THE GRACE-KEEPERS! – Pastor’s Wife

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A lady who calls me Papa Papa and shows me so much respect went to my wife’s page and started to disrespect her with some mean words over a message she didn’t understand and was too lazy to ask for more clarity.

I went on to all my pages and blocked her from having any access to me from anywhere.

If you don’t respect my wife you don’t respect me! period! You have no idea how much sacrifices she makes every night to keep my anointing relevant in this season.

Some of you have no idea what Pastor’s wives go through in that marriage, you have no idea at all and I don’t blame you. Many Pastors don’t come out to sing the praises of their wives in public that’s the problem.

If you knew how many battles she fought standing in the gap for the hands the Man of God lays on you to carry an effect of fire, you will be humble and love them more.

Many times when the MOG ministers to you, he inherits your spiritual battles and brings it home to an innocent wife to fight along side him on your behalf, then you go and disrespect her claiming you honour her husband only.

You must be funny!

You think everything you see on social media is just perfect, you are funny. Go to the homes of some very highly esteemed men of God you will feel the heartcry of their wives.

Apostle goes out to minister then comes back home and heads straight to lock himself up in his study to spend time with God based on an instruction, and his wife who is craving attention from her husband is left with no choice than to understand and fight through the loneliness. Then you go ahead and disrespect her while you claim to honour her husband, you are cursed with a cursed from the Lord.

Most Pastor’s wives don’t sleep in preparation for a conference the MOG is hosting. Tarrying every night for the release of God’s power upon His servant for your edification, but you can talk nonsense to her and carry your face while coveting the grace upon her husband on your life.

You cannot receive anything from a grace if you don’t honour the gracekeeper also.

It’s just witchcraft to be disrespectful to your Pastor’s wife, and it’s more disheartening for Pastors who are aware of this but choose to keep quiet and condone it.

Please know that I don’t joke with my wife! Enough said!

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