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This year is going to be a year of revelation for you in every area of your life.*This year you will not struggle.*I prophesy in Jesus name your life will be the demonstration of the presence of God.*Your life will be the word become flesh because prophecy will be fulfilled in your life.*God will be fulfilled in your life this season in the name of Jesus Christ.Isaiah 55:10-11When you come to a relationship with God, you must develop value for information and revelation. Deuteronomy 8, Moses tells Israel ‘Make sure you obey the commandments of the Lord that I give you today’. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of God. When Satan tempted Jesus Christ that was what Jesus said.So we establish this fact. The most powerful resource is God’s Word. The creative power of God is in His Word. Hebrews 11:3John 1:1God Himself is called by the Word. Jesus Christ is named by the Word. You read Genesis I, the account of creation, God said let there be light and there was. So when you are reborn with the nature of God inside you, you develop appetite for the Word of God. Remember man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of God.What physical food is to your body is what the Word of God is to your spirit and soul. So when you really have the Spirit of God inside you, you have the nature of God. You will hunger for the Word.Jeremiah 15:16So when God’s Word is found you have got to have a quest to God’s revelation. You want to know what God is saying about your life. That is where life is. That is where the power is.John 6:63 So the Word is found, that transforming power of God, you have to find it. You read Luke 4, Jesus went to the synagogue after He was baptized and the power of the Spirit of God came upon him. He went to the synagogue, they delivered to Him the scroll. And when He had found the place.Luke 4-17You need to find where your destiny is written in the Word of God. This is important. Proverbs 25:2It is honorable for you to conduct searches in the Word of God, to find your destiny. You have got to have a relationship with revelation.Joshua 1:8In Psalms 1 we have the secrets of the blessed man. Psalms 1:1-3God’s Word bears God’s characteristics. God’s Word is eternal.Isaiah 40:8Listen, when revelation is introduced into your life, anything contrary to the Word of God will eventually give way for the Word of God.The grass withers, the flower fades, the Word of our God abides forever. You remember Hebrews 4:12The Word of God is powerful.Jeremiah 22:29So the Word of God is powerful. It changes you before it changes your circumstances. God’s Word has the power to change you. It has the power to change you from the inside out.Thank you Jesus.Acts 20:32Once Satan can shift your focus from the Word of God, he has you in the place of weakness. Remember that is what he did to Eve. Has God said? Remember he came to Jesus. ‘If You are the son of God’. And he knew that was what God said. ‘Turn this stone into bread’. And Jesus said it is written. Once Satan can distract you, and look there is so much today around us competing with the word of God in our hearts, so many ideas, so many seemingly deep things, so many ideologies in philosophy flying around.Focus on the Word of God.2nd Peter 1:16-19Peter is talking about the Mount of Transfiguration. Yes the prophecy about the Mount of Christ was written. There is a difference between the Word of God and the Word of man. You want God, the Word of Christ to manifest in your life, to show up in your life, to influence your life. This is important.John 1:14In DayStar we tell people, we emphasize on revelation. When people come to DayStar having experienced confusion about their lives,within a short time they experience direction. Once you shift your value system and you give priority to the Word of God, the grace of God will flow in your life.Proverbs 13:13God will flow in your life. You will begin to hear God clearly. Confusion will leave your life. You will get new visions, new dreams for your life.I prophesy on someone today in the name of Jesus, the days of confusion are over forever. The Spirit of God will get across to you. As you read your Bible he will get across to you. As you listen to message like this the Spirit of God will stir you up, put you on God’s frequency. What was difficult will become easy in the name of Jesus Christ.The Word of God works wonders at DayStar. When God gives us a revelation, He confirms it with signs.Finally in Abraham’s example,Romans 4:16-21God made him the father of many nations.I say to you today God has never lied before. He is not going to lie on your case. When God gives you a word, He gives you a promise. That Word or promise will see to the end of every negative circumstance in your life.The big question I will ask you right now is can you hold on to the Word of God? To the promise for weeks, for months, for years till you see the promises of God fulfilled?He is delivering revelations now. He says new beginning is now, new dreams, new projects. Can you hold on to the Word of God till you see the manifestation. Abraham did for twenty five years. His body was telling him the situation was impossible. But wait, the grass will wither, the flowers will fade but the Word of our God will abide forever.I want you to pray right now, say to God.Speak to me.You told Abraham ‘I have made you father of many nations’, tell me what you have made me.Tell me who I am.Heavenly Father speak to me.This is my season, this is my moment in the name of Jesus Christ.I am open to receive.Open my ears, open my eyes, open my heart.Plant that vision, plant that dream.Give me that instruction, that life changing instruction.Heavenly Father thank you because You love us. You did not put us down here aimlessly. You put us here to do your will. Like it was for Jesus, so it is for us. We have come to do Your will and I ask Heavenly Father, let the power of the Holy Spirit rest upon everyone that is a part of this service. Give us revelation.1st Corinthians 2:9-10Give each one a revelation. Whatever is a source of confusion right now Heavenly Father, give us instruction to resolve them. Break that curse. Give us a breakthrough, that financial situation, that marital situation, that health challenge.Heavenly Father make today the day of turnaround. Speak to someone in their dream. Speak when they read their Bible. Speak to them when they are praying, speak to them right now. Thank You Heavenly Father. We give You thanks in Jesus name.


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