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These are some of the testimonies of Global Impact shared by great servants of God, of how God used his servant, The Bishop to bless their lives and ministries.

  • Bishop John Ibenu
  • In 1986, he told me 3 things I needed in life: Wisdom, Discipline and Diligence.
    Praise the Lord. Dad, I’m grateful. I’m so grateful to God, to be one of the very, very first sons of this Commission.
    As a young medical student, September 1983, our father in the Lord was invited to come and preach in the Teaching Hospital in Kaduna, Chapel of Good News. ‘Walking in the realm of the Supernatural’, that was the topic. We were used to struggling with demons; gather around them, 3, 4, 5; from 8 pm to 3 am. But he came with a dimension of dominion, faith and authority that places the believer (illustrates above). I began to wonder, ‘who is this?’ He came again in November and I braced my way to EE5, Ramat road, Angwan Rimi.
    Our father is an indescribable personality, but he has never changed except that he grows in realms that only God can describe.
    He brought direction, colour and dignity to Ministry, but I will talk about his love for me as a person and for God. He has loved me very dearly with my wife and my children. Till now he still calls me very late. Many people think he is very high up there but he is very very close to his own.
    There was an attack in Okene, in Kogi State, where some people were attacked. At 10:30 in the night, our father, called me, “John, how are you? Is everything all right?”
    My response: Yes Sir.
    10:30 in the night, personally. He takes it upon himself on several times, sometimes 5 am, to call me, call my wife.
    There was a challenge in our State and I came to him, in January 2018.
    He said,” John, kneel down”
    I knelt down.
    He said, “as you are going, the Lord delivers that State into your hand and I terminate the crisis.”
    We had a security meeting, exactly what he said was what happened. The tension in my State came down to the ground like this.
    Then he said, “10 pm tomorrow, call me on the dot.”
    10 pm exactly, just one ringing, he picked the phone, “John, how was it?”
    I said: exactly as you have said.
    I lack words to say, to talk about our father, but I am grateful to God that I had followed him. He made a statement to me, personally December 1986, my wife was there.
    He said: John, 3 things will guide you
  • Wisdom,
    3 things.

He repeated it over and over and over; I have patterned my wisdom, discipline, my diligence after his life. If I was not called to do what I am doing in Kogi State, November 1983, that was when the Lord showed me what we are doing right now, I would have been very, very closely by his side and I am so grateful to God to be a follower of this father, this mentor, this teacher. Sir, permit me to say, you are our father but also our friend. We have come to celebrate and rejoice with you on this 40th Anniversary and we are going to be here together forever until we continue over there.
God bless you sir.


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