The Ark: Before you pray for Bishop Oyedepo’s Kind of Wealth, Do This!

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Praise the name of the Lord food from now and forever amen

 Today I want to share something very powerful which I believe will bless a lot of people all over the world pastors, ministers, people that are in ministry it will bless you in no small way at all, please take your time to read this from the beginning  to the end and I pray that God will open your eyes.

 Today I want to talk about the wealth of the kingdom, with special focus on God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo most people witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of the Ark, the new 100,000 capacity auditorium that’ Winners Chapel is building presently at Canaan land Otta,  It is indeed a marvelous thing  without any doubt the government will be  marveled at the Church, and how the boy of Christ is having her way, the financial resources that is required to Preach, spread and to seek the kingdom to the ends of the earth is being made available and it’s amazing how that the church has never run out of supply because they depend on Divine supply, but today I want to talk about the Blessings of God at work in Bishop David Oyedepo, we know that the servant of God is blessed and he always talk about it and we know that he’s also passionate about the souls of men, he is a passionate soul winner, he is a passionate teacher of the word, a major voice in the land.

If you’re not aware that the Church is blessed, God’s Servant, the bishop is blessed too the Ark ground breaking service is enough to show it that he’s a blessed man and the ministry is a blessed ministry as well, now the question is this: How Come Bishop is so blessed?

We have heard him saying, he operates from another economy, which is from above and it is evident in his life and ministry. So many people are praying for the same blessing at work in the life of BISHOP OYEDEPO , but there are questions you must answer before you can pray such a prayer.

Are you a Christian, a pastor, a ministry, and an organization, do you desire the kind of wealth at work in life of Bishop David Oyedepo ?

Let me ask you a few questions before you start praying for the wealth of Bishop David Oyedepo

  1. Do you love the Lord like bishop David Oyedepo does? we have heard from God’s servant, saying “You don’t know my secrets until you know my heartbeat for God”. I know many ministers are ministry across the world today that all that brought down their passion and zeal for God for his Kingdom was some level of provision from God, maybe just one blessing was channel their way and that was the end to their spirituality they started becoming materialistic they started chasing after material things at the detriment of their spiritual strength and the devil knows, if only  he can get you to be distracted from your pursuit of the lord then he can limit your destiny and he put a limit on your spiritual delivery and oil which will affect your Kingdom assignments.

So before you start praying for the wealth in the life of Bishop David Oyedepo, ask yourself do you love the Lord like he does? I remember one of the stories he shared, when he bought a Car, he was in the office and was looking at the car downstairs and God told him “ give it to me” and he said “what?”  God said that very car that you just bought, give it to me and he said that day, he sold the car and he sent the money into the account of the ministry and he went back home on his leg, and God said to him “My Son David, even if you don’t want to be rich, it’s too late

you can imagine that level of craziness he displayed to have sold that Car, that is how much he love the lord and that is how much he is willing to go all out to please God and to obey every divine instruction, You can’t love God and not give to God. Your giving is a true proof that you love the Lord.  Do you love the Lord this much? are you willing to go all out for God like bishop Oyedepo does?

  •  Are you a passionate soul winner? Many years ago when he was young in ministry, he always go out for souls. The amazing thing is that till now he still go out for soul winning every week most of the church agenda time-to-time are targeted towards soul winning. Are you willing to go all out to win souls for Christ like Bishop Oyedepo does? Many people see great ministry and desires to have the same level of results but the question is, are you ready to pay the price?  for every glory there is a story, they didn’t just arrived at where they are today even we have not gotten over the faith tabernacle amazement yet and now God has brought “The Ark”  an auditorium  which is an 100,000 capacity seater.  Before you start praying for the wealth of Job in the Bible, ask yourself are you willing to go all out for soul winning are you a soul winner? Do you consider the souls of men of importance to you?

These are the factors that makes up the life of Bishop Oyedepo and if you have the same heart and the same passion, you can command the same level of results don’t just pray for the wealth, but pray for the same heart that he has.

  • Are you an ardent student of the Bible? how much do you read the word of God and how much do you invest into Reading spiritual books and materials I remember when I just join winners Chapel many years ago, that was the time I develop the habit of Reading spiritual books, Christian books and began to build my Christian  library. It was not something necessary as it were in the previous churches have been to, but when I start reading this books, I saw the impact in my life.  What I’m saying is this, Bishop David Oyedepo is a great man and he has read a lot of books. He once said, he read everything that was written by Kenneth Copeland, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin, and other generals of faith. No wonder they say every reader ends up a leader. How much do you invest into knowledge? How much do you invest into reading books how passionate are you about bringing out the hidden knowledge in books in order to be in charge in life, you have to be knowledgeable in order to be outstanding.  Bishop Oyedepo is an ardent reader and today, he is a force to reckon with in the world and that is why, he is commanding that dimension of prosperity and authority and leadership level of the church in Nigeria, Africa and in the world. You need to cultivate the habit of Reading if you want to be prosperous. Leaders are readers; every reader will end up a leader how much do you value knowledge and pursuing after it? This is a major factor that will determine how far you will go in life and destiny. Bishop has invested into books and I think we should learn this from him, you can’t be a pastor and in 365 days you have not read one book. This is a shame!  There are knowledge that God has given to others that you need in ministry, opening up the books of others will give you access into their light. There’s no rising in ignorance every man rise according to the level of knowledge that work in his life. The Bible says “you shall know the truth and the truth that you know, shall set you free”.

Let us invest into knowledge if we want to access Kingdom wealth. Knowledge increases your value system and your value system is a major factor that impact on how much wealth you can command.  Wealth goes in direction of value, how valuable are you in order to command the level of wealth that you desire.

  • Your level of spirituality: This is what determines your level of command. The more spiritual you are, the more you are in charge. it takes spirituality to be in command. The spiritual are in charge and what do we mean by spirituality ? Spirituality simply means Scripturality, living according to the dictates of the scriptures living according to the word of God being filled with the fullness of the Spirit of God, being filled with the fullness of the wisdom of God.  Bishop David Oyedepo is a man of Revelation, to hear from God Is One of your outstanding advantage in life,  ability to see visions, ability to hear from heaven, the wealth of the kingdom is delivered to on the strength of spirituality you have to be sensitive to hear from God you have to be prayerful to receive instruction from heaven that will place you above all others on the earth. Instruction is what brings about distinction you can’t be praying for the wealth of Bishop David Oyedepo when you don’t have a spiritual robust life, it take spirituality to command that magnitude of wealth and prosperity, so invest into your spiritual strength, to be spiritually robust which will put you in front, spirituality is what secure destiny without which you can be kidnapped, as a matter of fact prosperity itself is a warfare, if you are spiritually light, the enemy will come against you, he will bring you down so you must invest into your spiritual strength in other to command prosperity on the Earth.

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