Now Is The Time To Pray

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Topic: Now Is The Time To Pray
Author: Pastor Abraham David

_*And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint. Luke 18:1 KJV*_

Jesus, talking to the disciples in the above scripture says, _*”…men ought always to pray…;”*_ He was teaching them on the importance of prayer and why they should be persistent in prayer until there is a change, He said, men ought always to pray. Men refers to people who are alive, the living, not the dead, because the dead cannot pray.

Prayer is done and offered to God here on the earth, not in heaven. It’s a spiritual thing which only those who are alive in the human body can do, disembodied spirits don’t pray, because they can’t pray, that’s why until we pray here on earth, nothing is ever going to change. All prayers must go up to God from the earth to heaven, and only the people who are on earth can offer these prayers that will ascend to heaven.

Prayer is important because it is the only way we enforce the divine will of God here on earth and in the lives of men. Jesus told us to pray to the Father that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, because in heaven, everything is perfect, but on earth, things are not perfect, a lot of things are in a mess, and we have to bring God’s perfection into everything on earth.

Some people expect the dead to pray for them, so, they call on the names of those who have died to please help and not just watch them. You need to understand that, the dead don’t know how things are right now with you, and they have no power to effect any change for you, they have nothing to do in our world and don’t have any access to this physical realm because they have passed away, that’s why they can’t pray, because for anyone or any spirit to pray, he must have human body and be on earth.

Jesus said, men, not the dead, but the living. The dead can’t talk, they don’t understand anything going on in the world, and they don’t speak human language, that’s why they can’t understand what you are saying; so, if you want God to do something great in your life, you must either pray by yourself or have Saints of God who are still alive pray for you, because only those who are alive can pray, the spirit of the departed Saints can’t help you to pray.

Religion makes men believe that the Saints who have passed away still pray, but the scripture doesn’t teach us that; Jesus told us to pray to the Father in His name, not to ask the dead to help us pray to God, that’s a mere religious act that yields no result. The Saints who have passed away have finished their own assignment on earth, only you is remaining who must also live the way they lived and finish your assignment. They prayed while here, they didn’t ask the dead to pray for them because they know they shouldn’t do that, now you too have to pray.

_My heavenly Father, I pray for the Saints around the world that we all grow in the knowledge of the truth, walk in the light of your word, and walk perfectly, in Jesus name._ Amen.

Further Study
John 16:26-27; Romans 12:12; Colossians 4:2


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