Flashback of the conversation between Bishop Oyedepo and a journalist

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“Journalist:” Sir, it is reported that you are worth $150m, what do you have to say about that?

“Bishop Oyedepo:” $150m? Hahaha, I’m worth the riches of his Glory

The riches of God’s Glory is eternal, it cannot be measured or quantified. The riches of God’s Glory is just like his mercy that knows no end. The riches of his Glory is also like his amazing Grace that is new every morning. It is transgenerational.

Recently, someone called Bishop Oyedepo and told him that he wants to give N1billion towards the ARK project, another person also said he would support the project with $1million. This is happening when Bishop Oyedepo was yet to call for seeds. Those who will support the project with N100 million will be much and those with tens of millions will be uncountable. I guess the ARK project money is already sorted out.

When you are operating in the riches of his Glory, the threefold prosperity; physical, health and soul is evidenced in your life. You don’t struggle to get things done and you heap up silver as the dust.

May we flow in this realm.


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