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-Pastor Faith Oyedepo
Thank you for this wonderful day. Right now our hearts are open again. Speak to us again. Change our story again, let your word be made manifest in Jesus name we pray.
This morning I count it a great privilege to stand and share the Word. In this second segment, we are looking at “Kingdom Advancement Prayer Facilitates the Blessing of Longevity”. Exodus 23:25-26, Genesis 6:3.
It is important for us to understand that one of the blessings in this promised land is long life and you shall live long. We had a great day from God’s General, Kenneth Copeland on the subject of longevity.
-The number of your days, no devil will be able to cut short. That fear of death is terminated.
-The siege of untimely death comes to an end in your generation.
One of the ways to access longevity in our promised land is through Kingdom advancement prayers. God has brought us into our promised land already. 40 years ago, when this vision was delivered to the servant of God, Bishop David Oyedepo, we were just preparing to get married. I, a young lady looking forward to a great future without the fear of tomorrow, today, see what the Lord has done. One of the first things we did was to get a group of people and we got a powerhouse. The main thing we were doing was prayers for about 26 months before the Ministry was commissioned. This Ministry was birthed from prayers that is why we keep moving forward. The grace for effectual prayer becomes your portion because you have been brought under this great commission.
-It is interceding for souls to be drawn out of hell into heaven.
-It is praying of the establishment of souls in the Kingdom of God.
-It is praying for the needs of the saints.
-It is praying that the word of God be glorified across the world.
D. L Moody once said and I quote “every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.”
If you find a man who knows how to kneel before God, he will stand tall before men.
You can have structured times of prayer but it must not stop there. Prayer must become your lifestyle if you must dwell in this good times and enjoy all other things. You want to know if that lady or man is God’s will for you? One of the acid test is to check his/her prayer life. Attempt to pray together. Is he the kind of man that can pray for 10 minutes without attempting to stretch or yawn? If he is not, fire on the mountain, run run run. You don’t need a prophet to tell you whether you are going in the wrong direction or not. One of the things that attracted me to God’s servant is what i‘m telling you right now. He is always praying, praying in the Holy Ghost and in understanding.. in the flight, travelling in the car and so on. Why? it is one of the ways of dwelling in this land. Kingdom advancement prayer is not a gift. It is a commandment. Luke 18;1, I Thessalonians 5:17. It is something you can engage in old age. We have in Scriptures men and women of prayer who also exhibited longevity.
-Look at father Abraham, a man of prayer. Abraham interceded on behalf on others; no wonder he lived very long.
-Another man is Job. He prayed for his friends. Job 42:10,16-17. He lived 140 years.
-How about Anna in the bible? Anna was a widow and she dedicated her life to prayers in the kingdom. Luke 2:36. She lived long and strong. She never departed from the temple.
-Elijah. James 5:17-18. He prayed to advance God’s kingdom here on earth. Elijah went on a flight. One of the foremost men to go on rapture. No tomb for him on earth. Whatever forces of hell targeting your longevity shall be destroyed in Jesus name. do you remember the man that was embalmed, his siblings were praying for him and he came out of the mortuary. He lived again.
It is a secret investment that guarantees open reward. Matthew 6:6.

  1. Supernatural transformation. Prayer does not change things only. It changes people. Exodus 34:28. Luke 9:28-29. It brings about transformation in your life. People who harass you will begin to be afraid of you.
  2. It empowers the giant in us to come alive. In this land that you have entered, there is a giant inside you which must come alive this time around in the mighty name of Jesus. Remember Abraham, he was a great intercessor. He emerged a giant of giants so much so that every believer still calls him father Abraham. Job was also a praying patriarch. Job 42:10. God multiplied him at the end of his days. Your season of multiplication is just beginning. Where you are today is the least place you will ever be. No more stagnation for you in your career, family life, health and all that has to do with you. It shall be forward ever and backward never in Jesus name. on this great altar, we have never had a better last year. We have never entered red for years.
  3. It brings you into the realm of fearful favour. It is the favour of God that brings to pass his blessings in our life. What your labor will bring for you is incomparable to what the favour of God will bring into your hands. Daniel was a prayer addict. no wonder he enjoyed fearful favour. Daniel 6:10. Every opportunity you have is good enough for prayer. It is not necessarily how long but how connected your heart is with God. Personally, this is how I do it. I’m in the car, I take it as an opportunity to pray. In my house, climbing the stairs, I pray concerning the matters of the kingdom. When we make Kingdom advancement our priority, God lavishes his favour upon us.
  4. God enthrones you. Nehemiah 1,2. He was just a cup bearer but when he engaged in Kingdom passionate prayer, he was enthroned. He became a governor.
  5. When you pray for the needs of others, it is an avenue for your needs to be met. Ephesians 6:8
    I pray that the God of heaven will grace everyone of us to become fervent and immovable as we engage in Kingdom advancement prayers. You will be baptized with fresh grace for more fervent prayers to remain strong on your prayer altar.


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