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-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

*My name will never be on the legacy project but God’s name.
*The Ark was the name named by God. I named it Theatre
* This is the doing of the Lord, not our doing as a big Church. Who made you big?
* Parents instruct your children to attend this Easter’s Youth Meeting.
* If your children are not spiritual, you have lost them. I don’t care what you spend on your children.
* Allow your children to be enlisted among the giants of heaven that are appearing on the earth.
* The next generation will surpass what we are doing now.

Very mysteriously, I had 2 of my old acquaintances that are still strong in the faith: my friend of 1978 was with me during this weekend, we were sharing great times together of just walking with Jesus, just praying, just fasting, just examining the Word.
One was with me on Tuesday, he said he heard me say, “You don’t have to die (like) others die. You don’t have to fall like others fall.” He said when hears me today, he says, “that is Brother David. That is him.”
Please young people engage with Jesus on time before your season is over. This conference is mandatory for all youths. Mandatory! You are setting a foundation for the future. I was 24 when we were talking about…it’s not a yesterday’s jump jump jump thing. You need to develop a foundation in your walk with Jesus.
Jesus is real; Jesus is sweet. Don’t wait till when you can’t catch up again, get on board.
Parents: I don’t care what you spend on your children, if they are not spiritual, you have lost them.
-You won’t lose your children in Jesus name.
If they are not spiritual, forget it. Church Gist. Don’t set traps for them, push them out.
This programme finishes 6 pm each day, so why not? Starts at 8 am in the morning: hello friend, get off, the meeting is on. Instruction, not advice nor admonition.
We instructed our children, thank God we are blessed. Blessed, stress free. Blessed: everybody panting after God. Blessed!
-You won’t lose any of your children.

Now watch: the next generation will surpass what we are doing now. We have gone beyond what our previous generation went, how far they went. They went beyond where the one that they took from went, they will go beyond us. We are in the days of men like angels. Please we are in the days of men like angels.
The giants of heaven are appearing on the earth, allow your children to be enlisted; He doesn’t get anything done, He prepares people for whatever He wants to do. Allow them to be enlisted. Church Gist. I’m glad I got enlisted early. I’m glad I kept faith with my enlistment. I’m glad I was excited paying the price of praying and fasting seeking the face of God; what an overflow to you that are here today.
-That is how your life will overflow to your family, your immediate generation, the one coming after in the name of Jesus Christ.

One more time for this Building that He is building: who is building it? God
There is not one dime here but from God.
There is not one thing here that goes to any man but God.
I have zero credit in what is happening. Zero!
My name will never be on it but His name. The Ark was the name named by God. I named it Faith Theatre.
God said: Zero. This is an ark of rescue for a generation.
I said this thing will be there.
He said: Are you daft? I told you Myself this is the place of my appearance and you are carrying the thing there? I will not have gone there with you.
The reason why He is our Master is because we are liable to error.
I heard from God: This will be the cheapest project we ever embarked upon.
I didn’t see us having capacity for this place: He said, “Go ahead” and He did it.
We had somethings on ground in 2016, He said, “No, don’t go ahead and don’t talk to me on it anymore until when I talk to you if I need to talk to you. Don’t call me ohhh”
God, is it time?
God: Don’t speak to Me no more on this matter.
Sir, I hear from God and what a joy today.
Give the Lord praise.
-You will never miss your step in the journey of life.
This is the doing of the Lord, not our doing as a big Church. Who made you big? Who dash monkey banana?
This is not the doing of our Papa: Zero.
Even this something (The Ark model), I saw it only last week. This model, it’s been there, I saw it only last week because I am not the owner.

-In the name of Jesus, everything that is happening now will lead to your change of status.
One more time, a shout of praise.



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