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– Bishop David Oyedepo at Encounter Night

*This 40th anniversary of this Liberation Mandate shall lead to the global liberation of the Church of Christ.
*The Church is not a creation of any political, industrial, educational system.
*The Church is the body of Christ.
*Recalls the funny drama that took place in 2020 where the Nigerian government said they will determine who leads a Church. I said, “has the Church become a political party or a government parastatal?” Never!


Let me share with you some characteristics of the Spirit of faith and I will help you to make your desperate choice for an encounter tonight.

What are the features, what are the characteristics of the Spirit of faith? Let’s first understand that the spirit of faith is the same for all generation. We also having the spirit of faith, we have believed and therefore we have spoken the same (2 Corinthians 4:13).

You know when John came, the Bible says he will go forth in the power and the spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17). We have a clear description of the spirit of just men made perfect.

Now watch till Jesus return, the spirit of Elijah will still be working in the midst of the midst of God’s people, the spirit of Ezekiel will still be working in the midst of God’s people. Glory to God. It will still be working, it will still be working. Amen

What does it look like? The only way to know whether you have it and operate with it or not. What does the spirit of faith looks like? Thank You Jesus.

1. The Spirit of faith is the Spirit that speaks through its carrier, it speaks through its carrier. You don’t organize what to say, so it speaks the unspeakable.

Matthew 10:20 – it speaks through its carrier uncontrollable, forcefully, victoriously, triumphantly, you can’t stop it. That’s why it speaks the unspeakable. Even today the Lord shall deliver you into my hands and I will cut off your neck, David was speaking to Goliath (1 Samuel 17:46).

2. It makes incredible moves. It has never rained on the earth but build me an ark and it will flow on the water. Where is it coming from? And Noah been warned of God, move with fear. It makes an incredible moves (Hebrews 11:7).

God says it, it moves you. You are not organizing the movement, it moves you. The Spirit of faith moves its carrier to line up with the Word of God.

3.The Spirit of faith is at rest in the midst of the storm (Matthew 8:26-28).

4. It dares the ‘un dare-able’ (Daniel 3:17). The Spirit of faith is ever resolute. Daring the ‘un dare-able’ and that triumphantly, they went through the fire and there was no fear of fire on them (Daniel 3:27). So when I say somethings, it is been said through me.

Can I tell you how forceful the spirit of faith is? I had an attack one night and I saw myself in a coffin many years ago. And I responded to the devil in the spirit. Your spirit doesn’t sleep. The Spirit of faith makes you more than a conqueror even in your sleep. I said hey, listen, is it not written, there is wisdom nor counsel, nor understanding in the grave (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Satan you must be a dummy, no one sees himself in a coffin and stay there.
– Receive tonight a fresh baptism of the Spirit of faith.

– Dares the ‘un dare-able’ like Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego. Delivers the impossible like in the case if Daniel. No one goes to the den of lion and return to tell the story. But God has delivered His servants that believed in his God (Daniel 6:23). No struggle, he walked into the den lion without any agitations, apprehensions and came forth triumphantly from there because he believed in his God.

These are diverse manifestations of the Spirit of faith in the Old Testament, amazing things. The faith that once operated in the saints, earnestly contend for the faith that was manifested in the saints (Jude 1:3).

Don’t forget where we’re coming from. The greatest benefit of this virtue, this precious gift is that it empowers you to believe all things.
– Somebody’s story is changing.

What made me lay my salary on the altar was not just because we love God, the spirit of faith at work in you. It is not just what you have that defines your life but what He has. So when you do what He says, it is to access what He has. No struggling.

I must say this therefore that behind the acts of God in this place, is the Spirit of faith at work. It will deliver in any part of the world wherever the sun shines.

Please take it from here today, God’s word works wherever the sun shines (Jeremiah 33:20). It is the Spirit of faith that engages the Word to deliver.
– The good news tonight is that everybody is matching out finally out of his Egypt.

How I wish that all these people were prophets (Numbers 11:29). If your heart is open tonight, you are returning with this rod wonders. The Spirit of faith is a rod of wonders.
– You are returning with that rod in the name of Jesus.

Please note that without the same spirit, we cannot produce the same order of result. When the spirit of Elijah came upon Elisha, he began to generate result after the order of Elijah.

When the Spirit of faith in Moses got into Joshua, everyone that listened to Moses listened to him. Everyone that harken to Moses, harken to him because like begets like.

– Many are matching out of here tonight around the world. You are matching out of this place tonight with the spirit of faith at this commission, resting visibly on your life.
– Making ways for you where there are no way.
– Causing streams to start flowing in your desert in the name of Jesus.

Very important, the Spirit of faith is a requirement for anyone to operate in the reality of his promised land. Numbers 14:24 – that’s another spirit of faith. We’ve been not able to overcome them. And then Joshua, Caleb said, we are well able to overcome them (Numbers 13:33).

No one can access his promised land and secure his place in there without the Spirit of faith at work. That’s how much you and I need the Spirit of faith to operate in the reality of our promised land.

Joshua, Caleb got there by the operation of the Spirit of faith. He speaks to you through the things you see – spirit of faith. He speaks to you through the things you read – spirit of faith.

Behind all exploits in the kingdom, it is the Spirit of faith at work. Through faith, they subdued kingdoms (Hebrews 11:13) and we are in the era that God has ordained for the church to subdue kingdoms. There is no policy in the world that can stop it.

God’s agenda is superior to any human policy. They better learn it on time. You can’t stop the sun, you can’t stop God. You can’t stop the day, you can’t stop God.
All these funny stories globally. Sir, they won’t stand. They can’t stand.

How dare you force me to take injection? Who born you? Under what law Sir?
No, that is a graven image.
Only the spirit of faith can stop the devil from having his way.
How dare you? Under whose authority?
Whether I am allergic to it or not, do you know?
How dare you?
– All these demonic activities in the corridors of power, I curse their hold in the name of Jesus.
God sent me to stop the devil from harassing the human race. God sent me to rescue mankind.

You shut the door against the Church! By whose authority?
You are coming against the rock! Matthew 21:44
– Who so ever comes against this rock is broken!

Be careful what you do with these men less you fight against God. Be careful.
Any agent of the devil, sitting somewhere and nodding his head, that you are in power, who put you in power? If God react, you will walk into the forest.
It is too late for any gang up of hell to un-send me. They know it in this land.

It will take the spirit of faith for the church of Christ to secure her place in this end time because the devil knows that he has only short time, so he goes about releasing his agent to start harassing people so he can get people down to earth.

Many have not recovered from the shutdown of Churches.
Many have gone wild into alcohol, wild into drugs. The Church is the solution center of the world. Sir, I will never have sympathy for the devil till I die. We are arch enemies. I am his arch enemy. When you are in love with one perfectly, you hate another one perfectly (Psalm 139:21. Perfect love for God equals perfect hate for the devil. That’s Christianity.

…Not people sitting down, “no problem, we will not go to Church. We will come next week.”
Can you tell me not to enter my house? How dare you? Church Gist. What law?
How long will we be worshipping Nebuchadnezzar and his idol?

-I decree the liberty of the world tonight.
-This COVID-19 empty noise stops now!
-The media propaganda projecting it, I release their silenced judgement now.
There is no single COVID-19 case in this place.
I wrote a book that is just coming out now, ‘Jesus: In control and command of COVID-19/ 20 OR 21’, with testimonies across the continents.

Everybody is a victim of his fear. What the devil has done is to release wind of fear on human kind.
Praise God!
-Tonight you are returning with the rod of the Spirit of faith in your hand.

The devil is suffering right now. Satan wherever you are hiding tormenting human kind with the spirit of fear, I cursed your habitation.
-Enough is enough.

The Spirit of faith is the Abrahamic order of faith that staggered not at the promise of God. It is stable, steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in engaging with the word of God (Romans 4:16-21).

The spirit of faith is the God-realm of faith. Through faith we understand that the world were framed by the Word of God (Hebrews 11:3). Church Gist. Bible scholars claimed that when Jesus said have faith in God, it means have the faith of God (Mark 11:22-23). The creative faith of God, the conquering faith of God, the ever reigning faith of God, the exploit commanding faith of God; have the faith of God.

Can I tell you this?
The Church is not a formation of government. Jesus purchased the Church with His blood (Acts 20:28). The Church is not a creation of any government or nation.

There was a funny drama sometimes back in Nigeria, where they said the government will determine who leads a church. I said, “has the Church become a political party or a government parastatal?” Never!

Let the world hear me today, the Church is not a creation of any political, industrial, educational system. The Church is the body of Christ.
– I decree the liberation of the Church of Christ under siege in any nation now in the name of Jesus!
– Sleep will elude all the perpetrators holding the Church to ransom.
Thank You Lord, thank You Jesus. It is done!

You can’t have the faith of Jesus and be oppressed by the devil, that’s why you and I need to keep the spirit of faith alive in us so we can put the devil where he belongs.

The Spirit of faith is the only way to stop the devil from dislodging us from our promised land. God is about to unleash His wonders to His Church. It shall come to pass.
– God’s act in the end time Church will humble the world.
– They will come to church, strong nations will come.

Every covenant if God is tied to while the earth remaineth (Genesis 8:22). Until you remove the earth, you can’t remove his agenda. Jeremiah 33:25-26. God’s plan can never be destroyed by the devil.
-No church in any nation shall be under siege anymore.
– This 40th anniversary of this liberation mandate shall lead to the global liberation of the Church of Christ.
– I see the global liberation of the Church of Christ as one prophetic signal of our entry into our promised land.
– This generation will not be destroyed.

Psalm 91:1-4
In conclusion tonight, unbelief is the greatest deterrent of possessing our promised land. You can’t get there without the spirit of fait at work in you and it is freely accessible by those who genuinely covert it.



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