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Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP
* No bank considerations.
* No stress, no strain, no shouting, no raising of offering.
* The wisdom of God prepared the way for The Ark project.
* Only those who make enquiries make discoveries.

A common statement in this Church is only fools doubt proofs. When they saw that woman touch the hem of His garment and got healed, everybody started hunting for the hem of His garment and as many as touched were perfectly whole (Matthew 14:36).
Only fools doubt proofs. Jesus is eternally committed to decorating the obedient, not the learner, not the preacher, not the writer. Jesus is only committed to decorating the obedient. So one can be on 10 years, having religious excitement but not walking in obedience, he won’t have nothing to show.

Don’t be entertained by these testimonies, be instructed by them. I don’t know any of the two of them, I don’t.
Somebody was going to commit suicide (documented testimony). I don’t know. I don’t know nothing, I don’t know when he heard what he heard, I don’t know what he decided to do with it. Now the fruits are here.
Please don’t be entertained by these testimonies. Don’t let them say, “it is Testimony time”, you say, “my breakthrough time, oh God when will you do my own?”
He won’t do your own until when you obey what they obeyed. He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). There is no tenable explanation for disobedience…
God is only committed to decorating the obedient. You have my commandments, you keep it: I will manifest Myself to you. I will beautify you by Myself (John 14:21). That is what He does.
Lord, grace for tireless obedience, full obedience in my walk with you. The only way to enjoy profitable Christian life is to walk in delightsome obedience. Obedience that is not coerced, it is not pressurized, it is just you and with utmost delight.

Prayer: Ask for that grace, grace to walk in delightsome obedience.
He said, “I left my problem at home, I went after souls” (documented testimony).
“My shoes had holes. I had only one 50 Naira but I went after obedience. I went in pursuit of souls and Jesus changed my story, Jesus decorated me”
Pray from the depth of your heart. Grace for delightsome obedience, all the days of my life. Pray and believe!! Pray for delightsome obedience to His commandments as a new way of life.
Grace to obey to the full, grace to obey to the end. Receive that grace now in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Well, we all agree that God wants all men saved. Is that true?
1 Timothy 2:4
…and to come to the knowledge of the truth that He makes available in Church for I will give you pastors after my own heart who shall feed you with knowledge and understanding (Jeremiah 3:15). Pastors reside in Church, so He wants all men saved and be brought into Church so they can be fed with knowledge and understanding which will need to their multiplication and increase and testimony that will keep them to abide.
2 Peter 3:9 – He wants ALL to come to repentance.
God wants every city taken for the Kingdom (Deuteronomy 2:36). He wants all towns, all cities delivered to the Kingdom and He engages the instrument of wisdom to accomplish that plan and purpose (Proverbs 21:22).

Daniel 12:3
It takes wisdom to turn many to righteousness. It takes wisdom to see many turn to righteousness. Wisdom is all about finding better ways of engaging in a given task for better results. I once said if you are not willing to change your approach, you can not improve on your results. Your level of results now is a function of the functionality of your present approach. If you must get better results, you must improve on that approach or you can’t get a better result.
For instance, what are others doing that is giving them results that I’m not doing?
There is nothing wrong in finding out.
See our Cell growth and replication amazing results this year.
Why? We harvested what others were doing that gave them results. It looks ordinary, other people, ‘hehn’, it’s that the way to get there, they went in and you are getting an average of a thousand new Cells every week.
There is always a better way in engaging with any task. God has more ways than we can ever discover. He has deeper thoughts than we can ever uncover (Isaiah 55:8). We just have to keep digging out better ways of getting better results because lack of results can be very frustrating, but only those who make enquiries make discoveries.
Only those who make enquiries make discoveries!
I will like us to take away from this morning that there is a better way of engagement on the harvest field. Look for it, hunt for it, search for it. When He said, “if any man lacks wisdom”, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t know a better way of doing it, so he is getting the same result all along.
James 1:5
If any man lacks access to a better way of doing this thing, let him ask of God; among others what He does is look, don’t be slothful, you can’t get better results without work (Hebrews 6:12). You can’t get better results without being diligent. Don’t be slothful but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the kind of promise you want to inherit. So find out and engage with what they did that you are not doing. You will find yourself getting the same result as they got and sharing the same order of results, testimonies that they are sharing.

Acts 10:34
How many agree that God is no respecter of persons?
How many agree that every testimony is a pointer to your own heritage?
Fasten your seat belt. The remaining 4 weeks is too generous for a whole adult man if He truly believes in it, to get 4 souls for Jesus. That’s minimum; you now walk through those 4 weeks without one (soul), that is insulting. That could be because you don’t have a better way of doing it.

The wisdom from above is accessible, among others, through the altar of prayer (James 1:5). He gives to all men liberally without calling anyone a fool. He knows we are flesh, so we are limited, so He shows us better ways of doing it.
Let me say this, how many truly want to get their 4 minimum souls speedily? A better way of doing it can give you those 4 in 1 day. A better way of doing it can give you those 4 in one day: One day of fasting, one day of going out, then you rest. Then you start nursing them as babies to see them established in the faith, that is if you believe in it at all.
I worked down this morning trying to recalibrate our approach and then how to improve on establishing platforms and all that stuff this morning. I have been doing that for how many years. There is always a better way if you must get better results.
Somebody once said, another definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, the same way and think of getting better results. There is always a better way and God has more ways than any of us will ever discover till our time is up, till all generations are past, till the end comes. So what do we know?
There is a better way of getting better results.

Solomon asked for wisdom and you see the manifestations…He asked for that in 1 Kings chapter 3, chapter 4 there was a raw demonstration of wisdom. Two women came, one fellow’s child died in the night, she woke up quietly and carried him. The other one was snoring, so she put the dead child by her side and picked her live child. It was a complex case ohh. It looks so simple because somebody found the solution.
Who has this child?
He is my child, I know the nose, I know the eyes.
No, he is my own child.
Okay, let’s cut t the child to two. So you take half half.
The mother with a compassion, “please give her the child.”
You are a thief, you are a ‘gbomo gbomo’ (kidnapper)
It looks so simple, that is the raw wisdom of God at work.

There is a way you say, “Hello Sir” to someone, he will settle with you. Another will say, “Hello Sir”, he will say “No, please don’t disturb me with your nonsense.” It is the same person but different approach.
If you truly honour God, then prove it by obeying Him. Okay, you need wisdom, I (God) have it, come and ask Me and I will show you.
May no one here treat this season with levity because your dignity is tied to it, your lifting is tied to it, your decoration is tied to it, your enthronement is tied to it.
You will never lose your place.

Ask God to endue you with wisdom from above, for a better approach towards delivering your own minimum 4 souls. Minimum 4 standing souls in the Kingdom.
Pray that prayer: Lord, I need your wisdom, endue me with your wisdom.
Better approach on the altar of prayer, better approach in reaching out to the lost, better approach in following them up.
Amen in Jesus name

Thou shall serve, He shall bless. So why are you crying for blessing? You serve and then He blesses (Exodus 23:25)
So stop crying for healing? You serve, believing He takes sickness away from your body.
Somebody had mouth cancer, Jesus loves you. Maybe it was smelling, Jesus showed up in the night, ripped off a lump from her mouth: free at last.
Thou shall serve, He shall bless, He shall take sickness away from the midst of you.
“You are stupid, is it because you don’t have a child that you are going about distributing fliers” – okay be pregnant. At the age of 50 and gave birth for the first time in her life.
Thou shall serve, He will take sickness away from you, you shall not be barren nor cast your young in the land (Exodus 23:25-26).
At times we are chasing after the wind, we are chasing after the shadows.
The more covenant rooted, covenant addicted we are, the more abundant life becomes, praise God.
-You are going places.
Is there anything wrong in asking for those things, there is nothing wrong but if you know a better way, why not? If you know a better way, why not? Why don’t you keep committing God’s integrity by the quality of your covenant walk with Him? It makes living more fulfilling, more empowering, more enriching.
-God will surprise you this year.
Who is gaining? You, me.
Is God gaining? No. He said, I sought for an intercessor I couldn’t find. I don’t need to intercede, it is me they intercede to, My own hand brought Me salvation. So it is not your prayer that I am depending on but you are depending on your prayers for your change of story.
I am depending on my prayers for my change of story.
If God says, “oooo”, the whole town will be saved, “that start running to Church now because they have decided they won’t talk to you about Me. Now start running to Church all of you.” You will just find them, some will not wear their trousers before they get here.
So why is He asking us to do it? For our change of story. Somebody’s story is changing.
Say with me, “God is up to anything that He says. He doesn’t need me for anything but I need Him for everything. My obedience is not benefitting God, it is benefitting only me. My commitment is not advancing God, it is advancing me. So help me Jesus to engage with this reality in stewardship all through this year.”

Receive the wisdom from above not only in engaging with this agenda but in your own life. That by divine order, things will keep working for you.
How many are excited about The Ark project that is coming up? I am excited, I don’t know whether you are excited.
You know what excites me the most is that the wisdom of God prepared the way for it.
What prepared the way for it? The wisdom of God.
No stress, no strain, no shouting, no raising of offering. The Wisdom of God. All her ways are ways of pleasantness, all her paths are peace. That’s what you will keep enjoying in your own house, in your own family, in your own management.
No more tension.
No more rise in temperature.
It is starting from now and everyone that heard that good news yesterday, you will be alive to see it completed and you will not only be alive, you will be there in your new status.
It will impact on every aspect of your life by seeing it happening without rise in temperature, without tension, without begging, without banking considerations and meetings. God will surprise you.

Give Him thanks, it is your week. The week is speaking in your favour!!
All our tracts are all over the places, so please invade your workplaces, invade your neighbourhood and everywhere.



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