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-Bishop David Oyedepo at the 40th Anniversary Prophetic Feast

Shall we lift up our two hands and let’s give God thanks. There is something that must have taken place in your life. Return the glory to Him. If you don’t thank God for the last you’re not qualified for the next.

If light has broken through in any area of your life because you’re possessing your Promised Land from this feast and you’ll dwell here for life. Give God thanks and praise in the name of Jesus Christ.

All our experiences as individuals, our experiences as a commission, the testimonies that we hear day and night, they’re all the doings of the Lord. Let us praise Him and acknowledge Him.

🎵All the glory must be to the Lord
For He is worthy of out praise
No man in earth should give glory to himself
All the glory must be to the Lord 🎵

This is one of the greatest mysteries of the Kingdom. The only way to sustain His blessings in our lives is never, never to share His glory. Never never or it will be turned to shame. It’s a commandment to all of us in the Kingdom.
Malachi 2:2
You are where you are, I am where I am and we’re where we are all by the grace of God. We must of necessity, consciously deliberately, always ascribe the glory to Him.

One day a man by the name Nebuchadnezzar walked around the roof of his palace.
Daniel 4:30-31

  • Nobody’s glory here will be turned to grass.

Many have seen the hand of God severally in the past but they can’t see it again. It’s no longer there because they mistook engracement for accomplishment. So for His marvelous acts over these past 40 years, we return the glory, all of it to Him in the name of Jesus.

No doubt something broke loose as we heard that first message. Am I correct? The future of a seed is in being sown, until it is sown it has no future. It abides alone, same position, same level, going in circles. But when it’s sown it grows up, throws up great branches, the birds of the air comes to make their nest in it.

  • May the grace to stay dedicated till the end when the master will come, receive it now in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus speak to us again this time and move us forward by Your Word in Jesus precious name.

Access to the voice of the Lord is the master destroyer of doubts. It destroys doubt naturally, automatically. You can’t hear from God and doubt Him. When God speaks the Spirit of faith enters into the individual.
Ezekiel 2:2
John 6:63
The voice of the Lord is behind every statement of Scriptures.
Isaiah 34:16
The Bible is God’s dictation through men.
Isaiah 55:11

  • I pray for everyone’s access to the voice behind the Word that will set you on your feet without looking back.

We saw the glory of the voice celebrated.
Psalms 29:3
Isaiah 55: 1
The voice of the Lord is in His Word, He thunders from it and impart us with the faith required to move into action. He set men on their feet to make the most of their journey in life.

No one ever heard from God and doubt Him. We can see that in Moses
Exodus 3:5-7
Moses forgot everything that was waiting for him to harass him in Egypt. Moses didn’t go to check first and then come to carry his family, he went straight, he took his wife and his two sons.
Exodus 4:20
He heard from God, doubt died. Death came alive.


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