”
“You will just sit down and they will be deceiving you and you will be writing it down.”
Anything we say, they turn it to mockery. See it today!

As they locked down the entire world, we planted over 1000 Churches across the nations, last year because as you unlock, we would just go in and harvest the field.

  • Just keep doing what He says to do, leave Him with the rest.
  • Dedication is not a calling: It IS A CHOICE. It keeps you stable in season and out of season.
  • Let every prophetic word renew your mind
  • Until your mind is renewed, your life cannot be transformed.
    Let me tell you this, you will laugh: there was a bowl of water that was revealed in a vision and 2 pipes that we could not identify, running coins into the bowl ceaselessly and the Lord said, “I AM YOUR SUPPLIER IN THIS COMMISSION.”
    Is it not true today?
    It was pouring ceaselessly into the bowl. The Word of the Lord said, “That is Me concerning this Ministry”, at the Beginning.
    *God is visiting you here Today.
    But when did you see us saying, “Oh God, don’t forget. Send us money.”
    Not once. When we were 2, we didn’t pray. When we were 10, we didn’t pray. Just keep doing what He says to do, leave Him with the rest.
    Except a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides ALONE (John 12:24): no value added, no testimony, no prophecies fulfilled.
    If it dies, if it chooses to: Dedication is not a gift, it is not a calling. It is a choice. It keeps you stable in season and out of season.
    Watch: I returned from a trip and my wife said she had miscarriage.
    I said: It cannot happen, can I have my food please?
    We had a prayer meeting in the house that day, it wasn’t a prayer point and never a prayer point till tomorrow. God sustained supernaturally that pregnancy. Somebody’s story is changing.
    You say: “I have been in that Church. Everything that was said, nothing has come to pass in my life.”
    You are the one in question. You are to question yourself sir. God is ever faithful, God is ever true but are you truly dedicated or are you out here to use God?
    The ball is in your court. He has not failed me once and there are many in this Church today that are experiencing natural fulfillment of prophecies by their genuine dedication to God and the interest of His Kingdom. There are many around the world today, who are just swimming in the realm of fulfillment of prophecies.
    John 15:4-7
    Abide in Me or you can’t do nothing, nothing comes your way. Abide in Me.
    Two days ago, I turned 52 years in the faith, February 19, 1969. There is one of my fellows, he used to sit around here in the service that he attends, I gave him the first tract in his life 1969. I got saved in February, I gave him that tract in July 1969.
    To the glory of God, see what God is doing. Between 2015 and 2020, in spite of lock down or lock up, I have seen with my eyes 97,000 people saved, that I led the outreach, I preached in every such spot.
    By the grace of God, 76,000 from those efforts stepped into this Church, so they are handed over to God.
    When I was 19, I said in that village, “Lord, forbid that I leave this village the way I met it. Your name must be planted here.” I was 19 years old, I had no calling to Ministry. It is not about calling, it is about where your heart is.
    True dedication guarantees natural fulfillment of prophecies. NATURAL: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HASSLE FOR IT.
    Our Outreach Team the town last year to ensure that we were not locked down: those young people went through the streets and brought to Jesus 64,000 souls. Amen!
    My prayer is that your dedication will no longer be theoretical or positional.
    If I were not a Pastor, can I just be in Church for 4 Services! Is this Pastoral thing that is doing me like this, otherwise I should be sleeping now. You know I like to attend 4th Service but they say, I am now a Pastor, if I don’t come, they will say, ‘I am not dedicated.’
    That is not the way there.
    Nobody has ever forced me to do one thing in this world sir and no one has succeeded to discourage you: Not one.
    If you take my coat, I will go and wear another one. It is the same colour, so you don’t have a problem.
    No one! You know a dead man doesn’t feel insult, does he?
    The man is dead, you say, “you are very stupid, you are crazy. I know you are very mad.” Then you say, “see, he didn’t even talk!” He (the dead man) doesn’t hear.
    If He built Faith Tabernacle without prayers, find out what were they doing in this Church?
    If He sent us to the Nations of the earth without intercession, find out how is it coming?
    If He built Covenant University in 7 months, Phase 1 completed, find out what are they doing?
    There is nothing mystical about these things.
    When you believe in the commandment of dedication and pursue the same thing out of a genuine heart, you’ll start flourishing like a palm tree. You’ll begin bearing fruits even unto old age. You’ll become fat and flourishing, no more dry season! That shall be your world, that shall be your New World. Amen
    God speaks according to His Omnipotence, His All Powerfulness, His All Mightiness. Whatever He says, His power goes forth to accomplish it.
    “Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent, All Powerful”: nothing can stay Him. Nothing can stop Him, nothing can resist Him. He ruleth by His power forever (Revelation 19:6, Psalm 66:7).
    Everything answers to His power forever.
    Through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto you (Psalm 66:3).
    No force in Heaven, on earth or underneath the earth can challenge the power of the Most High. He speaks according to what He can do that no devil can undo.
    He said, “don’t ask me how. As you don’t know how bones develop in a woman that has a child on the inside, so you can’t tell the ways of God who doeth all things” (Ecclesiastes 11:5, Isaiah 55:9).
    He ruleth by His power forever, through the greatness of His power, His enemies surrender, they bow (Psalm 66:7,3).
    Prophecies are great and effectual doors: God is saying, “this is what I will do and I swear by Myself.”
    When you believe Him, By Doing What You Should Do, then His power goes forth to deliver.
    Jesus said, “no one took my life from Me. I laid it down by Myself. I have power to lay it down. I have power to take it again” (John 10:17-18).
    God’s power is up to delivering any prophetic agenda. When he stretches forth His hand, who can turn it back? (Isaiah 14:27).
    He speaks according to His Omnipotence, His Almightiness, His All Powerfulness: you can’t stop God from having His way.
    He speaks according to His Almightiness, All Powerfulness: you can count on His power when you do what He commands you to do.
    God speaks according to His creative wisdom. When God speaks, His creative wisdom goes into operation to make it happen.
    When God speaks, His creative wisdom goes into action to cause His Word to come to pass.
    How did He build 5,082 Churches in 2019? His creative power went into action. Created a platform to deliver it.
    How did He bring to pass 10, 404 Churches in 2020, in spite of the lock down? His creative power went into action.
    Proverbs 3:19, Psalm 104:24, Jeremiah 10:12.
    God has unusual ways of getting things done. So when He speaks and you do what He says to do, His creative power comes alive to make it happen.
    Tell your neighbour:
    STAY DEDICATED, that is where your destiny lies.
    STAY DEDICATED, that is what guarantees your future.
    STAY DEDICATED, you are not doing any man any good, but yourself.
    Somebody’s story has just changed because you now know what to do.
    We have been dealing with that ever since! Praise God.
    Faith is a must for any prophetic Word ever come to pass because without His hand, no prophecy sees the light of day (Luke 1:45). The blessedness of the fulfillment of prophecies anchors on our faith. It takes faith to provoke the hand of God (Isaiah 53:1). It is our faith that provokes the hand of God, that brings about fulfillment of prophecies.
    There were 12 spies that were sent from Kadesh Barnea to go spy the Promised Land and 2 of them believed in the validity of God’s prophetic Word. 10 of them subscribed to the circumstances, the 10 perished in the wilderness, only the 2 made it. GOD IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. Each one determines his lot in his walk with God. Their faith brought them to see prophecies fulfilled. The unbelief of others will not let them to see the promised land.
    God has not changed, He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).
    Beware of allowing circumstances to rule your life. It ruins destiny.
    We had this negative circumstance of lock down last year, but God had already spoken that He will plant Himself 10,000 Churches and He did. He lives above circumstances; no situation can stop the way against God.
    Numbers 13:23, Numbers 14:1-10, 21-24.
    We must continue to treasure prophetic Words if we want to see them come to pass.
    You will only do well when you take heed. You take heed to what He says to do, to see it come to pass (2 Peter 1:19).
    Do you want to experience the reality of your promised land?
    He said: Keep this commandment, love the Lord your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul (Deuteronomy 11:13). Then your residence permit in that Promised Land is established.
    Serve Him with all your heart: That means, serve Him dedicatedly. I define dedication as a deadly commitment to a cause.
    A number of us have been here for many years: How many Sundays have you seen me out of this place? That is my duty post and blessed is that man whom His Lord when He cometh shall find on duty (Matthew 24:46). Sometimes I will arrive here at 2 am to be in Church. At 3 am to be in Church, from anywhere in the world. It is the way it works. Deadly commitment to a cause is my definition of dedication.
    We were to move here to Canaanland and then I knew people had quite a number of issues going on in their minds; I said, “I will rather sink with God than shine without Him.”
    “This is the Place”: this is the Place. Your geography is irrelevant, your logistics… is irrelevant. This is the place, I am going there and I will love that place because He is the One that said, “this is the Place.”
    You now say, “Why?”
    Are you the Owner?
    Dedication brought us to this place. There is no consideration of anything (Romans 4:19, 20). If God said so, that is what God will do.
    So it is not about waiting for God to make good His promise, it is about you engaging with your part:
    “What must I do to see these things come to pass?”
    Abraham never prayed, “Oh God, remember You said, You will make me great!” No. He kept obeying God as if he was a retiree: A Business Emperor. God said, “Arise” and then he rose up early in the morning, all his agenda cancelled to obey God.
    Circumcise yourself: As soon as He left…(Genesis 17:10, 22-23). Businessman that had an army to himself. I know you have some ‘mai guard’ (security guards), Abraham had 318 soldiers then, what was the population of the world? (Genesis 14:14). Abraham banged all his agenda for the day and cut himself and all the male born in his house.
    What if they were attacked because he had an army?
    What if the enemy knew you were circumcising yourself and all the men had been paralyzed and they invade you?
    He (Abraham) didn’t care. As soon as God left, he started (circumcision).
    That’s a demonstration of raw dedication to God: If I Perish, I Perish.
    Somebody has a small business and nobody can talk to him any more even God. God is careful about talking to him: “This man may insult Me. ‘E mi na lo bless ee’ (I am the One that blessed him) but he can insult me.”
    You know those who will respect you and those who will not respect you.
    Do you counsel somebody you know will not take it?
    As small as we are, will you counsel somebody who will not take it?
    Somebody comes to inform you about what he wants to do. Will you now say, “can I counsel you?”
    He will say, “I didn’t ask you for counsel. I just informed you: I am going to Badagry tomorrow.”
    “What of your business?”
    Response: I am not doing again
    “Haah! What is the matter?”
    Response: Nothing concerns you. Just to let you know that I am going.
    You don’t settle down counselling somebody who does not need it. Church Gist
    Faith is not just believing God, Faith is obeying God to prove that you believe Him.
    “I believe Jesus is the Saviour of the world.” That is okay, He said, “Repent”
    Response: I don’t want to repent.
    So what is the value of your faith? Nothing because you won’t go to Heaven, you won’t have eternal life.
    Faith is obeying God to prove that we believe Him and we are going to see wonders this year in the name of Jesus Christ.
    We must continue to treasure the Word (2 Peter 1:19).
    Something is bursting forth in your life. You only do well as you take heed to what the Word says to do, otherwise it doesn’t come to pass (John 2:5).
    We also know as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Let that prophetic Word renew your way of thinking.
    “Well, 50,000 seat sanctuary, in our part of the world”: it is okay, it is an idea but assuming we have people, where do we get money in this world to build that kind of thing when it is not a tent!
    Then you allow those things to choke God’s agenda in your life.
    That man said, “even if God opens the windows of Heaven, shall these things be?” I am more intelligent than that. Don’t tell me there will be food tomorrow, How? We are not in Church, we are in the Palace here my friend. This time tomorrow, How? (2 Kings 7:2).
    He must have hissed. These prophets can just deceive people and they are listening to him, see how they are listening to him.
    ‘E mi lo wa in charge’ (I am the one in charge) of food importation. I am the Diplomat. This man doesn’t know diplomacy. We just held the last meeting, last week to hold a final meeting in 2 weeks’ time; before they start determining how much food they can give us. Before the ship will now leave! Then you are saying, “this time tomorrow!” ‘Yeye’. What kind of prophet? ‘Yeye’ prophet.
    You need to see the mockery in Kaduna, in the camp of our detractors:
    “We heard that your pastor said, God said, ‘He will buy aircraft’. Aircraft or witchcraft?”
    “You will just sit down and they will be deceiving you and you will be writing it down.”
    Anything we say, they turn it to mockery. See it today!
    As they locked down the entire world, we planted over 1,000 Churches across the nations, last year because as you unlock, we would just go in and harvest the field. Awesome Jesus.
    Not one dime from our foreign Mission is in what we are doing now. You heard the announcement at Shiloh, all the Shiloh offerings from every nation should reside in that nation for the Mission Expansion Programme in their various nations.
    Take Heed to what He says to do and commit to it: God is up to anything His mouth has declared.
    Let the prophetic Word renew your mind.
    1982: God said, “you will be speaking from one spot and it will be seen on the screen.” No internet technology anywhere, maybe except in the Military, in developed countries.
    On the screen, not voice: Is that NTA 1 or NTA 2? How will that happen?
    That time, the whole world here was black and white Television. Every picture was like a shadow.
    “and the whole world will be hearing at the same time”: Ahhh, Brother David, take it easy. The whole world! How? Are you an Engineer?
    Suddenly, it crept in. I didn’t pray, “Oh God, remember you said, I will be speaking from one spot. It will go round the world.”
    Somebody asked me in those early days, “when do you want to have public address system (PAS)?”
    I said: when you can’t hear me again because I am hearing myself.
    I didn’t pray for PAS, I will shout the loudest shout as I move round the few people that were there, but when you can’t hear again, we will go and by PAS. Life!
    As a man thinks in his heart (Proverbs 23:7). I just lined up my thoughts with anything God says: If it is God, He is up to it.
    “You will be on the screen”: He is up to it.
    “You will build 50,000 Church”: He is up to it.
    “You will go round the Nations of the earth”: He is up to it.
    “You will fly in aircrafts”: He is up to it.
    Let every Prophetic Word renew your mind. Until your mind is renewed, your life cannot be transformed. Church Gist So the way we think is what determines what becomes of us.
    Somebody is free.
    We must engage Faith driven actions to see prophecies fulfilled. God says it, you step out in line with His commandments and He will bring it to pass.
    Abraham will always pass out every time God speaks.
    “Get thee out of thy country”: Abraham departed (Genesis 12:4)
    “Circumcise all the male born”: Abraham went ahead (Genesis 17:22)
    “Offer your only son for a burnt offering”: He rose early in the morning (Genesis 22:3)
    Show me your faith without your action and I will show my faith by my action (James 2:18).
    “The harvest of Africa is now over ripe”: we stood up. The same week, we dedicated Africa to Jesus for this Liberation Mandate.
    “Arise, get down to Lagos”: Same day somebody was sent.
    “This is the place”: Go ahead same time and start buying.
    Grace for prompt response to every Prophetic Word, receive it now in the name of Jesus.
    “The Lord God of Israel grant thee the desires of your heart” – That was Eli’s Word to Hannah (1 Samuel 1:17). Hannah stood up and took bread dancing, “my Samuel is here at last” (1 Samuel 1:18). She said, “God is a God of knowledge by whom ACTIONS are weighed” (1 Samuel 2:3).
    Let your actions be a demonstration of your faith in God concerning the Word He has spoken concerning you.
    We must be rest assured of the end result: God said it, I believe it, that settles it, it must come to pass (Hebrews 10: 22-23). His Word is settled in Heaven forever, so whatever He says concerning you is settled forever (Psalm 119:89).
    Like we have always said, more often than not, until the God of vengeance shows up, the wicked will never give up.
    Isaiah 63:4
    Because this is your year, the 40th year of this Ministry that happens only once in a lifetime, your year where God has vowed to bring you to your Promised Land: VENGEANCE MUST ANSWER IN YOUR FAVOUR!
    Vengeance showed up in Egypt, all the firstborns died, then Pharaoh said, No. Those demons entered him again, we must pursue them (Exodus 12:29-30). They carried the whole forces of Egypt in pursuit of God’s liberated people and God smiled (Exodus 14:8). You know when you are launching attack against God, He smiles (Psalm 2:4).
    I can imagine God just laughing: The Angel said, “What is the matter Sir?”
    God: Join Me and laugh. They started laughing. See Pharaoh, Pharaoh is going to his burial ground.
    You know they carried people who are dead to the burial ground, Pharaoh carried himself. Each of them carried their coffin and as the water closed on them, they entered their coffins to cover it (Exodus 14:25).
    The strength of Egypt was drowned by divine judgement (Exodus 12:12).
  • They pursued and pursued and God brought you out of darkness into light. They will still pursue, they must be DROWNED TODAY.
    -Many people here will hear news this week.
    Vengeance is therefore a vital aspect of God’s end-time agenda. You saw Jesus closed the book after getting to the point of the acceptable year of the Lord (Luke 4:18). What happens immediately after is, “the day of vengeance of our God, so as to comfort all that mourn” (Isaiah 61:2).
    They just keep flogging you and you are mourning: “I am here to comfort you. So I bring vengeance to silence them.”
    To give them that mourn in Zion: Enough! Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness (Isaiah 61:3).
    We serve a God of vengeance (Malachi 3:6, Genesis 12:3, Galatians 3:29).
    Jesus taught us to pray vengeance prayer (Luke 18:1,7-8). Jesus taught us to cry out for vengeance and that God will avenge speedily.
    When it is time, just begin to cry out in faith: Enough is Enough. Take your hands off my affairs. Enough is Enough, God’s judgement catches up with you today. You begin to speak to the camps of your enemies and God will begin to invoke His vengeance on their lives.
    The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of vengeance (Acts 13:8-11). We didn’t know when that season ended if it ever ended. Season can be the season of your life; you won’t see again.
    Vengeance answered by the Holy Ghost.
    Isaiah 61:1-2
    God the Father is a God of vengeance!
    God the Son is a God of vengeance!
    God the Holy Ghost, God of vengeance!
    It is your redemptive right to cry out for vengeance when you are besieged.
    It is our redemptive right to invoke vengeance upon the wicked (Psalm 149:6-9).
    Don’t watch the enemy molest your destiny, rise up against him.
    Whatever you don’t want, you don’t watch.
    Whatever you don’t resist has a right to remain.
    Whatever you won’t confront, you cannot conquer.
    Rise up to the occasion: Enough is Enough. What are you doing there? Off! God’s judgement answers on your head right now. Then he moves, that you know what you are doing.
    It is our honour from the Father to execute judgement upon the wicked. It is our redemptive right.
    Give no place to the devil, you have a right to defend your territory (Ephesians 4:27).
    Vengeance is God’s means of putting an end to the wickedness of the wicked.
    Psalm 7:9-13
    Don’t defend the wicked, get angry with them.
    Psalm 94:1-7
    We are here to say, “Oh Lord show yourself!” Let every molester of the destiny of your people face the music today.
    Good News: By divine direction, from henceforth and until Jesus returns, the last Service, every Sunday shall be a special Miracle service where people shall have the opportunity of being laid hands upon, being anointed with Oil and being ministered to in diverse ways.
    The Lord spoke to me after a number of services: People line up there, you are worn out, you are tired. At times, I will say No, you are all blessed. I will be driving home and I will drive back again because I couldn’t rest, “what if they don’t have any other chance?”
    For that reason, from henceforth, the 4th Service will be a Special Miracle Service. It is not going to run the normal way we are running, we will just go straight to it and see God’s people liberated from every oppression of the devil.
    No one has any reason to be under any clutches for more than one week. You will come into that Service and Jesus, the One that mandated this Liberation Mandate will show up and set everybody free in the name of Jesus Christ.
    The bottle of Oil in your hand is proclaimed today as the Oil of Vengeance.
    Genesis 2:19
    Therefore, the contents of the bottles in your hand is declared today, the Oil of Vengeance.
    The Bible talks about Jehu, that God anointed to destroy the house of Ahab (2 Chronicles 22:7). He was anointed to destroy.
    I hereby proclaim the contents of your bottle as the Holy Anointing Oil and it is declared the Oil of Vengeance. The Anointing for Vengeance.
    As you anoint your homes, vengeance will answer on behalf of your family.
    As you anoint every point of contact on your endeavours, vengeance will open new doors to you. In the name of Jesus. So shall it be.
    All that believe: put a little of that Oil on your finger tip, straight to your forehead and begin to call forth the God of vengeance to show up – show up on my behalf!
    God of vengeance, show up in the camp of my enemy.
    It is done. You will hear news!!
    You heard that amazing testimony of maggots, cowries: All that believe in the efficacy of this mystery, as you take the shot of this Oil, every planting of the devil on your inside shall be burnt with unquenchable fire.
    Somebody’s health is finally bursting forth today.
    By this Oil of vengeance, every tree that my God has not planted that is growing inside your system is rooted out today.
    All that believe in this mystery, take a shot of the Oil and glorify God this morning.
    Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus. Blessed be your name Jesus.
    Give Him thanks because it has answered for you.
    Every one of us that engaged with Operation Andrew this week, Good things will never cease following you.
    I decree fresh grace for sustainable dedication upon your life: Receive it in the name of Jesus.
  • May this week be a week of a raw demonstration of your dedication to God
  • Dedication on the prayer altar.
  • Dedication in reaching out to the lost.
  • Dedication in following up the new converts.
    -Receive it in the name of Jesus.


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