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“I know that the right spouse God will give me will come without attitude and character problems, perfect for me.”

No Sir!
Naa Aunty!

Holding on to this mindset is planning to go and have a failed marriage that has not even started yet. The right spouse God will give you is going to be perfect for you, oh yes that’s true. But what this means is that He is also going to come with a perfect attitude problem that you have the ability to perfectly manage.

This means that her ‘dirty’ character is coming to meet a perfect ‘washing machine’ in you.

Are you getting this?

Let me explain a bit of how this perfection principle works with everyday examples;
God will not put a padlock in your hands when you are the wrong key to unlock it.

A padlock without it’s key is a big problem, you know right?
Because Once it is locked, without a key your best option is to break in or pull down the door one way. But a locked padlock is a perfect problem when you have the ‘follow-come’ keys in your hand. You walk confidently to the door knowing that no matter how hard it is locked, you’ve got the key that can unlock it.

God is fitting padlocks to their right keys, this is how the perfection principle works my friends, I’m telling you the gospel truth.

See, some of you expecting flawless spouses, you are also a troublesome padlock if you don’t know, and what I have seen God do time and time again is to fit us with a spouse who has the key to our own padlock, the same way we have the keys to theirs.

Marriage is a beautiful covenant of UNLOCKING 🤩.

Sometimes our padlock locks on it’s own.

Sometimes we intentionally lock it up when we are mad at the other person, but a locked padlock will always respond to the right key, this is how perfection works.

Some of us need to stop looking at the size of the padlocks we have, and start focusing more on sharpening our keys.

How you know your gift is perfect is not in the size of the padlock, no no, stop focusing on the size of the padlock you have;
He is too stubborn.
Her mouth is too sharp.
She doesn’t listen, very unsubmissive.
He is too jealous.
She does not support me.
She is this, he is that.

I know, these are all big padlocks, but look inside you, do you have the key? Can you manage his character? She may come with some dirty attitude but can you do her laundry? God gave you to each other because you are each other’s perfect help, if you do not have the right key, you are standing at the wrong door.

Just have it in mind that your marriage cannot fail! You hear me?


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