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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Mid-week Communion Service

There is no future for the slothful in the Kingdom
Give the Lord a big clap offering. Amen.
Only those who care to press ever win the prize. You don’t walk in the race to win the prize. Press. No one wins a race as a fan. You win a prize pressing. You’re not pressing then you’re not a candidate. All prize winners in all life’s endeavor have to press to win the prize. Not sleeping 18 hours a day.
One day I found out that if I slept 8 hours a day 1/3 of my life is in sleep. So by the time you’re 60 you must have slept for 20 years.
Everybody presses to win the prize. Grace to remain committed to pressing towards every set goal of your life including Kingdom matters, go ahead and receive it right now.
Grace to keep pressing to win the prize in every endeavor of your life including Kingdom endeavors, receive that grace. There is no future for the slothful in the Kingdom. “Why stand ye all the day idle? Get to the vineyard and work”. Lord grace to keep pressing to win the prize in all areas of my endeavors. I receive it now in the prescious name of Jesus Christ we have prayed.
Heavenly Father thank You for today. Thank You for the grace granted to each one of us in this very last week of operation who is on the Lord’s side and thank You for the rain of favour that’s awaiting each one of us at the end of this race in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Give the Lord a big hand of praise.
If the foundations be destroyed the righteous can do nothing. We need to unravel the foundation to any provision of redemption and wealth is one of the provisions of redemption. “He became poor that we through His poverty might become rich”. He obtained for us power, wisdom, riches, strength, honour, glory, blessings. It is not our ambition, it is our inheritance. It’s our right in redemption. It’s our heritage in redemption. Praise God.
If the foundations be destroyed the righteous can do nothing. Today we look at this from this perspective.
Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom endears believers to God for favour. We need to understand how to access God’s favour and serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is what endears believers to God for favour.
Psalms 34:10
Matthew 6:33
You don’t have to ask for them, they will be added to you by giving God His rightful place in your life. It’s when they’re being resisted that we make demand on the Covenant. These are to be added to me and someone is contending with it so in the name of Jesus take your hands off my affairs. That’s where prayer comes to play.
Although in all labour there is profit but there is far greater profit in Spiritual stewardship. How? “Whatever a man soweth that he shall reap”. You sow in the flesh, you’ll reap corruption, you sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting. It’s just in comparative terms. What you reap in every other kind of seed is a waste asset. What you reap from Spiritual investment is life.
Galatians 6:6-9
Spiritual labour far outweighs every other kind of labour in return.
Praise God.
Proverbs 14:23
It will always catch God’s attention. God who sees your labour in secret reward you openly.
The capital return in Spiritual labour is favour. Favour that humbles the pride of kings. Fearful favour. We only qualify for that as we take genuine pleasure in advancing the Kingdom. Heart seated pleasure. Heart burn pleasure. Nothing fast forwards destiny like favour. We serve a fast forwarding God. So favour located Joseph as a slave and he became the heir of Potiphar’s house. Favour followed Him to the prison and he became a management staff in the prison where he was an inmate. Amen. Favour located him and catapulted him from the prison to the palace. Nothing fast forwards destiny like favour.
Nehemiah was a cup bearer but with an undying love for the Kingdom, undying passion for the city of God Jerusalem. From a cup bearer he found favour and had a military convoy to lead him to Jerusalem. The king granted him all that he requested for because of the favour of God upon His life and from a cup bearer the fast forwarding God turned him into a governor.
Nothing fast forwards destiny like favour. A heart for God and the affairs of His Kingdom is what entitles believers to that realm for fearful favour.
There was a weakling by the name Gideon. He belonged to the order of the least. His father’s tribe was the least in Israel, his father’s house was the least in that tribe and he was the least in his father’s house. Everything about him was least. The least DNA. And then suddenly the passion for the people of God, favour located him and turned him to a mighty man of valour in a moment. “I will rescue my people from the hand of the Medianites through you as one man”. My God.
Now you know why the Holy Ghost is saying this is because many will experience strange, fast forwarding favour in return for their genuine commitment and sustainable commitment.
I have never needed encouragement. I just got the light and began running. I’ve been running from favour to favour. Strange favour. There are men like that in this Church today that will enjoy that favour. You’re joining that chariot tonight.
Favour is the capital return on Spiritual stewardship. Favour just locates you, envelopes you, wraps you up. Wherever your name is mentioned, favour uses force.
Also we discover that serving God entitles believers to these blessings which make rich and adds no sorrow. Praise God. Every other thing you see in the world, there is plenty of sorrow baggage that follows them because of the crookedness that was used in the acquisition, so there is no sleep, no rest. They have to swallow things to sleep. They hear lizard moving, they jump up for there is no peace to the wicked says the Lord.
Job 37:11
Serving God, releases His blessings upon our lives and is pressure free blessings.
Proverbs 10:22
If divine favour is the capital return on our Spiritual stewardship, what is in favour?
Favour among others,we have about seven of them listed here, is our access to the realm of financial fortune. I will give these people favour.
Exodus 3:21
When God favours a man, it terminates emptiness. Favour.
God confirmed His Word in
Exodus 12:36
There was a massive wealth transfer by favour. Now you know how they got there. “Let my people go that they may serve me, if you won’t let them go I will kill your sons to set free my sons”. Every demand of their liberty was on the basis of their heart to serve God.
Everyone serving God in truth and in deed is entitled to His favour that forbids emptiness.

  • There are people here today, the last experience of emptiness you suffered is the last you’ll ever know in your life.
    Massive wealth transfer. You remember the story of Mrs Cole and her children that were living in an uncompleted building without a door and they had a roster for praying Kingdom Advancement Prayer. It’s a family that relocated from outside the country so they are used to power, used to water, everything running. Now there was no power in that uncompleted building, no water. Now ask me how they bathed. You’ll have to ask God. Where did they go to toilet? You’ll have to inquire from the Holy Ghost, but they got hooked up, “Jesus save the lost, Jesus establish them in the faith”. Entered the year 2020 with 100 naira. The Heavens opened and paying tithes in 6 digits. Common give the Lord praise. The same year.
    Now somebody is sleeping and snoring 18 hours a day, somebody has never prayed one single prayer sir. Sitting in Church, complaining about everybody, about everything. Ushers will say move, “no I will never move”.
    Now moved from that place to a very gorgeous estate, children back in school, dignity restored, honour restored, all by securing favour from God.
  • You will secure favour
    Now let me say this again, there is no future for the slothful in the Kingdom. Nothing works without somebody at work. Nothing is more rewarding like Spiritual labour.
    Psalms 35:27
    Everybody serving God is God’s candidate for prosperity. Can I hear your amen.
    He takes pleasure in prosperity of those who are serving Him in truth and in deed.
    The king sent to Jesse the father of David in
    1st Samuel 16:22
    When you’re favoured by God nobody needs to know you, favour will just be identifying you everywhere. Passion drove him against Goliath who defied the armies of the Living God. He returned from that and guess what happened, he was made the captain of the men of war. Captain of all other chiefs.
    1st Samuel 18:4-5
    Just got an appointment without any application. From a shepherd boy to the kings palace to becoming the captain of the men of war.
    God has not changed. He was least qualified. There’s no need talking about qualification because he has never fought any war before. He was only the errand boy that carried food to the war front and then from from carrier to becoming the captain of war.
  • God will surprise you.
    That’s why some people are getting strange appointments and you can’t tell how they got it.
  • There shall be many more of that tonight.
    Let me hear your loudest amen.
    Favour forbids emptiness and you need a job in hand not to live an empty life. Don’t you think so?
    Serving God entitles you to a reward of fruitfulness.
    Psalms 127:3
    Marital restoration. Now every soul winner is a Spiritual worrior. He’s rescuing people from the bondage of the wicked one. Now our God sets the solitary in families and brings out them that are bound in chains so when you are involved in bringing people out of the shakles of sin, out of the powers of darkness into light, then you’ll become a candidate for freedom from every chain of the wicked.
    Psalms 68:6
    He sets the solitary in families, not in divorce but in families. So that becomes your portion.
    One of our precious daughters here, 9 years of separation, tried to get back but failed and then at the end of that operation that we had, you know this is an operation Church, it will be so for life, not just for now. Praise God. We are finishing one on the 18th, we can start another one on the 19th. Praise God. Even during the anniversary we can be doing operation. What if God says that this anniversary is for us to go out? If you buy Ankara, you’ll wear it outside. Praise God, Hallelujah.
    So she called the husband. “Hello can you come and pick me from Church? He said “I’m coming, I’m coming”. That was the end of it. No human intervention. Every effort has failed. After 9 years, God settled her back in her home.
    God’s favour covers all areas of human endeavor.
  • You will see that manifest in all areas of your life in the name of Jesus Christ.
    What is in favour? Supernatural Breakthrough.
    Psalms 44:3
    No sweat, they got the land, no sword, they got the land. No throwing of fists, they got the land. How? By favour. Supernatural Breakthrough. Now come see the hand of the fast forwarding God of favour in this ministry. From two and half acres of land to more than thirty acres of land like a dream of the night. No pressure, no tears. From 3,000 capacity to 50,000. That’s abnormal but that’s God.
  • Many will jump levels this time. You’re one of them. There is what you’ll do on Thursday, Friday, Saturday that will just turn everything around in your life. Everything will just turn as you see that opportunity and dive into it.
    No one goes forward sitting down. You go forward taking steps. Don’t be entertained by those testimonies, be instructed by them. Amen.
    Lastly, Long life. Money can’t buy it. Because the labourers are few, he has vowed to keep fit every fruit bearing labourer. Every branch that does not bear fruits He takes away.
    Psalms 92
    God is committed to preserving every fruit bearing believer unto old age.
    -Many of us here, as many as believe, you will enjoy a very good old age.
    -You will see your children’s children if Jesus tarries to the fourth generation in the name of Jesus.
    Isaiah 65:20-23
    Can I hear your amen.
    Thou shall serve and God shall bless. The number of your days shall He fulfill. That’s the confirmation.
    -So there’s no death on your face.
  • No one tonight under the sound of my voice will hear what is being taught tonight, will die young.
  • No one will bury their children here in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Well it’s His favour that fast forwards our destiny. You secure His favour by favouring His agenda on the earth which is essentially pulling the unsaved out of fire and seeing them established in the faith. Very simple thing.
  • Somebody is breaking forth here.
    If that is you let me hear your loudest amen.
    Now let me close with this. How did Abraham come with the kind of favour. Abraham a friend of God. One that was madly in love with God. Whatever God said to do suits Abraham. Now Lot cheated him but Abraham with a God kind of heart went after the captors of Lot and rescued him and his wife and all that he had. By this time favour has translated the man without identity to a man with an army between chapter 12 and 14. He was a lover of souls. He was a warrior to see captives delivered. Then God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham stood before the Lord to intercede for the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. He was an intercessor for their rescue. That was the mystery of the kind of favour that Abraham operated in. Now if you’re Abraham’s seed, you’ll do the works of Abraham.
    Are you intercedeing for the perishing, for them to be saved? That was Abraham’s strong point, and what happened, favour turned him to a kingdom. We can see all of that today so when you connect with God in your passion for souls you’ll win His favour. When you win His favour, life becomes meaningful and impactful.
  • It’s your turn for a dramatic change of story.
    God will not empower His non lovers for wealth, he will use it to promote the kingdom of the wicked. Praise God.
    You can cry from now till tomorrow. Sir let me tell you this, it’s your love for God that determines your level of returns. This is a financially highly favored Church, extremely favoured, indescribably favoured. We’ll be forty years and we have not had to beg. This God is great. What are we doing? Praying for souls to be saved, praying for them to be established in the faith.
    This is what we do here from inception. Lazy people believe all kinds of things. It has favoured and over favoured us forever.
  • May you get hooked up.
    Sir we are dangerously favoured. You know when God fast forwarded our life from driving to flying, there was no new car in the system.
  • God is about doing something in your life.
    Give yourself wholely to the things you have heard. Others gave themselves to it and their story changed.
    Some fellows, even if they live behind this hall they won’t come for Covenant Hour of Prayer. Behind this place. Are they praying in their house? No they are not praying because I drive by the place, the whole place is dark. Amen. They are neither praying or reading or anything. They’re just asleep. It’s not the way out.
    -You know what I’m seeing, every favour that this commission enjoys, you will see it manifest in your own life.
  • You won’t need to struggle for survival anymore.
  • Your greatest project in life will be sweatless.
  • You won’t weep over your children.
  • You won’t cry over the work of your hands.
    When God favours you no enemy can disfavour you. When God honours you no devil can dishonour. You are in for the best of time.
    Lift up your right hand everybody and ask for grace to keep pressing from one level to another. Receive that grace. It’s not about one is lucky, another one is unlucky but where one is standing with God. Take that. It’s your right.
    Abraham didn’t get there by wishing, He got there by walking his way there.
  • You are getting there. Thank You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
  • Not one person’s labour in this place will be in vain.
  • Your prayer labour with result into access to His favour.
  • Your labour to see souls saved will result into your lifting and enlargement.
  • No one’s labour here shall ever be in vain.
    Beware of hanging around scorners, they will push your destiny to a corner. You are not going where I’m going, God bless thank you, see you another time.
    I told you the story of two men, one was going to Port Harcourt, the other one was going to Kano and the one going to Kano was the talkative. He was just talking and talking. The other one was listening. When they announced flight for Port Harcourt he left. So he said “hello what of Kano? “Kano flight has left”. Amen. Thank God for the one that was listening. He found this flight, the other one was stranded. Whether he had money or not he had to look for money to stay in one hotel or hang around the airport.
    Always keep company with those who are going the same direction with you.
  • You won’t miss your flight anymore.
    Can I hear your loudest amen.
    I don’t have a non functional Christian friend in my life. There’s no way we can be together. It’s not possible. No no no. I’m going somewhere. We’re either sharing my values or I don’t watch you erode my value.
    Friendship is not by force, it’s a choice. So make your choice and make the right one.
    Now listen to me, the highest concentration of giants in the history of mankind will emerge from this platform.
    Grace to do the works of Abraham with undying passion for souls and tireless intercession go ahead and receive it. Receive it consciously. Pray for it. If you’re Abraham’s seed you’ll do the works of Abraham.
    Lord help me with grace to intercede with all my heart for the rescue of those perishing in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Isaiah 51:2
    Would you like to pray, Lord the three days remaining, surprise me, grant me utterance to sustain my passion. Lord help me, I must not come to church on Sunday empty. I desire for my own harvest to come along with me. Holy Ghost help me. Direct me to where the harvest is waiting. Lord I pray for all my converts and contacts till date since this operation began, let none of them be missing on Sunday. Lord let Your hand locate them. Let Your hand strengthen them in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    -Now I can hear the sound of the abundance of rain.
    -There shall be a release of the order of favour.
  • A release of the rain of favour upon every engaging Winner.
    This is one season you will remember for many years to come because some major turnaround experiences will come your way.
    -You won’t miss this rainfall.
    -You will make the most of it.
    Give the Lord a big hand of praise.


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