Meet Reverend George Olawale Adegboye

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“It is God that qualifies a man and His anointing can break the yoke. Too much finesse has been introduced into the Kingdom and we are fast losing touch of what true Christianity is all about.” – Reverend George Adegboye

Born on 7th December 1958, fondly known as The Word Encyclopedia par excellence, ‘Walking Bible‘, ‘Walking Concordance’, he is the Founding Pastor of Rhema International Church and President of Ever Increasing Word Ministries.

He had his Secondary School education at Offa Grammar School and graduated in 1973 with the best results in Arts. However, he lost his mother at the tender age of 7, followed by the death of his father in 1973. Due to his closeness to his father who died from Liver Cancer, he was scared that he would be the next victim which led to his Uncle initiating him into a cult to seek protection. Even after gaining admission into the University of Ibadan for his undergraduate studies, he continued in occultic practices from late 1973 to 1980.

His salvation experience was in stages, in which he gave his life to Christ in 1979 during NYSC, but he was only a Christian for 2 days before he slided back into his old habits because he wasn’t followed up by the brethren. In 1980, he got born again, coupled with the strong Christian support structure he got at that time, he has not looked back from following Jesus.

Rev George Adegboye holds a Master Degree in Sociology from the University of Ibadan, having obtained his B.Sc from same University in 1978 and was a PHD student when God instructed him that it was time to go back to Ilorin and commence the Ministry he had received of the Lord and make a full proof of it.

On 19th December 1981, God called him into Ministry. He said, “I have called you; I have chosen you, ordained and anointed you, to take my word to the nations, emphasizing this integrity.”

Reflecting on how he is able to quote scriptures offhand, in his words, “When God gave me that call, the first thing I said was, God if that is the call you have given me, then you must give me special abilities through which I will be able to make an impact in the nations of the world.

If you are going to have the commission that God has given me, you need something more than the ordinary. And I just trusted the Lord. So God told me He wants me to read the Bible through several times which I started doing.

At the last time, I would have read the Bible through over 200 times now. And I have read it and studied the Word of God.

Along the line, I just noticed that there is this extra grace to read, remember with ease, recall and present it in a way that startled the imagination of people and that will provoke them to receive the Word of God in a different way.

And since then, it’s been like that.”
He is a teacher of the Word of God with practical prophetic insight. God has continued to use him to impart and transform many young men and women into flaming fire brand ministers of the Gospel across the nations. He is also a prolific writer with books on Christian life and living.

He got married to Oloruntoyin Modupeola in 1984 and their marriage is blessed with three children: Faith, Faithful, Faithfulness.
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