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This is from The Sermon of this morning session by Bishop David Abioye.

  • Bishop David Abioye
  • Don’t ask for God to speak to you, do the instructions. Do the logos first.
    *Wise people will always look for instructions to comply with.
    *The more you obey, you discover the less you have to pray.
    *Many people are in church suffering simply because of their disobedience.
    *Half Obedience is the same as Full Disobedience
    Topic: Obedience: Gateway to maximising the blessedness of our promised land
    Hour of Visitation, Day 1.
    Deuteronomy 11:12-15, 22-28.
    Beginning from chapter 8-11,. We saw the blessedness of the land but they are governed by rules. It is not a lawless land and how well you keep the law determines how well you enjoy the land. Enjoyment of the land is not by prayer but by obedience. Rather than looking for promises, seek for instructions to obey. Every conception of obedience will lead to delivery of the blessing of the land. Wise people will always look for instructions to comply with. The more you obey, you discover the less you have to pray. Most people are using prayer to cover obedience. Every instructions from God is a test that leads to blessings in the land. Access to that land doesn’t grant automatic enjoyment. Many people are in church suffering simply because of their disobedience. If you go to a great Nation with great treasures, you may end up in the prison because of breaking of the law. The linkage to enjoying the land is your obedience. Obedience attracts God, disobedience repels God. Obedience is the thin line between enjoyment and suffering.
    What is Obedience according to the text?
    verse 22 of Deuteronomy 11.
    1) Obedience is keeping God’s precepts. This implies responding to the Written commandments. We have the logos (written commandment). Deuteronomy 28:1. The extent of our obedience determines the extent of our blessing. The flow of blessing is measured by following the commandment of the Lord. The laws you follow determines the blessings that will flow.
    2) Doing his word or instructions. Compliance with the rhema of the Word. There are instructions that come from God to us. They are not written in the Bible but they are spoken by God in line with the Bible. Don’t ask for God to speak to you, do the instructions. Do the logos first.
    3) Walking in all his ways. Following God as a lifestyle. this is the dimension of obedience that Peter responded to when Jesus said come follow me and i will make you. Matthew 4:19.
    How to make your obedience profitable?
    1) Willingness. Isiaiah 1:19.
    Willing people don’t have difficulty obeying God. At the root of obedience is willingness. Willingness makes obedience easy. If you should pray at all, it is for God to give you a willing heart. 1 Corinthians 9:17. Don’t obey God unwillingly. 2nd Corinthians 8:12. God gains nothing from your obedience, it is you who gains everything for your obedience.
    2) Prompt obedience. Every instruction of God is tied to time. If you miss your peak, you end in the pit. God is patient but he does not waste time. Once he tells you to do something, he gives you ample time. The moment it is not done within the time, it is late, even though you do it later. Genesis 12:4, 17:10&24. God’s instructions is like a sharp knife. If you do not quickly act on it, it losses its effect. We are at our best when we obey God. Genesis 29:1
    3) Full Obedience. Genesis 22:2-3
    Half obedience is the same as full disobedience. God cannot be mocked or deceived. He knows how you are scheming in your mind what you will decide to do and not do. Half obedience is a risk. Half obedience will lead to rebellion which is regarded as the sin of witchcraft. I Samuel 15:2-11.
    4) Obey delightsomely. Genesis 22:5
    You obey to avoid any sympathy or opposition. Psalm 112:1-3. This is when one is waiting to hear God say something. There are people who are scared of what will ask God to do but there are some waiting and ready to do what God says they should do
    5) Joyful obedience. Deuteronomy 28:47-48
    6) Tireless obedience.
    On a daily, hourly basis, we must never be tired to obey. Whether as it comes in logos or rhema, be tireless in obeying God.
    Even though obedience is a choice, we should understand that that choice must be powered knowing fully well that both obedience and disobedience have spiritual root. Ephesians 2:1-2. The spirit of disobedience is a spirit of headiness. It is a spirit that seeks to explain. it argues and rationalizes. It analyses until it results in paralysis. We also have the spirit of obedience. Ezekiel 36:26. Every time God speaks to us, a spirit comes upon us to make it eager for us to obey Him.
    Benefits of obedience in the land.
    1) Dominion in the land. Deuteronomy 11:23
    You can’t compare what cost you to obey God with what you will get from it.
    2) Supernatural triumph. Deuteronomy 11:25, 2nd Corinthians 10:6. You won’t need to sweat to win any battle because your obedience is swift and full. As a because of obedience, Abraham became a generational reference.


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