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-Bishop David Oyedepo
3rd Word Session, Hour of Visitation, Day 2
*I have never prayed for a personal need.
*There is nothing wrong in asking for things that are for your personal comfort, but there is a higher realm.
*What God adds to you is far beyond all you can ask or think.
*We don’t chase after these things. We chase after God and His agenda chases after us.
Every segment of this Prophetic Feast looks like the end of it, by reason of God coming down with light to move His people forward.
There is nowhere you are going after here but forward.
Not just forward, there shall be a fast forwarding of your life.
The sower went forward and sowed the seed, that seed is incorruptible, it is indestructible. If it finds its way to the good and honest heart, it will produce fruits.
-May there be a continuous entrance of His Word into everyone’s heart.
Today, it is speaking already through the First Word, through the Second Word, something must have happened to you. If you caught any light in the First or the Second or both, lift up your two hands and give God thanks specifically for it.
If you now know what to do after hearing the things you’ve heard, give God thanks for it: for showing you the way forward. Give God thanks for it.
Light is sweet, it is a beautiful thing for the eyes to behold the sun (Ecclesiastes 11:7).
It is the light of the Word that brings the sweetness of the Word out. May you continue to enjoy the goodness of the Lord in this land of the living.
Father Lord, I pray that there shall not be an enlightenment of the Word but an impartation of grace. Let grace be imparted today, let it keep speaking for life in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Hebrews 13:7
“…whose faith follow” – watch out for the kind of faith that is responsible for their kind of result and if you are interested, ‘whose faith follow’
I’ve had series of prayer expeditions on the mountain, in the valley: I cannot remember when I went for a personal desire. I can’t remember. When this prayer and fasting on the mountain is centered on ‘Me’ and what I can get’: Lord, I am about stepping into full time Ministry, what other instructions that I need to make this journey great. I will stand before you for 5 days. I went and lock up for 5 days: I heard things, I heard angels singing, I heard marching order, inside light. I went for Him, His assignment. I have never gone praying for a house in my life or confessed a car. I never prayed for airplane in my life and He knows I won’t pray.
One time, I said, “Jesus, I just want whatever was in Ezekiel responsible for that dramatic event in the valley of dry bones. I want access to it.” I went for 3 days on the mountain, in prayers. Rain came, sun came, it dried me up but I returned with a Word, “behold I have touched your tongue with the coal of fire. Therefore as you say it, you’ll see it.” That is the background story of prophetic declarations.
I hated poverty and you know (to Bishop David Abioye), with passion: I said, “hey, I am going out for a Mission, let’s go.”
“Jesus, show me the secret of Kingdom prosperity.” The stinking poverty of the Church is a source of concern to me. “as poor as church rat”, touches me, pinches me – NO, this can’t be. It happened there.
“whose faith follow”- we have been following what should be following, that is where the problem is.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you – Matthew 6:33
They are not things to go after, they are to be coming after you
Deuteronomy 28:1 – these blessings will come to you and overtake you.
There is nothing wrong in asking for things that are for your personal comfort, there is nothing wrong but you see there is a higher realm. What God adds to you is far beyond all you can ask or think, far beyond and it comes on a platter of gold.
We are here today, not one day prayer of “oh God remember you said you will build 50,000.” They were doing the design when I said, “how many seats have you gotten?”
They said, “about 38 (thousand), 40 (thousand)”
I said, there is a book that says it is 50 (thousand). Let me go and check the book.
We don’t chase after these things. We chase after God and His agenda chases after us.
Many ministers have been reduced to mere speakers and they even enjoy it, “I am speaking for.”
What are you speaking for?
You are called to minister, not to speak big languages and people are jumping up and down. An applause is not same as impact. No.
There is no one that operates of Matthew 6:33 that does not have a story to tell. There is no one under heaven. You can’t make God first and be last.
Draw near to Me, I will draw near to you; make me first and I will make you first
James 4:8
I see many first-class citizens rising from the platform of this Commission and all that are connected to it.
There is nothing called luck here. It is light that makes the difference.
When Kingdom advancement endeavours become your lifestyle, everything will keep working in your favour.
Psalm 102:13-15
2015 to 2020, I personally led 74,000 people to Jesus. It’s a lifestyle, you are not struggling with it.
Have I ever gone to the Mountain to say, “give me money” – ask Him (God) when you meet Him if I ever did.
But one day, I said to God, “can’t you wait for someone to pray before you answer or before you think about something it has happened”
The 2 teachings this morning are there for you to, if you choose to, to engage with them. It’s all about your choice. You don’t serve God by force, it’s all about your choice.
I wrote of a covenant of sell out to Jesus, September 12, 1976. Church Gist. It is not a hit and run game; consistently so by grace.
There is nothing God will ask me to do that I will have to think about it.
Do it: it is done Sir.
Go there: it’s done Sir.
Stay there: I stay
-You have just entered your era of full manifestation of your sonship.
-Everything in your hand will start working without sweat.


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