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  • Bishop David Oyedepo at the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation Mandate.
    (Day 6, Prayer Hour 4)

Thanksgiving is a must to secure answers to our prayers, Thanksgiving is a vital component of our prayers, it is not what happens after you have the answers, it is what must happen before you have the answers unfortunately, we have always thought that we are responsible to give thanks after we have received the answers.
Philippians 4:6, for your request to be known, you must engage the component of thanksgiving.

‘I thank you father because you have heard me’ prayers, supplications, thanksgiving must ring. Thanksgiving is a vital component of every prayer that must be answered not an aftermath.

We have a telephone with 11 digits, if you don’t dial the last digit it won’t answer. It takes prayers, James 4:2, supplication and thank you for confirming your word, for the telephone to ring.

This morning I will like you to engage this component with all intensity, He said whatever you have asked when you prayer, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. Mark 11:24, If you believe that He has heard your prayers, attended to your supplications then because you believe that He received them then you have to thank Him before you can have them. May this remain a component of your prayer life for life.

Matthew 6:9:13, Jesus gave us the pattern of prayers, thanksgiving addicts always secure answers to their prayers. You are returning with prayers today, remember, God usually reserves the best for the last. This is the last Prophetic Pray Hour for this Prophetic Feast so endeavor to make the most of it by engaging the mystery of Thanksgiving with all intensity of purpose.

Your telephone digits to heaven will not be complete without Thanksgiving. It is what we do to secure answers and what we do to retain the answers after we have received it, we owe thanks to God in all things. We are redeemed to be thanksgiving addicts and this morning there will be no back to sender prayer line in your prayer life!
I know there are some ‘Hannahs’ here today who will pray their way to raw answers by engaging with the component of Thanksgiving.

My friend Dr Mike Murdock said, we traveled one day from the Old Church down here, he said ‘I have said thanks to Jesus, praise you Lord 72 times’ he said he wasn’t even sure if he was connected to the discussion we were having or not that every breath is thank you Jesus. It is an addiction from the prayer altar. We begin and conclude with Thanksgiving Matthew 6:10, after we have received it, thank you Jesus for the prayer that has now reached my hand so that it can be retained.

The rain of answers to your prayers is beginning this morning and it shall remain there for life.
Start with Thanksgiving, you must have asked quite a number of things since we came, if you believe that you have received them, you cannot have them until you give thanks. Give Him thanks with all intensity.


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