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Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries, Home of Success on the topic, “Praise for all Round Manifestation“.
Theme of the Month: Month of Faith For Manifestation.
In life, it is what you take serious that will give you serious results. Anything you don’t take serious will never give you a glorious result.
Your tomorrow will not be better than your today if you don’t improve yourself today. If not, your tomorrow’s result will still be the same.
If you want a change tomorrow, change today.
If you have not added anything to what you know today, your tomorrow will be like your today.
The reason why Nigeria is going backward instead of forward is because Nigeria has not added anything to our knowledge back.
Do you know that Americans used to come to school in Nigeria back in the 70s and 80s. They used to come and teach in our secondary schools and school here. Foreigners used to come to Unilag, Ahmadu Bello and Nsukka, are they coming now? No.
Our education has gone so down, why? We have not added any value.
You don’t know a person because you have known the person for 20 years. Reaction reveals character.
If someone is always looking for your fault, he doesn’t love you.
Reaction reveals character.
Anybody who says he loves you must respect your God, your assignment, whatever you do for a living and your family. If they don’t, they don’t love you.
Proverbs 23:18. What you don’t expect, you will not experience. God will only lay hold on what you expect.
Everytime you get to a point where you do not know what to do, turn over that situation to God in praise.
Praise is not a form of religious entertainment. 2 Chronicles 20:12.
When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God, Billy Graham said.
It is not enough to praise God, you must meet certain conditions.
Psalms 11:3.
Praise cannot have effect except that foundation is laid.
The foundation for acceptable praise is Joy. James 5:13, Psalm 67:5, Isaiah 30:39.
Praise has to be accompanied with gladness of heart otherwise you are just doing religious accomplishments.
Isaiah 61:4-9.
Refuse to be depressed. Satan cannot oppress any child of God except you are depressed.
Amos 9:11-13.
Anything you have lost will be restored today!
If your name is Happiness, change it to Joy. All of you answering Happiness, change it. Happiness is temporal.
Philippians 3:1, Philippians 4:4, 1st Thessalonians 5:16.
You can never give God an acceptable praise except joy is at the root.
When joy flows, the praise will continue once you start it.

  1. The Joy of the Lord is the provoker of divine intervention. Psalms 16:11.
    It takes the fullness of Joy to provoke Him to manifest. When God intervenes, pressures turns to pleasures.
    Can God step into your situation and the pressure remains? He is stepping in today.
    Psalm 114:1-7.
    When God is at work, problems are out of proximity. Anytime satan wants to make you question God, he wants to attack you.
    Even in your heart, never question God.
    If you are given to depression, you become a victim of oppression.
    Romans 8:31, Acts 10:38.
    The reason why God was with Jesus was because He was joyful in every hour. Even when death came, He was joyful.
    Anywhere there is no joy, God will depart. Any environment where there is no joy, God cannot stay.
    What satan does is to show you things, “Your mates are married and you are not married, why are you laughing?”. He is targeting your joy. And that is when husband is almost coming.
    Joylessness is dangerous. Don’t allow anything bring any depression.
    Two times I have ever had strange attacks is when I went into seconds of depression.
    Two incidents have happened in my life that within those periods, I just went into depression, immediately I had an attack.
    When I talk of attack, I mean attack that has to do with death. I saw myself going down, down and I said “What is this!”.
    Satan will not attack you until you are depressed. He creates room for you to have concerns.
    Many times you have an attack, you were joyless.
    Don’t allow any circumstance make you to be joyless. It may look simple but I know what I’m saying. Please avoid it.
    I decree not one person will lose anybody around you.
    Don’t allow joylessness otherwise God cannot intervene.
  2. The Joy of the Lord grants you access to depths of revelation.
    Isaiah 12:3. No man can have faith without revelation.
    Revelation is the easiest way to have a revolution.
    2 Corinthians 12:7. John 11:35.
    Don’t allow any situation stay too long in your life otherwise you will be blackout.
    Anytime you are depressed, revelation will not come. Pick the Bible to read when you are sad and you will not understand but when you are joyful, insights.
  3. The joy of the Lord guarantees divine direction.
    How many of you want direction in life? Just be joyful and praise God. Isaiah 30:21, 29, 30.
    The joy of the Lord packs testimonies.
    When you hear God’s voice, you become a voice. When you hear God, people hear you.
  4. The joy of the Lord brings Supernatural victory. Psalm 32:11.


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