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*I was 84 last year, I am going on 85
*Stop seeing yourself poor

  • Faith does not work in an unforgiving heart.
    Stop seeing yourself poor in your mind and in your thinking. Begin to see yourself with all of things, you need. Take time to meditate on it and see yourself well. Don’t see yourself like this (bent over) well after all, I am 84 years old. No I am not, I am going on 85.
    I am not 84, I was 84 last December the 6th. I am now well into my 85th year, thank you very much. Thank You Jesus. I see myself at 120. I see myself there.
    The absolute prescription for healing and anything else is in Proverbs 4:20-22
    “Pay attention to my Words” -put my Word as final authority in your life.
    If He says, you are healed, you are healed
    If He says, you are prosperous, you are prosperous.
    What God says in His covenant must take final authority over what anybody says.
    This is God’s medicine.
    The side effects of this medicine are wonderful: take it 3 times a day and if you need it, double the dose. My darling wife taught me that: double the dose. Double up on your Bible reading, double up on your messages that you listen to, double up!! Listen to good faith preaching every day. The Word of the living God, every day, put your eyes on it.
    “By His stripes, you are healed” – by your stipes I am healed, I choose to believe this, I choose life. I choose blessing, I choose God.
    The 6 I’s of Faith
    1.I believe
    2.I will
    3.I take it
    I have it
    4.I have faith in God
    5.I thank You for it
    6.I forgive if I have hurt against any
    Faith does not work in an unforgiving heart. This woman of faith had to forgive all of the doctors. Faith does not work in an unforgiving heart
    “But Brother Copeland, you don’t know what they did to me”
    Well if you haven’t forgiven, they are still doing it to you. They have forgotten all about it and it is still working in your life.
    Think about this also, you have the same power on the inside of you to forgive because you have the faith of God.
    Jesus said, “which is easier to say, thy sins be forgiven thee or rise, take up your bed and walk.” He said to the man that was paralysed, “take up your bed and go home”
    The same power that forgives heals.
    I love you. I have enjoyed my time with you. the rest of this week is going to grow and grow and before the end of this week, mighty miracles and power will come into this place; people will certainly be healed and made well.
    God loves you, I love you and Jesus is Lord.
    God bless you all


40th Anniversary



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