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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Midweek Communion Service on ‘Fundamentals of Kingdom Wealth’.

*One of us sent money to build 10 sanctuaries of 200 capacity each (N194 million).
*I met a church that was described as poor as a church rat.
*The end time Church will become so economically empowered that she will humble the pride of the world.
*Give as a privilege, do it joyfully and gladly.

Give the Lord a big hand of praise. Hallelujah. Give Jesus a big clap of praise. Amen.

Lift up your two hands to Heaven and give God thanks. We’re in the days of great harvest. Thank You Jesus and blessed be Your name.

Will you ask him now to speak to you tonight. Jesus I want to hear from You tonight in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

If we live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit. You can’t hear from Heaven except you choose to be in the Spirit. Only men of the Spirit can hear from Him. Tonight I pray that each one will connect to access his own Word that will bring about your desired turnaround in the name of Jesus Christ.

For everyone in this Church that was a part of OPERATION “who is on the Lord’s side” in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ grace to remain on that side for life is released upon your life. For if God be for us who can be against us? You can never be a loser being on God’s side. Being on God’s side means you’re an eternal winner. When you and God keep company the gates that wont open to anybody else will open for you.

– No door shall be shut against you anymore in the name of Jesus.
– I pray for all of your harvest, all of your engagement, the Heavens will open and deliver your own speedy amazing rewards in the name of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.
Thank You Heavenly Father and blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name.

If you have your Bible take it up this way. Say with me, the treasures in this Book have capacity to set anyone above all nations of the earth. The treasures contained in this Book has all it takes to set any ordinary man, any ordinary girl above all nations of the earth. Lord help me tonight to access the treasures hid in this Book ordained for my supernatural change of position. Amen.
Give the Lord a big hand. Amen.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hid in the field which when a man has found he went and sold all that he had and bought it. It’s so valuable to him that nothing compares to it.
Matthew 13:44-46
The Book (Bible) is loaded with treasures.

There’s so much in this (Book) that all we need to do is to buy into it, engage with it.
Proverbs 23:23
Two interesting testimonies we heard tonight just before we got into the Word is a man who returned battered. He returned back to his place.
– You won’t miss your place.
– May you never miss your place in life.

The Lord appoints places for us to meet with Him.
He chooses where we belong. He chooses which Spiritual family we belong to.
– You will not miss your own place.

It’s very miserable to be a displaced person. A man that had his own apartment, living with his family now 8 of them in a room, no bathroom, no nothing. It can be miserable to be displaced.
– May no one here be displaced.
Your place is your place and it’s not a place of your choice but a place of His choice.

This is not my choice. Canaanland will never be my choice, for a place of worship,no. My little brain can’t take it but that was His place and see how much colour, how much glory, how much beauty He has added to us. Having found your place in God, settle down there.
If you’re where God is not then you know how tasking it can be.
– You won’t miss your place in God.

Anyway this man came back and hooked up and according to him he was praying Kingdom Advancement Prayer two hours everyday. Children has stopped going to school. Where to sleep he doesn’t know because the landlord had come to remove the roof. Everything was in shambles. He came back with torment, with torture. Jesus delivered him at Shiloh 2017. Now by May 2018 story has changed. Got a job he never applied for. Everything just turned.
– There is somebody here tonight, something massive is about to turn in your life.

Don’t be entertained by these testimonies be instructed by them. What did he do to bring the change? Fruitful outreaches, praying for members of the Church, vengeance upon all agents of the devil that wants to stop the Church from growing, praying for life transforming Word in our services. He just started doing those simple, simple things and then the Heavens opened. Amen.

Okay “only in title will I be greater than you. You are in charge of this organization”. What kind of job is that? You have never met the man before and he handed over his entire estate to you?
– Favour will locate you.
– The time to favour you has come.

There is nothing in being the social member of the Church. You better be a Spiritual member or you’ll be marking time sir. Nothing will change.
– This year must mark a new dawn in your life.
Let me hear your loudest amen.
– May every convert of yours be established in the faith for life and may you take responsibility over them, praying for them and then watching over them and as you do that you are provoking the favour of God on your life and I can tell you all eyes will see it in the name of Jesus Christ.
Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

We’re examining


Kingdom wealth is not an ambition for us in redemption, it’s our birthright. Jesus became poor that we through His poverty might be made rich. He died and obtained for us power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessing.
Revelation 5:12
They’re the seven fold redemptive package that He brought for us after His resurrection. So riches is our birthright in redemption. It’s not our ambition, it’s simply our birthright. Being a Nigerian is not an ambition for me, I’m a bonafide Nigerian. So there’s no argument. Praise God.

In the same vein, wealth is your birthright in redemption. All you need to know is what it takes to access and take delivery of it.

His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts so it’s not the natural means we’re talking about, we’re talking about the Spiritual channels through which God blesses His people.

It’s important for us to know that the end time Church is ordained a reigning Church.
Psalms 110:1-3
The rich rules over the poor.
Proverbs 22:7
The end time Church shall be a lending Church. A ruling Church, ruling in the midst of her enemies. So the end time Church will become so economically empowered that will humble the pride of the world. Can I hear your amen.
The Church is not a building, the Church is a people. So you are ordained to be supernaturally economically empowered as an end time saint. Can I hear your amen.

The end time Church is ordained a wealthy Church.
We had an interesting testimony this week. One of us sent in to build 10 two hundred capacity sanctuaries. Amen. The Church of yesterday can’t try that. There was no single person in any Church in those days that can try 1 million. Where will he get it from? Not even a hundred thousand. I met a Church that was described as poor as Church rat. Most ministries were hiring primary schools for their meetings. All those prophecies you heard they were in one run down primary school, eating with plastic, plastic spoon, plastic fork. Things are changing. Amen.
– So the change must reflect in your life.

Simple obedience. A time is coming in this Church where someone will just come up and say well whatever project that we have in Cameroon that is yet to be built, I want to take responsibility. Somebody will come and say well can I have the responsibility of building any 2,000 capacity Church in East Africa? Can I hear your amen? That’s the end time Church for you.

The end time Church is going to be highly economically empowered. Can I hear your amen? Continuous giving is what keeps our lines of supply open and sustains it.
Job 22:21
You don’t have to play games here sir. Don’t try it. You play games, you won’t go forward. Get acquainted with God. Get to know what He says to do. Get to understand it. Commit yourself to it. Receive the law that launches men into financial fortune. It’s the law of giving and receiving. There is no other way. Praise God.
– Somebody’s story is changing.

The end time Church shall be absolutely shame free. It shall be a Church to be envied. The hand of God upon the end time Church will humble the pride of the world. Let me hear your loudest amen. That gives us the idea of why we need to appreciate the fundamentals of Kingdom wealth.

Now we have come to understand that the law upon which this Kingdom wealth anchors is the law of giving and receiving. The Bible calls it seed time and harvest when that Covenant was enacted in
Genesis 8:22

Now in
Philippians 4:15-19 the Bible calls it giving and receiving. So you tap into His glory through the law of giving and receiving. Now in
2nd Corinthians 9:6-8
So giving is sowing. Sowing and reaping is giving and receiving. Give and it shall be given to you in return. Good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over. So this wealth is not by praying and almost killing yourself in fasting. It’s simply by getting to know what God says it is and is required and committing yourself to it in faith from where you are.

God is not a task master. The tithe of 10 Naira is 1 naira. He won’t ask you to go and bring 2 Naira. No. Start from where you are. Stop harassing God that when I grow. If you don’t want to keep groaning start from where you are. You are doing nothing now, you won’t do anything tomorrow. Amen. Now if you’re not interested in giving you’re not a candidate for his abundance. If you’re not a committed giver you’ll never qualify to prosper because the Scriptures cannot be broken.

Now what are some of the demands for guaranteed returns on our seeds sown? We must continue to sow as a privilege and not as a burden.
Jeremiah 23:35-38
So you engage as a privilege not as a burden. Somebody is challenged and you’re there to help, count it a privilege, do it with a smile. A smile coming from your heart. You’re giving your worship offering in Service, do it with delight. You’re giving your tithe, don’t look at it ten times.
1st John 5:3

Your Father is not a task master. He is a loving Father. Every command of Scripture is not to punish you, it’s to polish you.
2nd Timothy 3:16-17

We must sow cheerfully. God loves a cheerful giver.
Malachi 3:14-15
The reason why they were under a curse is because they were doing it mournfully. God has no need and so whatever they did was wasted. Amen.
Deuteronomy 28:47-48
For guaranteed returns on your seeds sown, it must be done cheerfully, joyfully, gladly or it’s wasted or becomes counter productive or you just have something else coming instead of blessing. When you take your offering say to yourself before the Lord “I know you don’t need this for anything but I need Your blessing in all areas of my life, so I sow this in obedience to Your Word and I do it cheerfully and joyfully. Church Gist.Amen. In case you want to forget write it from home, write it on your envelope. If you need to type it, type it. Let God know. Do it as a privilege, do it joyfully and gladly. Can I hear your amen.

Ensure you’re sowing into a good ground. When it comes to Churches and ministries ensure you’re sowing into a good ground.

Now let me say this, at no time must you allow anybody to force you to give. You don’t do it willingly, it’s wasted. At no time should anybody harass you to give what you’re not willing to give. Can I hear your amen?

Somebody came to me many years ago and he said God told him I should get him a car. I said tell God I’ve not heard because at that time there was no way I can get a car for anybody in my life. Praise God. Tell him I’ve not heard. God never told Abraham to bring Isaac until He gave him one. Go and borrow, that’s not God. Owe no man nothing. Don’t ever borrow to give. Who are you trying to impress? I want you to be relaxed. Understand that God is not a task master. Understand that. It’s not Scriptural. If you borrow to give you’re breaking Scriptures.

Until Jesus comes no one will ever be forced to give in this Church. He is not in need so what’s the problem? He solves our problems. Now sow into a good ground.
Deuteronomy 12:13-14
Your seed has to fall into good ground no matter the quality.
Matthew 13:23
Luke 8:15
We live in a world that is in a hurry. Everybody is in a hurry. He brings fourth fruit with patience. How?
Mark 4:26-28
It takes patience. It’s not a casino. It takes patience. No star emerges overnight. Every star emerges over time. Seed plus time is what equals harvest. It’s not sowing your seed today and carrying your basket to the farm tomorrow. With patience.

1984 our total income including my own offering there was 18,000 plus for the year. The following year we jumped, we sky rocketed to 25,000 in a whole year. Can I hear your amen. With patience otherwise you go to calucalu place and you start doing Yahoo Yahoo and they catch you. With patience.

Now we’re doing a project here, no pressure. With patience.
Hebrews 6:12
All these eat and run thing won’t do it. Next tomorrow God will give you a million Naira. You may die because you have never handled one hundred before. He’s checking you out and checking me out to see what we can handle. No matter how hard your toddler child plays can you give him your car key? He’s your only son. The one you only have now. If he’s crying blood will you give him the key? Better for him to cry than to die.
– Something is breaking forth in your life.
Good ground requires patience to deliver.

Finally let your giving be love motivated.
1st Corinthians 12:13
1st Chronicles 29:3
1st Kings 3:3
Solomon loved the Lord. Praise.

Let’s watch these two enemies of Kingdom wealth.

1- Lack of financial Integrity.
Luke 16:11
That was talking about the unfaithful steward.
Proverbs 28:21
Jeremiah 17:11

2- Covetousness.
Luke 12:15
Joshua 7:20-21
The entire lineage cleared off through the plague of Covetousness. Therefore remain content with the things that you have.
1st Timothy 6:6
You hear people say by all means. By all means mean including stealing, armed robbery, including internet fraud. By all means. When you see anybody that by all means must be rich is heading for trouble. Pursue after God that His goodness will keep pursuing after you. Can I hear your amen?

Wasteful living is an enemy of Kingdom wealth. We are told about the prodigal son. He wasted his substance on riotous living and after that he began to be in want. He wasted. Every waster becomes a begger. There must be war against waste in your life.
Proverbs 18:9
The slothful will end up a begger so the waster must end up a begger.
God hates waste. Every Covenant person must be smart enough to know what he spends and to have value for what he spends.

I shared a story sometime. One of my mentors who was at the airport, somebody greeted him and he said give him 500 Naira and he said for what? For greeting you? No. The man too burst into laughter. Is that an offering? Or helping the poor? There is no place given to greeters,I can’t find it. I’m deliberate about the things I do. We have been principled here in our system. We call it war against waste. It’s a lasting war in this system. Beware of waste. It’s an eternal enemy of wealth. Don’t try it. Thank You Jesus.

Finally poverty mentality. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. Nothing is happening in Nigeria, that’s why nothing is happening to you. Church Gist. One of my sons in this Church who gave a million dollars, he lives in Nigeria, he’s not living abroad. Can I tell you this? People who steal don’t give because they steal to consume. You find anybody giving, you can trace where he got it from. They’re not fraudsters. Nothing works in Nigeria, everything is working here.

I just got the latest report from Covenant University. We’re still number one. It’s not our fault. Everything works here o.
– Everything must start working in your life.

All these traveling through the desert to go to Europe is just madness. They don’t pick money on the streets there.
– Somebody’s story is changing.
If that is you let me hear your loudest amen.

Let me now close with this, please note that prosperity is the least in the works of your hand. Whatsoever he doeth. Not what he pretends to be doing. Going to work is not the same as working. Abraham was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold. Isaac was a major farmer. He sowed in the land and reaped in the same year a hundred fold. The Lord blessed him. He blessed the work of his hand.

Jacob a highly impactful man in livestock. The work of his hand. He blesses the work of the hand of His people.
So you’re not a candidate for prosperity without work in your hands. His blessings comes upon what you’re doing.

Can I tell you what I asked the Lord when he called me? “Do you have enough job for me to do that you’re calling me to full-time ministry? He said “I have more than you can ever finish in your life time”. God does not bless the indolent. There is no future for the idle. So whatever your hands findeth to do, do with all your heart. Don’t sit down in one corner and be calling God. Come and bless me.
– You will prosper by engaging genuinely at any task at your disposal.
– Something is breaking fourth in your life.

This coming Sunday is our financial fortune banquet and I want to proclaim a blessing on the works of your hand. So come along with a point of contact on the works of your hand. Those who don’t have a job on their hand, who are looking for gainful employment, come along with your papers. As the prophetic Word comes, the Heavens will open.

The year will be one year you have long been waiting for because whatever has been stagnated God will turn them loose.
– He will turn your breakdown to breakthroughs.

God’s financial blessings answers on the works of our hands. In this Church you have everything at your disposal. Before you get your literal job engage your spiritual work. It will translate to what God has installed for you. Can I hear your amen?
– Somebody’s story is changing.

Waking up and doing nothing is a curse. No reason is tenable for it. No reason is tenable for doing nothing.

I came back from a trip to Ghana and I said I saw a truck passing in front of the hotel where we stayed and it said no food for an idle man. I came to Church in 1995 when I returned from that trip and I said I’m speaking to you this morning on no food for an idle man. Amen. A young man had just left national state council as an accountant. I said some of you are driving cars and are looking for work. What are you doing with your car without a job? Go to the airport now my friend. Carry people, you are free to wear your tie and your coat. You’re okay. He came back that Monday with 3,000 then. Church Gist.The wife said where did you get this money from? He said from yesterday’s message. Now he built a duplex behind that same Church. He began to export food to Europe. He started from where he began.
– Something is breaking lose in your life.

So this life of hanging around, it doesn’t help. Please wake up. A woman was selling waste bottles here and through that went abroad. Had a degree at an old age. Sent all of her children to school. My mother was working till she died. All these hanging around won’t help you.
– I pray that this coming Sunday, whatever is holding your destiny, my God will lose it up.

Lift up your right hand everyone and give God thanks please. If you got anything from Heaven this evening, give God thanks in Jesus precious name.

– Everyone here that is called jobless in the name of the Lord Jesus after this communion I decree that your eyes be opened to see diverse opportunities around you and to engage with them accordingly in the name of Jesus.
– For every dying business I decree a change of story as the Lord opens your eyes to see what to make it work.



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