Everyone will return a Solution to their World – Bishop David Oyedepo

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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at Impartation Service

When God brought in this mystery to the world, Exodus 30:30-31. It is a trans-generational mystery whose impart is from generation to generation. We are spiritual Jews so it pertains to us. We are the seeds of Abraham so it pertains to us. 1 Samuel 16:13, 2 Chronicles 22:7, Mark 6:7, 13, James 5:14.

Today this holy anointing oil will unleash upon you the Spirit of obedience. Church Gist. 1 Samuel 16:13. Ephesians 4:4. There is one Spirit, the Holy Spirit. So it comes to manifest His multifaceted ministry through the mystery of the oil. It enables you to stand in the place that God has ordained you to be, it empowers you to do all God has commanded you to do.

Therefore, in the name of the Lord Jesus as this oil comes on your head this 3-fold anointing is released upon your life. Some of us are in the ankle-deep realm of this anointing, God will move you forward today. We all know anointing is in levels. Ezekiel 47:5. May everyone change levels in these three areas today.

  • May your level of obedience change dramatically today.
  • May your love level change dramatically today.
  • May your level of stewardship change dramatically today. So shall it be.
    God is interested in keeping fit everyone that is fruit bearing in his vineyard. So by this anointing, I decree your physical, mental and emotional fitness in the name of Jesus. John 15:2
  • For everyone receiving the anointing for servanthood today, remain fit for life.
  • Physically, whatever is contrary to fitness is destroyed in your life today.
  • Spiritually, whatever defiles your fitness is destroyed today.
  • By this anointing, remain emotionally stable.
    Ephesians 4:5
  • In the name of Jesus, by this anointing may the love of God be shed abroad afresh in your heart.
    Love is as strong as death but you can’t destroy a lover.
  • Every attempt of the wicked targeted at your destruction, it returns back on their head. In the name of Jesus. The content of your bottles is today declared, the holy anointing oil.
  • It will unleash the Spirit of God upon your life,
  • It will manifest as the Spirit of obedience,
  • It will manifest as the Spirit of love,
  • It will manifest as the Spirit of servanthood.
  • Your commitment to Jesus changes level today.
  • Your dedication to the cause of His Kingdom changes level today.
  • The state of your health changes level today.
  • The state of your business and career and ministry changes level today.
  • The state of your ministry changes level today.
  • The state of your family changes level today.
  • The state of your children changes level today.
    By this anointing you are offered this day into your prophetic promised land.
    You shall not struggle for survival in this land.
    The children of wickedness shall not afflict you anymore.
    You shall be planted in the house of God this time and by that you shall keep flourishing like a palm tree and scaling new heights like the cedars of Lebanon. So shall it be.

Put a little of this oil on your fingertip and begin to declare all that has been declared upon your life. Begin to declare it. The Spirit of obedience, love and servanthood. Begin to declare it.
Watch out for massive upward changes in your life from now.
I said on the first night that if the wilderness journey of this commission is like this, what it looks like before the 2nd of May, this year and I asked the Lord “what will the promised land look like?” He said “wait and see.”

  • I don’t know how much grace you have enjoyed before now, wait and see.
  • A new day dawns on your entire life today.
  • I release you today as an amazement to your world.
  • Men and women shall begin to wonder at you.
  • Nations will begin to wonder at you
    In the name of Jesus.
    The world power in the days of Isaac envied him. The Philistines were the ruling force and they envied him. Genesis 26:14
  • I release an army of men and women that nations will envy from this service.
  • Everyone here shall be a plus to his generation.
  • No one shall be a minus to his generation
  • The Philistines of today will envy you.
  • Your breakthrough shall be unstoppable.
  • You are at a corner today, He is bringing you to the limelight.
  • You are somewhere that no one can tell where you are, you will soon take the stage.
  • In your endeavour, you will soon take the stage.
  • In your business, you will soon take the stage.
    In the name of Jesus and so shall it be.
    Matthew 3:11-12
  • Every form of defilement on your inside shall be burnt off with fire today.
  • Those undiagnosed sicknesses, they are all satanic oppressions. Today I decree your liberty from them once and for all.
  • The source of every pain is cursed finally today.
  • The source of every feebleness is cursed finally this morning.

Take a shot of the oil and celebrate Jesus.
Lift up your two hands to heaven and thank the Lord. Give the Lord the biggest clap offering.


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