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Bishop David Oyedepo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis Day 1 (7 April 21)

Shall we lift up our hands to Heaven. Give God thanks for the privilege to be in His presence tonight and to be part of the Week of Spiritual Emphasis that begins today. Give Him thanks and praise. There is no one like Jesus. Celebrate His faithfulness.

Give Him thanks for your life, how far He has helped you since the year began. Give Him thanks and praise and glory and honour.

Now ask Him to speak to you tonight. I want to hear from You Jesus. Speak to me tonight. Open my ears to hear. Help me to align with what You’re asking me to do. Take all the praise in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

One of the blessings of ressurection is gateway to a Word of revelations. When Jesus gave up the ghost the veil in the temple was torn in two from top to the bottom providing access to all in the mysteries of the Kingdom among which are the tables of the Covenant. The rod of Aaron that budded, the golden pot with manner inside. Amazing treasures behind the veil.

The same yesterday, today and forever. So forty days after He rose He began unfolding and unfolding matters partaining to the Kingdom.

Lord in this ressurection season open me up to things pertaining to the Kingdom that I know not. We celebrate what we know at the expense of what we don’t know and what you know brought you to where you are. We have over celebrated the little things we know. They open one Scripture, “oh I know that”, open another one, “I know that”. “Infact me and God wrote that one together. Okay where is the proof?

Lord open my eyes to matters of the Kingdom that I yet know not. I want to move forward. I want to go forward. Pray that prayer from the depth of your heart. We serve a forward leading God. Open me up to matters of the Kingdom that I yet know not. I must not go round this mountain anymore. I’ve been here long enough. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Heavenly Father thank You for another opportunity in Your presence. We are here at the feet of Jesus to receive from Him. Heavenly Father grant each one of us access to a new Word of revelation in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father in Jesus name.

So we are in the season of access to double realms of revelation. The ressurection power opens us up to things behind the veil and fasting and prayers is an avenue for an outbreak of revelation. Put the two together and you’re just on a flight. It is by light that you fly. “Arise, shine, for your light is come”. It is light that gets us on a flight in the Kingdom.

“Arise, shine your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee”. So it’s by light we get on a flight. So fasting and prayer and searching of Scriptures must culminate in access to light because it is by light we get on a flight.

We will be looking at our midweek services


If the foundation be destroyed the righteous can do nothing. What are the foundations of wealth as laid out in Scriptures? How do I translate from poverty to plenty? From scarcity to abundance? What does it take to take delivery of my heritage of wealth which is already paid for?

By divine privilege this ministry has a global identity of prosperity. You cannot be hiding out there, where the thing is speaking across the continent and it’s not speaking in your life.

It was missing out of one simple instruction that sent man out of the garden of life and into the wilderness of want. “Don’t touch that tree, of every other tree there is in this garden but of that one don’t touch it”. And you know interestingly satan wasn’t looking for them, he met them there. He met them at that tree. “Why should we not eat this tree? Not that Eve was looking for Adam, Adam was standing there. “How can God say we shouldn’t eat this? Satan showed up and said “He doesn’t want you to be like Him, eat it”. “That’s what we eat here, eat it”. The wife took it and saw that she was naked, “Hmm it’s very sweet, you take and it, I must not be the only one to suffer this”. The two of them were naked and sent away from the garden. An angel was put at the entrance with a sword. Simple instruction.

There are people who are struggling with life because they missed out of one simple instruction. Simple instruction that will secure your place in the garden of abundance. “No no, how can you tell us that? Paying tithe, God is not in need. I can’t give to Papa. Papa has plenty of money”. He thinks he is giving to me when he gives to the church.

We need to keep it right sir, otherwise we will just be wandering in the wilderness. May God forgive Adam. He committed trespass. Death passed to all of us through one man. His name is Adam. Adam the first, wicked man.

-Everybody in the world of struggle, you won’t bring your family into the world of struggle.
Simple obedience.

Now let me tell you this, you can never be launched into the world of abundance without obeying the fundamental covenants of giving. There is no prayer in this world. That’s why many prayer warriors are paupers. That’s not giving. What you sow is what you reap. Praise God.

Every commandment of Scriptures whether on the subject of prosperity or any other is absolutely for our benefits. “Now this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth. You must meditate upon it day and night, then you will will make your own way prosperous”. You’re not making God’s way prosperous, He is the I Am the I Am. You make your own way prosperous and then you’ll have good success. So who is benefitting? Did you see God there? Did you see church there? Poor them.

Deuteronomy 28:1
All these blessings will come to you, not to God, not to the Church, not to your pastor. All these blessings will come to you and overtake you. Your obedience is targeting you for a change of story, it’s not targeting anybody. Take time and go through Deuteronomy 28, you’ll find you, you, you. Amen.

Every commandment of Scriptures is absolutely for my benefit. He will only deliver his blessings through my obedience. It’s not my knowing it, it’s my doing it that enforces the blessings that are attached. Every commandment of Scriptures is absolutely for my benefit and will only release my blessings through my obedience. Not through my preaching it but through my doing it.

Now the abuse is from both sides, both from the pulpit and from the pews. Many people behind the pulpit want people to believe that God is depending on their giving to carry through with His agenda. That’s not the truth. God who said “Woe unto him that trust in man”, cannot be trusting you and me on His agenda on the earth. He knows how uncertain the human person is. God can never trust you and me for his agenda on the earth. We’re most unqualified.
Jeremiah 17:5-6

Now say with me, God is not depending on me, there is nothing in me or around me that He has not given me. So He cannot turn round and be depending on me to help Him carry through with His agenda.

That a ministry will grow to this level without human figures behind the scenes. Nobody has received a call ever on any project and we’re a highly project Church, there are projects going on everytime. No borrowing, no begging, (Speaks in tongues) Because woe unto him that trust in man.

Sir God is not depending on You. God is up to anything He wants to do.

  • He will surprise you this year.

For those who know their God,they shall be strong, they shall do exploits. I know many Presidents, I’ve never asked any of them for anything. Stop that. All that I know I’ve never asked them for one thing in my life. Please wake up. Stop listening to those junks. God is not depending on man. God will never depend on man. God will never depend on you or me.
Psalms 50:8-12
That’s how you and I are irrelevant. You do what I say I Am, you don’t do it I Am. You insult me I Am, you celebrate me I Am. If you get this right it will become such a delight to your soul.

“He that giveth to the poor shall not lack”. So you are giving your way out of poverty. Give the Lord praise. If you look away from the poor, ten others will look towards them. So what are you carrying about. God who fed Elijah through the birds of the air will locate the poor.

There is nothing we do in this Covenant that is to anybody’s benefits than us. Did you not hear?

“Blessed is the man that considers the poor, the Lord will deliver that man in the day of trouble”. Amen. Your being involved is to your advantage. Your helping the poor out of that challenge is to get you out of the challenges of life. You’re not doing that man any good beyond what you’re doing yourself. You’re doing yourself More good. Somebodys story is changing.

Well I consider these as fundamentals to a quality Covenant walk. Know that the destiny of the poor is not depending on you. Amen. God and His agenda is not depending on you and me. Glory to God.

God does not need me for anything.
Isaiah 59:16
Your praying is to your advantage, your giving is adding value to you, your being addicted to Church is changing your level of strength from one degree to another. You don’t go to Church, you go from weakness to weakness, down, down out. You become a cult member. God forbid. That you are dancing to Jesus today and you’re dancing to an idol tomorrow, God forbid. That you are dignified today and and you’re going about naked tomorrow with calabash on your head, God forbid. Amen.

Everything about you and me is absolutely dependent on God and He is never dependent on man. This is motivation in my walk with God. God does not need me for anything but I need Him for everything. We need Him for everything.

Don’t be lost in the crowd. Whoever gave you receipt for tithe? Did anybody ask you, have you paid tithe?
God is never dependent on man for delivery. It’s the same way for your life.

You do not need a man to make it happen. If you know how to walk with your God, you do not need a man to make it happen.

  • You are going to see wonders.

A night to the ground breaking one of my daughters came in and said the husband and herself want to drop seed for ground breaking. I said “we don’t have account for ground breaking”. She said but I have to drop it. I didn’t check it. Is she giving it to me? I said pass it to the people in accounts. Amen.

-Somebody’s story is changing. Hallelujah.

  • You are going somewhere.

The same God that is still changing the story of this ministry from glory to glory has come down this month to put you on the path of continuous progress. Thank You Jesus.

I’m just believing that God will give me some time for 60 days to start teaching this because people are so difficult sir. People are too complex. Don’t touch that tree, do you need to go to school to know that? And someone that is created in the image of God, he went there and ate it. “Adam”, he said “Don’t call me call my wife”. “Call the serpent”. Serpent said”, “I didn’t do anything, they were already contemplating to eat it when I came”. That’s how simple Scriptural truth is. He died for the whole world and came down to the level of everybody, literate and illiterate, primitive and enlightened. He came down to the level of everybody so He can reach everybody.

They say from Greek see what it means, from Hebrews see what it means, but the Lord shall bless you and keep you, it means the same thing in Hebrew, but when God says do something you go to Hebrew to find out. Is that what you should do? You say no. Amen. What you don’t like is what you’re checking. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you, you didn’t check because you want It. It’s not as difficult. It’s man that is complex. Simple gospel sent to all mankind.

  • You won’t miss it in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lift up your right hand to Heaven. Thank You Jesus for laying a sure foundation for my life to step into this realm that You have ordained for me through redemption. Thank You Father. Amen.

Now giving God the first place in our financial stewardship empowers us to flourish in hard times.

We need grace. It takes grace to be an excited giver in hard times. It is giving in season and out of season that empowers the redeemed to flourish like a palm tree that would not know dry season.

2nd Corinthians 8:1-3
I want you to understand the grace bestowed upon the Churches of Macedonia. Now how that in the great trial of affliction, the abundance of their joy and their deep poverty abounded unto the riches of their liberality. It takes grace for that to happen.

It takes power beyond your power to remain a consistent Covenant practitioner. Power beyond your power. Grace from Heaven. That’s what launched them into the realm of strange abundance.

When you stop planting, you stop reaping, when you stop reaping hunger will set in. If it’s not quickly addressed it can lead to death. Every one giving towards Kingdom advancement is giving to God.

In Luke 7 there was a man that went to the elders of the Jews that a servant of his was sick and was near death. It was told that the man was worthy and had built a synagogue. Church Gist. Now Jesus went with him. It’s a clear picture that giving towards Kingdom advancement endears us to God for favour.
-. You won’t miss out of God’s favour for this season.

Therefore genuine commitment to Kingdom advancement endeavors endears believers to keep flourishing like the palm tree thereby eliminating dry seasons.

  • There are many people this month that will step into their no dry season side of life that this commission has walked in about forty years.

Showers of blessings will be made available through your obedience of faith. “I am the Lord that change not. My terms are still intact.

Say with me God has not changed.

Serving the interest of the Kingdom is a vital key to Covenant wealth.
Matthew 6:33
Thank You Father.

Very quickly as we round up this evening, let’s look at three demands for fruitful covenant engagement.

1- We must recognize that our seed is not a financial donation to help the Church, the poor or our ministry but our seed is a Spiritual transaction that answers in Heaven and triggers supernatural order of blessings upon our lives. Now watch, Noah made an altar of sacrifice in
Genesis 8:20-22
God is Heaven smelled a good savour, and God said I will no longer curse the earth anymore. The curse on the earth was avarted. So it is not a donation but a Spiritual transaction that answers in Heaven and unleashes supernatural blessings in our lives.

In Genesis 22 we saw how Abraham took Isaac to the altar for a burnt offering and God spoke from Heaven, “Hold it, don’t touch him”,Look there’s a ram caught in the thicket”.

Every giving is a Spiritual transaction. God will never require a donation.
Proverbs 19:17
So giving to the poor answers in Heaven and He pays you back on the earth.

There was a plague in Israel and David was commanded to give a sacrifice and God answered from Heaven. The sacrifice answered in Heaven. So every giving that you engage with as Spiritual transaction, it will change your perspective and you’re transacting that Covenant mystery in Heaven. Get it off your mind that you’re giving to the Church. Church Gist. Get it off your mind that you’re giving to a project. See yourself as engaging in a Spiritual transaction that must answer in blessing upon your life in return. Can I hear your loudest amen.

Bring all the tithes to the store house.
Somebodys story is changing.

2- We must sow our seed willingly. God is never in need. The first offering raised in Scripture was in Exodus 35:4-5
Everyone that offered, offered an offering of gold. They did it willingly until they were told not to bring anymore. Why were they bringing everyday? It was because they were being blessed supernaturally. If I do this thing willingly I have a reward.
1st Corinthians 9:17
2nd Corinthians 8:12

It takes willingness for our seed to return with blessings. When you are not doing it willingly you’re only marking time. God is not in need. Praise God. Get your mind off that.

The mission have used over 20 billion in building rural Churches this year alone. There is no pressure. Thank You Jesus. New set of buildings are starting and there will be no pressure forever. When the windows of Heaven open, no devil can shot it.
It must open over your life this time. Let me hear your loudest amen.

We must sow our seed willingly. Whatever you’re not willing to do, don’t do it, it’s a waste. Praise God.

Now before the fortieth anniversary is over, you will be completely out of every bondage of indebtedness as you keep doing the will of God with delight.

Finally we must sow in righteousness. Don’t steal to sow. God is not in need.
So it takes the fear of God to make your seed acceptable and subsequently rewardable.

  • God is doing something strange in your life.

Some years ago, somebody brought me a brand new vehicle. I normally will want to know who brought what what he does and how he got it. They said it’s a car dealer that brought it, a brand new vehicle. Church Gist. He came and I said who knows you in the Church? So he mentioned one name and then we called him, and the boy said I know him. “What does he do? Then he gave the testimony of what he does. Okay. Praise God.

Somebody came in today for a Word of blessings. Laid hands on him and he brought out a seed and I said go and give it to the Lord so you don’t think why I’m praying for you is for your offering. I said go and give it to the Lord.
You’re going to see God’s hand upon your life. They don’t sell it.

  • God will surprise you.
  • This will be your year of the greatest surprise in your walk with God.

Stand to your feet.
Lift up your two hands and thank God for opening your eyes to see the gateway to your blessings that no skill can acquire.

Now obedience is absolutely my benefit to every commandment of Scripture so help me Jesus to run with this understanding especially in my Covenant walk with You in Jesus precious name we have prayed. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.


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