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-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

  • With men certain things may be impossible because we are limited.
  • Not with God.
  • Don’t be part of the scorners, lest your destiny be pushed to a corner.
  • Something memorable will turn for everyone this week
    “I consciously and passionately engaged. One day, He gave me 6 souls who are all established in Church” (documented testimony). One day, 6 souls.
    “I consciously and passionately engaged”: tears were coming down my eyes. Most of us are too casual about divine instructions. No wonder, we are counting years without encounters. God is not looking for a job, it’s you and me that need one. He is not looking for breakthrough, He is the Author of all breakthroughs but He can’t obey for you nor for me, He can only tell you what He wants you to do if you are interested.
    “I began to pay transportation for my zone. The buses had to increase, I kept on. Fuel scarcity came, prices went up: I kept on” (documented testimony); God began to open one chapter after another.
    This man you are seeing now, has given a testimony of 500 Naira before. Me: You don’t give it, it won’t go forward.
    500 Naira! That’s why he didn’t see any more Naira. Awesome God.
    Let’s not be entertained by these testimonies, let’s be instructed by them. God never lies. Can I tell this house that my family paid transportation for all worshippers in this Church one whole year. Heavens opened, eternal blossoming because it was done to promote His Kingdom. None of you knew about it.
    You know why I am happy, the things I teach have changed too many lives for any devil to doubt it: within the Ministry and outside the Ministry.
    -It must change your story too!
    -You have seen changes before; greater changes are now here.
    -May this week be a most memorable week for every Winner worldwide.
    -May every Winner see the opportunity that this week is loaded with.
    Life is a race and it is a marathon. It is a marathon race and so people keep dropping and dropping.
    -You will not drop.
    One of my friends came in here during one of our revival prayer sessions, in the evening raid and he sat down in the meeting. After we had closed, he said to me, “Sir, I can’t believe you are still doing this thing.”
    He has retired from doing it!
    We are only made following; we are not made wishing and waiting.
    “Follow Me and I will make you” – Matthew 4:19. That is the Master, that is Jesus speaking, that is the Living Word of God. Follow what the Word commands to do and you have committed God to your making.
    I will make you as you follow Me not as you wish, not as you desire, not as you cry but as you follow Me. I know you are going through some situations but follow Me. If you want to be made, if you want to be out of that situation, follow Me.
    Grace to be a genuine, dedicated, consecrated follower, receive it now in the name of Jesus.
    We serve the God of strange works and strange acts; many become victims of this because He says laughable things, He speaks mockable things
    Isaiah 28:21-22
    “…neither be ye mockers, lest your bands be made strong.”
    Why? Most of the things He says, before they are done, they are subjects of mockery, issues of aspersion.
    “We have seen strange things today” – that’s when He came, live on the earth (Luke 5:26, Mark 2:12).
    The God of strange works, strange acts is the same yesterday, today and forever and He is still doing it (Hebrews 13:8).
    This God is the God of addition and multiplication (Acts 5:14).
    “Multitudes..” – He doesn’t add in sprinkles, He adds multitudes both of men and women.
    Acts 6:7 – He is a God of great multiplication. He showed up, we saw Him in Acts chapter 2, from 120 to 3,120. You know the percentage. One day, when the day of Pentecost, not the days, when the day: one day. The Church galloped from 120 to 3,120.
    The God of great multiplication is still alive today and He is in our midst.
    God who created the world in 6 days can make anything happen on the earth in one day (Genesis 1:31). The entire world and the fullness thereof was created in 6 days. You know the story (Genesis 1:1-31). With men certain things may be impossible because we are limited but with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27).
    Who acquired Canaanland property? God. No announcement, no stress.
    Who built Faith Tabernacle in one year? God.
    Don’t compare God with man. The gap is as the East from the West…in fact there is no comparison.
    We began construction in Covenant University March 6, the first college building foundation was laid and by October 21, the cafeteria, the halls of residence, everything was set in 7 months. He did. There is no technical way to get that done. He did it. He added the roads, the drains, power, water.
    Never compare God with man, it is a risk!
    Acts 13:44
    “And the next sabbath…” – say with me, “the next Sunday.” What they called sabbath then is what we call Sunday now. The next Sunday. Sabbath was their worship day, today we worship God the first day of resurrection, celebrating His resurrection from the dead. So we serve the God of ‘Next Sunday’. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).
    It is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church this coming Sunday but we must engage our faith in the God that can accomplish any feat within one week, just as we had it at creation. Everything including man was perfectly in place within one week. The world and the fullness thereof were in place within one week.
    Only He can do what no man else can do. Don’t be part of the scorners, lest your destiny be pushed to a corner. Don’t ever compare God with man, there is no comparison.
    And the next Sunday, almost the whole city came together, to hear the Word of the Lord (Acts 13:44).
    -That shall be our experience this coming Sunday, not only in this Church, in all of our Churches worldwide.
    Almost the whole city, the territories where we are will gather together to see what God only can do.
    But for this to happen, we must engage the altar of prayer for delivery.
    Deuteronomy 2:36
    That is God had capacity to deliver everything He says He will deliver. He wants all men saved, we went out in partnership with Him and we are still going out (1 Timothy 2:4). We are praying His will, He can never back out on His Word. He will give us the cities, give us the towns, give us the villages this week.
    But in the same Deuteronomy chapter 2 verse 24, He said, “rise ye up, take your journey and pass over the river Arnon: behold I have given into thine hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his land: BEGIN TO POSSESS IT AND CONTEND WITH HIM IN BATTLE”: that’s our duty.
    We can’t take delivery without engaging in a fight of faith, to dispossess the king that has held them captive. We can’t lay hold on it without engaging in a fight of faith on the altar of prayer.
    “…there are many adversaries” – 1 Corinthians 16:9
    “…therefore quit ye like men and fight” – 1 Corinthians 16:13
    Don’t wait, don’t watch: put up a fight. You can’t take it without confronting the opposition of hell.
    Isaiah 66:7-8
    As soon as Zion travailed, cities, towns, villages, hamlets were delivered. So it is engaging a travailing dimension of prayer that births cities and nations. So we have that awesome opportunity to demonstrate which side we are on the prayer altar.
    Let everyone reached out to, all through this Operation be gathered together on Sunday. Satan take your hand off their lives.
    Let everyone holding our fliers and tracts come under heavy conviction and come through to the Saviour this coming Sunday.
    Let everyone who may have torn the fliers start go looking for them to find out what time is it.
    The prayer altar is a principal factor in Church growth. We will engage that very proactively, consciously and passionately for your converts, your contacts and for your invitees.
    We believe it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church this coming Sunday
    Acts 9:35-36
    They saw one miracle and turned to the Lord: 2 towns turned to the Lord by one miracle. There are too many miracles here. They are catalogued in all our tracts and fliers. They are tormenting the devil everywhere.
    They turned. They saw the miracle and they turned. So why don’t we pray, everyone that sees Your miracles in this Church, turn them to you and let it show this coming Sunday. That’s how to do it. So we are praying up and we are going out in order to make the most of this week and for Heaven to change our level.
    -Everybody’s level will experience a change.
    -It’s your week.
    We have products to market this week.
  1. It’s our Prayer Banquet Service; so come along with your prayer requests. It will be prayed over and it will return as testimonies.
  2. It’s our Covenant Day of Long Life: God is out to destroy every siege of untimely death in your family. Come and stand in the place of Joseph for your family. It’s an anointing service. The anointing will destroy the curse of untimely death in your own family.
    We have products to market, let’s get smart about it and Jesus will show up. The Anointing will trigger breakthroughs in your life, come and experience the hand of God on your life. We have materials, we have products we are marketing and we are doing all of this to drag them out of darkness into light; give them a reason for living so they don’t become prisoners of war, struggling, being tormented.
    Remember that testimony, “I consciously and passionately engaged. Then something turned.”
    -Things will turn for many this week including you.
    -Something memorable will turn for everyone this week and that includes you.
    -Something you have never heard of in your life or read in any book is packaged for many people this week.
    So how consciously and passionately each one engages will determine what things will turn and how much of the turning we will see.
    Give Jesus a big hand of praise; clap like soldiers, soldiers of Christ, clap like soldiers.
    🎼Go tell it on the Mountain, over the hills and everywhere that Jesus Christ is Lord. 🎼
    Then you will have a great week, an unforgettable week in your life.
    -Your going this week is declared great.
    -Your stand on the altar of prayer is declared great.
    -It shall be an altar of visions and revelations.
    -God will be opening new chapters in your life as you pray.
    -As you seek after the wellbeing of these souls, God will confirm new chapters in your life.
    -Everyone you pray over this week will respond.
    -Everyone you reach out to will respond.
    -Every of your invitee will appear before the Lord.
    -Everyone that comes in Next Sunday shall abide forever.
    -Expect your open and speedy rewards.
    Give God thanks…let all the soldiers of Christ give Him thanks. Give God thanks because something is breaking forth in your life.
    Don’t ever step out without seeking the help of the Holy Spirit. He is the Lord of the Harvest:
    “Holy Spirit, help me on this prayer altar today.”
    “Holy Spirit, grant me utterance as I step out. Fill me with compassion for the lost and let the words of my mouth bring conviction.”
    “Holy Spirit, I am depending on you for results.”
    Let’s go along with Him, otherwise we are helpless. He will show us the unusual this week.


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