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-Bishop David Oyedepo

Hour of Visitation, Day 4
3rd Word Session:

The faith of Abraham was the faith of prompt obedience. Now let’s check Genesis 12:1-3 …and so Abraham departed. Chapter 17:10-24, God showed up and say this is my covenant which you shall keep between you and me and thy seed after you, every man’s child shall be circumcised. You will circumcise your foreskin. At the age of 90?

Daring prompt obedience. No we go to chapter 22, another very dramatic thing we are very used to. God spoke to him in the night and you know, God is a Strategist. Abraham received sworn blessing from the Lord by prompt obedience to His word

  • Many people will keep experiencing sworn blessings from now.

If I were to be selling firewood, I’ll be very prosperous. I found it before I found ministry. I have many, many prosperous sons and daughters today who are not in ministry. Neat business, covenant rooted business, sound business, no human connectivity business, no borrowing and they are in billions.

It is not about ministry, it is not about industry, it is about your stand in Christ. Since 1976, I have never begged. I was called into ministry in 1981, never a burden. All these fancy chocolate thing is not the things that work. You dive into it. That was the Abrahamic kind of faith. That is the mystery that Abraham discovered (Romans 4:1) He found the mystery of the faith of prompt obedience to every commandment that brings men and women under the sworn blessing of heaven that is irreversible by man.

  • Somebody’s story is changing.

Prompt obedience, the Abrahamic kind of faith that launches believers into their garden of Eden. Their well-watered garden, where there is no more dry season. It’s there, prompt obedience.

We had this pool called the pool of Bethesda that has five porches and an angel comes in there once a while to stir the waters (John 5:1-4). When I saw “thou shall not borrow”, boom, I wrote my covenant against borrowing same day. You need to hear the humour of what I wrote there. If it means wearing the same shoes for years, I will never beg nor borrow. If it means doing without food, I know before I will die, He will bring the food, I will never borrow and I wrote it down, no guess work.

Men of prompt and daring obedience are unusual men in the kingdom, unusual women in the kingdom. God hasn’t changed. Hearken unto me oh ye that desired the fulfillment of your glorious destiny in Christ. Isaiah 51:2.

There are folks here today that before Jesus returns, like a dream of the night, you will have an army of your own.

  • Men and women assigned to watch over your estates.
  • Men and women assigned to watch over your industries by following the faith of Abraham.

My son what have brought for me? My God, what do I have? Oh my salary, I give that to You. Signed off, December 1987, signed off. January my wife asked me, what about the housekeep? I said I have left it on the altar, she said praise the Lord. Last time she will ask forever.

1991, I have my own accountant, 1987, I laid it on the altar. Prompt obedience. Sir, I never prayed one day, God You are hearing me. Oh God, don’t forget about food this month. I never prayed one day. We never begged one day.

  • Somebody’s story is changing.

That is the enormous power in prompt obedience.

  • Something must turn in everyone’s life today.

He tells you what to do, jump. Seek ye the Lord when He may be found. Call upon Him when He is near. Don’t let Him show at the door before you wake up and start running around. Isaiah 55:6.

We have this dramatic picture in Song of Solomon 5:1-5. Nobody stays knocking on the door forever. Every revelation is a knock on the door of your heart. It won’t be there forever. moment it moves, wait for another time. It may be 10 years, 15 years if you are still there. Nobody keeps knocking on another man’s door forever.

  • Your heavenly package will not return back to God’s store.

Everytime a revelation strikes whether in your private study, in your devotion, in church services; light sprang up from testimonies.

  • Grace to dive and grab it with your two hands, receive it now in the name of Jesus.

That’s the undoing of many of us in the faith. We are too slow for what God is offering us. We are victims of procastination. I’ll try, I’ll do it later, not now. Things are a bit tough now, I can’t do it now”

You remember Reuben my first born, the beginning of my strength but thou shall not excel because thou are unstable as water (Genesis 49:3, Judges 5:16).

In this promised land, it’s not just about obedience, therefore it is about prompt obedience to maximize the good of the land

  • That grace upon everyone’s life today, afresh in the name of Jesus.

Most of the heroes of Bible days were men and women of prompt response to heaven’s instructions. Noah being warned of God move in fear and build an ark (Hebrews 11:7). He wasn’t hanging around.

  • No one will miss his place here

Every vision delivers the most with timely response. Matthew 4:19-20, we saw the encounter of Christ, that of Peter with Christ. Galatians 1:15-16, we saw the response of Paul to his calling. Those are the two greatest names in ministry in the New Testament. You saw the power of prompt response and the impact of the same on their lives afterwards.

Every revelation into the Word delivers the most on prompt response (John 1:11- 12, Luke 5:6-7)

  • May each one return from this hour of Visitation with the grace of prompt response upon our lives.

Instant prayer response to unwanted issues matters the most (Romans 12:11-12). Instant response to unwanted issues in prayer commands the greatest results.

Every time I sense a siege trying to gather cloud (speaking in tongues), you are not up to it, move now! Instant, instant.

  • Grace for prompt response for every unwanted situations on the altar of prayer, receive it now in the name of Jesus.

Timely response to the demand of sacrifice. Israel was plagued, people were dying in their numbers and the roller came up to David, go and rear an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah. He moved immediately ( 2 Samuel 24:24).

Sacrifice requires prompt response (Genesis 22:3).

  • Every form of slow response to what God has ordered to decorate your life, I curse those forces from the root.
  • You must excel in your journey. You shall excel in your journey.

The Bible is not a religious book but a manual for profitable living. It just shows you what next to do to make living more profitable for you if you are interested. If you are interested, it is not forced on anyone.

Let me lay out a few of the prompt obedience opportunities we have had in this commission. Prompt response opportunities that just has kept us changing levels without sweat.

Liberation mandate landed on the 2nd, first power house meeting was set up by the weekend of it. Weekly fellowship began the same month. See where we are today. You strike when the iron is hottest.


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