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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success on the topic “Manifesting Abundance (4)”

*Delayed Obedience is Disobedience

God wants all men saved but that He wants all men saved doesn’t mean everyone will be saved except you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

He wants all men to prosper does not mean that you will prosper except you follow the principles that makes you to prosper. The silver is His and the gold is His, so He has the power to make you wealthy.

If you observe circumstances, you observe the time to give, you will never give because there is no right timing to give; every time, you have one demand or the other.

Waiting for the time that is okay to give- it will never be okay, you give to be okay. You give in the midst of when things are not okay for things to be okay. Ecclesiastes 11:46.

The first time we ever came out of poverty was in 1997 and all we had was 50 Naira and we gave ourself out of poverty.


Now listen, don’t deceive yourself, you are not rich when you have money, you are rich when you can bless other people. If all the money you have is for you and your family, you are poor. “I will bless you and you shall be a blessing”. If all the money you have is for you and you can train your children abroad, you are not rich, you are a poor man.

You are wealthy when you can bless other people. Listen carefully, if nobody can point to you and say “This man sent me to school till I became a graduate”, then you are not a blessing to people.

There are some rich people who have never affected any mortal man on earth, that’s not Christianity. Now how to walk out of poverty:

  1. Hate Poverty.
  2. Have confidence in God and His Word.
  3. Think properly.
  4. Acquire knowledge.
  5. Be a covenant practitioner. Matthew 22:37-38.
  6. Walk in obedience. Prosperity is a reward for obedience. Obedience is the only thing God will ever require of you and I.

When you ask God for a miracle, He will give you an instruction. Your obedience to that instruction will determine the miracle you will encounter. Your obedience will determine your distinction and your disobedience will determine your destruction. Make your choice.

Each miracle is linked to an act of obedience.

Obedience is proof of faith in God.

It is your obedience to God’s instruction today that will determine where you will be tomorrow. If God tells you to do something and you struggle to do it, then you are blocking the access to where you will be tomorrow. Until you obey that instruction, prosperity is not in view.

“I don’t believe in tithing”, then also don’t believe in Kingdom prosperity.”

“I don’t believe in not speeding”, then also don’t believe in not dying.

You will be financially dead when you start to walk in disobedience.

Delayed obedience is disobedience.

Claiming promises without obedience is religiosity.

Confessing without obedience is to be full of confusion.

One obedience is stronger than one thousand confessions.

Isaiah 1:19, Job 36:11.

Obedience removes pressures and brings pleasures.

A man who is married to his wife says “I don’t believe in loving my wife”, be ready for tension.

A woman says “I don’t believe in submitting to my husband”, be ready for fight.

You just have to obey, you don’t have to feel like. There are things you do because God says so. Do you feel like taking drugs when you are sick? That is how God’s Word is.

You must obey tithing if you don’t want life to be tight.

No prayer of agreement can open the heavens of a man who does not pay tithe. If his heavens must be open, he must tithe.

Please if there is anyone you should invest more in, it is God, you know why? Every investment has no future and security like God’s Word.

Do you trust God? You trust Him yet you struggle to give to Him. When you invest in a bank, they tell you I will give you 7% interest for fixed deposit, do you trust them? Yet the banks fail, during pandemic the banks brought down their interest, some to 1%, some no interest at all.

I invested in the bank and during pandemic, no interest at all but the one I invested in God, I had the biggest breakthrough during pandemic.

No economy can stop Him. Boy! Invest in God and see what happens.

Every poor man is a poor giver.

Tithe is simply evidence of honesty and obedience. Tithe is simply paying God what you owe Him.

Let me tell you something, you will be shocked, God does not respond to need, He responds to seed. The widow of zeraphat was in need, God never responded in her dying state, He responded to her seed she gave to Elijah.

If you read Philipians 4:19. Verses 15 to 18 is giving, in 19, then He responds to your need.

The woman said “I will eat this one meal and die” and God did not move, the woman said “This is my last meal”, God did not move. I didn’t say God is wicked, that is His principle. God does not respond to need but to seed.

God responds to seed and not to emotions.

Every teacher who wants to bring you out of poverty will tell you the hard truth. Is God not compassionate? He is compassionate to healing not to prosperity. 1st Kings 17:13.

Psalm 112:1.

Don’t ever read Philipians 4:19 until you read from verse 15.

He does not respond to pains, He response to principles, otherwise everyone in the world will be free from suffering but many are suffering in the world.

God will show you mercy for healing and deliverance from demonic attack but He will not show you mercy if you don’t give.

Let no religious man deceive you, let no preacher deceive you, you can never come out of hardship except you give. It is a simple principle, it is after you have given then the prayer will have effect.

If you want to come out of poverty and you want your level to change, then change your offering.

Malachi 3: 11.


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