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-Bishop Thomas Aremu

Hour of Visitation, Day 2

  • It is not Title that commends you to God, it is SERVING HIM that connects you and commend you to Him!
  • You will not miss your portion in this message in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I command openesses of the heart to receive your word.
  • I command understanding; receive the Spirit of understanding.
  • I command the grace not only to hear but to receive. Not only to receive but to perform.
  • Today you will take definite action for definite revelation in Jesus name.
    Serving God is key to dwelling in our promised land. It is a major key. One thing is to enter, another thing is to dwell. One thing is to dwell, another thing is to reap the goodies of the land. It is a good land. There are goodies in the land, there are blessings in the land. There are dividends for every dwellers of the land but how much you get is a function, not just of God but it is a function mostly of you concerning your qualitative stewardship.
    The platform for which God command and enforce the reign of His people is the platform of going out there to go and serve him (Exodus 8:1, Exodus 9:1). The release of His people was on the platform of service. That is the foundation for His intervention. May I say uptill today, the syllabus has not changed. Church Gist. We are serving to live. We serve Him also to go well with us. It is all about us and when they are about to leave Egypt, Pharaoh did not forget the ground on which they are departing (Exodus 12:31).
    When the people of Israel got to the promised land as we have got to the promised land, God begin to emphasize this vital key again (Deuteronomy 6:12-14) to remind them that you are not just here for funfair, you are here for stewardship.
    There is so much in the land to possess. A good place and pleasant land. A land which the Lord careth for. Church Gist. There is too much for us in this promised land but we must be careful, out of comfort and divine provisions, uncommon wealth that we don’t forget the Lord.
    After God has mentioned so many things that is coming there way in Deuteronomy 11, He reminded them again (Deuteronomy 12:13-16).
  • You will not become an ex-covict in this promised land in the name of Jesus Christ.
    One thing is for God to give you a prescious gift, a treasured gift; another thing is for you to know how to get. God has given us a good land, a land where all things work. But then the master key to possess all those things, not to be a fugitive in the land but s frontliner, not to be a back bencher but s candidate for wealth and riches is stewardship.
    This requirement is this; if it is not what anyone can do, it will not be a requirement to possess the blessedness of the Lord. So serving God is every believer’s covenant responsibility. Everyone is fitted to serve God. There is where you belong, there is what belongs to you. There is where you can function. Young, old, whatever it is, too many opportunities. It is an open ended gateways to our possessing the land.
  • You will not fail in this responsibility.
    When you you despise any covenant responsibility, you end up as a liability. One of the covenant opportunity that make us to be what God has destined us to be is stewardship. Church Gist. Two major things among others is what satan used in his subtility to make us play with this responsibility.
  1. He steals our time. Whatever steals your time is already tampering with your destiny. You may not get to where you are going if your time is not well managed. Mis-mange of time may affect your serving the Lord.
  • I command today that discipline to manage your time well, so as to have ample time for God and Kingdom advancement; receive it right now in the name of Jesus Christ.
    In planning your time, priority must be given to kingdom advancement and endeavours.
  • To everyone under the sound of my voice, there shall be no more mismanage of time.
  1. Procastination. Procrastination is an arch enemy of destiny: “Yes, by Saturday, I am not going to work. I will go and win souls, my target is 100.” Saturday came, you’ll now see reason why you should not go.
    That is not normal, that is the devil, he has played you out: “with all that is available now, with all this around you, I don’t think you can go for this evangelism today.” Then that is gone.
    Then you say, “there is public holiday on Monday. In fact that will be better for me.”
    Public holiday comes and satan organizes again where you will go, because you are not sensitive.
    Procrastination is an enemy of progress. No man that embraces this enemy will amount to anybody or anything. In the Kingdom, whatever thou doeth, doeth it quickly.
    Let me tell you how satan frustrates it:
    You want to meet souls, you are meeting souls every day: Just purpose in your heart that you will talk to at least one soul daily. Even if you don’t go out, there is a nearby bus-stop, they (souls) are there. Your offices, they are there. Do you know if you target one person daily to talk to with all seriousness from your heart, at the end of the month, you have 30 converts to follow up. Before you realise it, at least 10 of them, that one-third of them, as you pray them in, as you follow them up, calling them, sending SMS, you have at least 10. Just 1. How long does it take to talk to a soul? 5 minutes. 5 minutes is enough. Are you preaching, 5 minutes is enough: Jesus loves you and I love you also; I know there is something Jesus has for you but the beginning of it is to connect with Him; that is the purpose I am here with you today, to connect you to Jesus as you repent of your sin and re-dedicate your life to Christ. Simple.
    You want to pray, you pray now. You pray without ceasing, that is non stop. There is time to separate, to pray Kingdom advancement prayers, there is also the time to say concerning the Kingdom of God. you might be in the crowd and yet your heart is panting, “Lord, visit us in tomorrow’s service.” Prayer essentially is heart to heaven connection. It is dialoguing with God on the basis of His Word. It is not following the routine and the protocols. It is communication from your heart. You remember the prayer of Hannah, only her lips moved. Heaven heard what she was saying. You are in the crowd, you are praying…that is not to preclude special dedicated time to pray but if you follow only the dedicated time and something cross in within that dedicated time, you may go through a whole day without praying.
    I have dedicated time but my life is dedicated. You may see my lips moving or you may not even see it but me and God, we are discussing; He will be speaking back to me, right there in the crowd.
    Why? My heart is open and the heaven above me is opened, so what is my problem? I can scale through…because God is with me, I am with Him.
    Every believer is destined to be a servant of God. Anyone serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is a servant of God: young, old, male, female with or without a title.
    Don’t wait for title at all. It is not title that commends you to God, it is serving Him that connects you and commend you to Him.
    A servant of God: That is the greatest title we should all ascribe to have before God. Our service being so qualitative, not just quantitative to a point that God can describe us from Heaven as His servants
    Joshua 1:1-2
    God’s servant in the house, any time I tell him I want to find out something about Him, the response from Heaven is whatever my servant ask you to do, do it. I have been hearing that from the 80s. Until I made this discovery, it is God referring to you as His servants. Never bother about titles, be bothered about serving the Lord and doing whatever He has commanded you to do.
    David – He was a king but serving God was more important to him (Psalm 89:20).
    Job – A renowned servant of God but an acclaimed servant of God Job 1:1-9
    -Every case of concern about you is over.
    God does not relate with everybody.
    Matthew 28:19-20
    If you want to measure whether you are praying or not, ensure you pray for at least an hour in a day.
  2. Kingdom advancement prayers – Matthew 6:10
    Everything in the Kingdom is controlled on the prayer altar. The prayer altar is the control tower of Kingdom advancement.
  3. Soul winning and establishment – John 4:35-36
  4. Material and financial stewardship – Zechariah 1:17
    If you want to get the best from the Promised land, just continue more than before in serving God – 1 Corinthians 15:58
    Continuity, persistence from this Mountain, this Prophetic Feast, a new you, for soul winning is emerging. A new you in Kingdom advancement prayer has emerged. A new you taking care of material and financial need of the Kingdom is going forth.
    Prayer: Lord, I have heard your Word, grace to be a doer, grace to perform, to do what You have commanded. I have heard, I have received. Grace to be a doer, that is what I want. Thank You precious Lord, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.
    The Lord make you a doer of these words. A new beginning for you in stewardship, to the glory of His name, in Jesus holy name.


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