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Let your love for God be the motivation behind your seed sowing

-Bishop David Oyedepo at Spiritual Week of Emphasis Day 2(8 April 2021)

Shall we lift up our two hands and thank God for answered prayers tonight. Give Him thanks and praise and glory and honour.

Thank Him ahead of time for what He has in store for you tonight. Give Him thanks and praise. Jesus gave thanks before the bread multiplied. Give Him thanks in Jesus precious name we have given thanks.

Now it’s important for us to know the place of spiritual understanding in our walk with God. He said “Wisdom is a principal thing therefore get wisdom, with all thy getting, get understanding”. That’s how powerful understanding is.

There are may honest hearts but at the same time ignorant. There is no substitute for spiritual understanding. It maximizes our adventure in the Kingdom.
Proverbs 21:16

The sower went and sowed the seed, some fell by the way side, taken up by demons, some on the rock, there is no heart for God, some among the thorns and some fell on good ground. Now even on good ground they now yield results according to their various levels of understanding.

Lord enhance my level of spiritual understanding tonight. One Scripture can open up a great future. Lord enlarge my coast of spiritual understanding tonight. That pastor said he was just hearing the testimonies of others and one day he said “no enough is enough”. His understanding opened. Lord enlarge my coast of spiritual understanding tonight in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Father we are all waiting on You tonight as we stand and sit at the feet of Jesus. Open us up to next levels of understanding, open each one of us up to next levels of Spiritual understanding. Let it come through tonight in a way that we cannot get by ourselves. Thank You Father in Jesus precious name we have prayed. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

During my preparatory study for Covenant University I came across one name of a university and the motto of that university is “To Thyself be True”. Many are not true to themselves.

Can I tell you that I was already preaching financial prosperity but I didn’t understand it. I read it, you can always preach anything you read so one day I said look I have not grabbed this thing so help me, show me now the secret of kingdom prosperity and I went on a three day fast praying and searching. We need to understand one thing about fasting because it provides a platform for an outbreak of light. It’s not just praying but praying and searching for topical issues of interest to you.

I went with two books, one was by Gloria Copeland, Understanding God’s way to Prosperity and then The Laws of Prosperity by Kenneth Copeland. It was in my heart, oh Lord show me.

On the third day the Heavens opened, three days only. Amen.
Isaiah 30:20-21
The Lord said to me, My prosperity plan is not a promise. The word promise was so strong in those days. The word Covenant was very scarce. We claim promises through prayers. It’s not a promise, it has no respect for fasting because when you are challenged you use fasting weapon to deal with it.

“My prosperity plan is a Covenant and until your part is played I’m not committed”. What. He was speaking to me behind
Deuteronomy 8:18

It’s a vow platform for empowering His people for wealth. What is this Covenant? Now it was in the midst of that praying and searching that I asked this question on the spot. What is this Covenant?
Deuteronomy 8:18
Genesis 8:22
Jeremiah 33:20

The Covenant covers every child of God. God’s Covenant will be redeemed as priests and kings to reign on the earth, if you can’t stop the day and the night from exchanging positions, you can’t stop my Covenant any day, anytime. At that point I stood and screamed and yelled. “I have found it”.

Prosperity is a demonstration of God’s integrity to His plan to empower His people for life. So it’s not something you look like you can do. It’s doing what He says concerning His plan that entitles you and I to access that realm.

Well so many things have happened after that time. So it’s a Covenant, it’s a deal enacted by God based on well defined terms and sealed with an oath. Very simple definition from
Hebrews 6:15-18

It’s on this platform you’re going to be empowered if you’re interested.

Now if you watch the story of Noah and how he sacrificed every clean beast on the altar, the Lord smelled a good savour in Heaven and God said “I will no longer curse mankind anymore”. The curse upon man was avarted in response to Noah’s seed.

Seed time first and then harvest. Now how does that apply to giving? Now watch.

2nd Corinthians 9:6-8
Giving is interpreted as sowing. Not grudgingly, God is not in need for God loves a cheerful giver and in response God is able to make all grace abound towards you.

It is in sowing financial seed that entitles you and me to financial abundance with a responsibility to engage in good works to keep the flow. No matter how sweet your menu, you still have to go to the toilet to discharge and empty your bowels otherwise that sweet dish will soon be turned to poison. Amen. We’re blessed to be a blessing. We cannot be blessed beyond how committed we are to gaining blessings.

When you’re finding it difficult to go to toilet, you have to go on medication to purge. Everything you eat does not belong to you, some will go out to service the need of others.

The Covenant is a life long platform. It will stop to work when you stop working it. The only way to keep taking in oxygen is to keep giving out your carbon dioxide, if you stop giving out your carbon dioxide you can’t take in anymore oxygen. You have to breathe out in order to breathe in. When you stop taking oxygen then you are out of existence.

Many are choking today financially because they won’t let go. The pounded yam of last week is still there, the eba is still there, the rice is still there. “Abraham I’m going to bless you and make your name great and thou shall be a blessing to keep the flow of my blessing in your life”. So the Covenant did not say eat one testimony and flee.

The Bible defines that Covenant as of giving and receiving.
Philippians 4:15

We need to have that once and again mentality to keep the flow of the blessings of God in our lives. Once and again mentality, not once and for all.

You all know that when you’re tired if breathing, you’re tired of living. “I’ve been breathing all my life, I’m now about 25 years old. I think I should rest a bit”. The day you’re tired if breathing, you’re tired if living.
– May no one run dry of God’s blessings anymore in their lives.

We’ve been dealing with the subject


The Covenant of giving and receiving is the platform for accessing your wealth. No one prospers in the Kingdom without being a giver. That is the law of the Land. If you are not a giver, you are not permitted to prosper. Where is the beauty of the Covenant? Now listen to me. What gets everybody on board? The beauty of the Covenant of wealth is that we can start from where we are because God’s commandments are not grievous.

One widow gave a mite and Jesus said she gave the greatest. We can start from where we are and the blessings will keep showing up from one level to another.

Giving guarantees the flow of His blessings. Just that many of us are in a hurry. Praise God. Life is in phases, men are in sizes. Many can’t wait. Their eyes are here and there. There’s no way they can see anything again.

Start from where you are. These steps look so simple but I’ll be sweating without any progress if I must start from the third step.

Now the whole army of prayer warriors in this Church and their men can be praying from now till tomorrow and be sweating on one spot. But if you will go step by step by step, it doesn’t take time.

They say “take the step”, you say no never, that’s old fashioned, that’s analogue”. Can’t take the steps and then you keep sweating, they’re greeting you well done. Praise God. It doesn’t take time, it takes the truth. You can do nothing against the truth but for the truth.
“Let thy beginning be very small and thy end shall increase”. That’s how God works.

That’s why nobody is born an adult. The strongest muscular people today were born as babies.
– You are getting there.

These fundamentals are crucial in determining the quality of your engagement in Covenant practice. Amen. I got that prophecy but He had to take me through the stage, one step after another, after another and after another. He hasn’t stopped taking me and I won’t stop doing it.

There is nothing magical about our Covenant walk, there is nothing mystical about it. It’s all a matter of choice and your level of understanding determines the strength of your choice. Glory to God.
– Somebody is breaking new grounds here.
If you are the one let me hear your loudest amen.

Deuteronomy 26:17
You give to the level of His blessings in your life.

There are people here today, you know I know you but if I give you 10 naira I may lose respect. Or you went back home to the village and you greeted your mother and you now give her 5 naira and here you are, you drove a Jeep, you have security, you have everything. She will enter the room and tear it. You give according to the blessings of the Lord your God upon your life or you lose respect.

These are fundamentals. A son honours his father, a servant fears his master. If I be your master where is my fear?
We give according to the blessings of God upon our lives otherwise it will be rejected. Praise God.

Many are rejected and so they can’t have returns. When is your harvest coming. So if I can’t give you 10 naira because of the reason of my level of blessings and grace how do you think I will give that to God and hear Weldon?

Interestingly the tithe of 10 naira is 1 naira. No argument. Praise God. The 10 naira person now gives one Kobo for offering, angels will be dancing that what after tithe, he still gave 1 Kobo. But some will give 1 Kobo and go home with headache.
– Your level won’t drop.

Now if I gave God a sacrifice of 50 naira in those days, there will be a party in Heaven.”Ah my son, 50 naira? Angels dance, dance now, that’s my son. But if I give that as as sacrifice today, I say God this is my sacrifice. I’ve told everyone I love you and You know too that I love You. So I’m giving You this 50 naira as sacrifice, let it be a sweet smelling savour. While they will be celebrating someone else’s 50 naira at his level He will reject this one with God forbid because He has blessed you beyond that level.

We didn’t bring anything when we were born. He’s the vine who gave it to us. These are unacceptable seeds. May I not be part of giving those seeds. While we start from where we are we keep growing as His blessings keep increasing. Amen.

Now if your tithe was 20 naira because of 200 naira profit you make, now the profit now has gone up to 2,000 and your tithe is still 20 naira, it means you’re not a tither. The Heavens can’t be opened. That’s the way it works. Many people their account in Heaven shows offering only.
– You won’t miss it anymore.

God your Father is never in need. Of His fullness have we all received. So He is not eyeing what He gave us. Amen. But He is a Covenant keeping God and is no respecter of persons and that’s why a sense of Covenant responsibility must come in to keep us going.

Now there’s this story of the elephant I’ve shared several times. This elephant is said to consume 140 pounds of straw. I’m talking about the weight. Nigeria is the only place where animals swallow money. This place is full of drama. “Where is the money? “A serpent just entered”. Now this elephant discharges a 100 pounds of manure, it’s consuming the grass and it’s giving back to the ground what will grow the next grass. 140-100. If it discharges less than 100 and it goes back to 50 the elephant will fall down and die because of excess toxin. But the food of a cat is small so the excreta will be small. Amen. But the one of an elephant after discharging has to move. Praise God.

-Many Covenant sized financial giants will rise in this place all by starting from where you are and growing in Covenant engagement as His blessings increases in your life.
– Your story is changing.

In the school of Kingdom prosperity, giving is the only way to go up and to stay up.
Luke 9:62
Hebrews 10:38
We have to keep doing it to stay there. The day you stop the blessing stops. The day you turn your back, He turns His back.
If you say the tithe is too much, you will start all over again.

Understand these fundamentals of prosperity. Many caught some blessings and fled, wow we caught it, we caught it and it finished.

Can I tell you this? My own has never finished. It has never come down. The one the Church has not finished, it has never come down. Even last year during lockdown our income was better than the previous years.

This off and on approach, you won’t make it. It’s one area you must be steadfast for it to keep working. If you’re not steadfast it will stop working.

Now watch, as the Church is embarking on this project, there is no pressure, no heat, no temperature. Rural Church building is going on, Faith Academy is going on. Everything is going on.

– Now nothing good will stop in your life again.
Give the Lord praise.
The secret is continuity.

Demands to guarantee returns. It’s not the only way to go up. It’s the only way to stay up.

We must continue to sow our seeds in Faith cause whatever is not of faith is sin.
Romans 14:22
And the wages if sin is death. So the seed that is sown without Faith is dead seed.
We sow our seed in faith. Faith is crucial, faith is fundamental. For without faith it impossible for our sacrifice to please God.

-The good news is your story is ordained with dramatic change this year. Certain things have come up between yesterday and today that will just reposition you forever. It’s adding only to you. You don’t mind the poor, God will send somebody else to do better than what you’re doing. Glory to God.

You gave your toddler son 10 naira and you call him and want to talk to him and he feels that maybe you want to collect the money from him, you gave him out of your abundance. You do not need it. God won’t need you if He has any problem and He won’t need me. He won’t need our small Church here. God has never sought for help, will never because the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

Be excited as you engage because you’re dealing with a Covenant keeping God. As long as the earth remains, God’s vow to empower you and me for wealth is in place. God’s Covenant remains in force. So keep engaging from where you are and keep growing with His blessings in your life.
– Something is coming forth in the name of Jesus.

Finally your genuine love for God and the interest of His Kingdom is a Covenant guarantee for returns.
1st Corinthians 13:3
Our giving must be love motivated at all times to guarantee returns on our seeds sown.
John 3:16
Thank God you and I are one of them.

Let the heart beat for God be the motivation behind your giving. Giving in promoting the Kingdom. Let it be your motivation. No need to remind God about a right motive. Let your love for God be the motivation behind your seed sowing at all times. It’s bound to produce. Just like the one seed of Jesus produced all of us today.

Many have gone to glory, a number of us are still here. Amen. But one great morning as the trumpet shall sound all those who are right there in the grave shall come up. We will all take off.

🎶 Glory glory Hallelujah

You will be part of it.

-My prayer is that no one among us will live as a pauper anymore. The prize for your empowerment has been fully paid. He became poor that we through His poverty might be made rich. So it’s your redemptive heritage. It’s God’s Covenant with the redeemed. He died and obtained for us power and then riches , wisdom, strength, honour, glory, blessings. So it’s not our ambition but our heritage.

Lift up your right hand everybody and bless the name of the Lord.
Stand on your feet and begin to thank God for the light that has come your way. Strong light. We serve an all knowing God. He knows our level. Celebrate Him. Thank Him. God can’t turn His back on His Word. He is a Covenant keeping God in Jesus precious name we have prayed.



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