Olufukeji Ejimi Adegbeye and Apostle Joshua Selman (Throwback Photo)

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In a recent post, Olufukeji Ejimi reminiscing on a picture taken 9 years ago, on 18th March 2012, he encouraged people to keep pictures as a memorial that you believe God’s promises before its manifestation.
In his words, “… In your journey in life, take many pictures, take many videos of your journey to document your ‘becoming’ process. The photos/videos prove that you believe that God is taking you to an expected end because you are declaring what you believe in advance and when God finally proves Himself and fulfills His promises, the photos serve as a memorial of God’s faithfulness.

So, take photos/videos and share, not as an act of pride or show off but as a memorial and a testament that you believe God enough to document His promises long before they become proofs. Who knows, maybe a generation will be inspired by your story, replicate your victories and avoid your mistakes…”


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