Flee from Fornication!

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Once in a while, I get messages like this,
“Sir, he’s asking me to send him nudes, is that right?”
In fact, this afternoon I got this message from a follower who was scared of losing her distance relationship lover because she refused sending him her nudes and going unclad on a video call. So he stop talking to her. According to her, she love this guy so much and doesn’t want to lose him… Lol.
I’ve compiled the reasons guys often give for asking their girlfriends for nudes.
Let’s talk about them.

When a guy tells you this, first of all ask him this question,
“so what have you been using to avoid temptation all this while?”
Truth is Nudes don’t help anybody to overcome temptation, the FEAR OF GOD does.

Joseph didn’t even have a girlfriend, he kuku didn’t have phone to ask her or send nudes to, but he overcame the temptation of Potiphar’s Wife. How?
The Fear of God.
In fact nudes in themselves are a temptation, they are like porn, they push anyone who uses them to masturbation and fornication ultimately.

Nudes have never and will never keep a Man. Even sex will never keep a man. If sex would make a man, marry you, all prostitutes would be married by now. If you like give him your virginity sef, na you lose.

Nudes ke? When even Sex, they will still walk away.
Even Pregnancy, some will still deny and walk away.
A guy who loves you and truly wants to marry you won’t give you such yeye flimsy excuse..

He’s not your Husband.
He has no right to see anything under your clothes.
If he wants nudes, let him do the needful. And get the original copy.

Dear Brothers,
You don’t need a ladies nudes to overcome sexual temptation, you need Jesus.
You have no right to demand for any ladies nudes, none whatsoever.
Have you paid bride price?

Dear Ladies,
No good/godly guy will ask you for nudes. None. What is he going to do with it, masturbate with it or smile with it? You’re dating a guy swimming in the ocean of lust. Very soon your nudes will start flying here and there. We live in a perversed society where people can’t even think outside the box. Two people dancing in their illusion will call anything LOVE.
A godly guy will even say no if you offered to send him nudes. Even the so called virgins are on this table. You’re not a virgin if you still kiss a man, allow him caress your boobs and smooch you. Virgins with impure thoughts.

Don’t send anybody your nudes.
Aunty, Have some DIGNITY and PRIDE.
You are not a Prostitute.
These guys can use your nudes to blackmail you tomorrow.
Stay Woke
Don’t allow any guy to use you to mark register….

Peter D’Rock.

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