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Hour of Visitation, Day 2
Don’t fake prophetic Words, you can’t put words into the mouth of God. Let Him put Words into your mouth.
You don’t grow into the Prophetic, you are separated into it. you don’t mature into the prophetic, “now I am a matured preacher, then I’m now a Prophet”: you will just be talking chaff. Nothing you say will come to pass because you are not separated to that.
April 10 1982: no shape, no colour for the Ministry. That was it.
-God will give shape to your life.
The Promised Land is a God sworn verdict and the prophetic timeline of 40 is a God sworn verdict.
-Now that you are a part of this happening at this time, God has finally terminated your wanderings.
-The uncertainties in your life have finally come to an end.
-The uncertainties in your business, in your career, in your Ministry have finally come to an end.
-The uncertainty in your family life has finally come to an end.
-The uncertainties in your health has come to an end.
-The uncertainties in your marital destiny has come to an end.
2 Samuel 7:10
-Any agent of the devil that dares anyone that is connected to this Commission, anyone that is a partaker of this Prophetic feast, in the name of Jesus, the arrows return on their heads 7 times.
-Every medical verdict of death that might have been passed on anyone here that verdict is reverted today.
The Lord spoke to me saying, “and none that dwell in that land shall say I am sick.” So today, the power of God that destroys all manner of sickness and disease shall be made manifest in our midst.
-Sickness will see you and flee.
-No virus from hell will come near your dwelling.
We all know that longevity is a function of strength, so for God to say that your days shall be like the day of heaven on the earth, it means your body will heavenly (Deuteronomy 11:21)
-Therefore, everything that is not allowed in Heaven that is operating in anyone’s system, today, my God will root them out.
-Everyone’s days shall be renewed like the eagle’s in the name of Jesus.
Thank God for fulfillment of prophecies in your life. It is not what you can do, but what God can and will do if we believe.
The prophetic platform is ordained to fast forward our lives…just jump…that’s how prophetic Words fast forward destinies.
-No more go slow for you!!
-In the name of Jesus, no reason will be strong enough for you to miss your place in the promised land.
Welcome to your platform that fast forwards destiny. The platform that fast forwards ministries, the platform that fast forwards businesses.


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