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Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

  • Everyone involved in it shall be visited continually with the Obededom order of testimonies.
  • Prompt response is an asset.
  • Dragging makes life frustrating and miserable.
  • Lord, let your wind blow across our harvest field, let your fire alarm sound
  • Let it gather great multitudes.
    Grace for prompt response to every instruction of the Lord to us either in our private devotions, in Services like Covenant Hour of Prayers, other fellowships and meetings; grace for prompt response because it is the only way to maximise the blessings and the benefits of divine instructions: lift up your two hands and receive it.
    Grace for prompt response to every divine instruction gathered from our private devotions, divine instruction released in the various fellowship meetings that we attend, grace for prompt response. Every time the water is stirred, whosoever first steps in, is made whole of whatsoever disease. Prompt response will address every issue of our lives. Prompt response to His instruction, to His directives will address every aspect of our lives.
    Now pray for that grace. Grace for prompt response to every instruction of scriptures, every directive from the Lord, receive it now. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    When I caught Matthew 6:33 by divine grace, I dived into it with a vow: see the effects. Tireless engagement is so delightsome, no coercion, no tension, very natural. Whosoever first steps in is made whole of whatsoever disease.
    “You have 2 eyes, can you make one to look up and one to look down”: I vowed never to look elsewhere till I die. September 9,1983. See how God confirms it.
    “But thou shall not borrow”. Why Lord? The borrower is servant to the lender: I entered into a covenant the same moment. Never in my life. See the hand of God.
    Prompt response is an asset. Dragging makes life frustrating and miserable. Prompt response.
    You have prayed it, you won’t miss it. You have prayed it and you will not miss it.
    -God is turning something amazing out of everyone’s life
    -Everyone under the sound of my voice this morning and every Winner across the nations of the earth, God is turning something outstanding out of each one’s life this weekend.
    No matter where you may be right now, God has a supernatural turnaround package waiting for you and your package will not go to anyone else.
    -Your crown, another man will not take in the name of Jesus Christ
    God has a supernatural turnaround package for all of us in this spiritual family and our diverse extensions. He has this package of supernatural, ‘never seen anything in this fashion’ kind of turnaround for each one of us.
    -You will not miss your portion.
    I heard Him say to me from Deuteronomy chapter 28 from verse 1, 1984, “there is a place for you on top if you are interested.”
    I said: I am
    Then whatever I tell you to do, do it. It is your sweatless flight to the topmost top in the race of life. Whatever I tell you to do, do it!! (John 2:5).
    That grace is upon your life, you will not miss it.
    Can I have you say that with me, “it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church this week.”
    Now let’s come specific, “it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church this week.”
    Now let’s define it further, “it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church this Sunday.”
    Now say it like somebody who believes it.
    We serve ‘in a moment’ God (1 Corinthians 15:52). In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. “My mouth has spoken it, my Spirit has gathered them ” (Isaiah 34:16). So God is saying, “in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, I will bring about ‘in a moment’ change. The dead will be raised up incorruptible and we shall all be changed in a moment.” He said, “I am the Lord, I change not.” In a moment (Malachi 3:6).
    Let there be light: in a moment, light came (Genesis 1:3).
    We serve ‘in a moment’ God.
    Let the earth bring forth all kinds of plants: in a moment, it came.
    Let creatures fill up the waters: in a moment…
    He breathe into the nostrils of that clay and man became a living soul in a moment. We serve ‘in a moment’ God and Jesus came, “you have seen Me, you have seen My Father”: in a moment, that Centurion’s servant was made whole.
    Speak the Word only and the selfsame hour, his servant was made whole (Matthew 8:8, 13).
    We serve a God of ‘in a moment’. In a moment.
    Now watch these 2 pictures of ‘in a moment’ growth:
    Numbers 11:31 – in a moment, a wind. Not winds blowing one after the other. In a moment.
    Then we saw another vital momentary force (Isaiah 5:26-27)
    In a moment!
    Now let’s go and interpret that from Acts chapter 2 verse, so we know where the sound is coming from, where the wind is coming from: rushing mighty wind.
    Acts 2:6 – “when this sound went abroad, the multitudes came together.”
    Multitudes responded to the sound in fulfillment of Isaiah chapter 5 verses 26 and 27. They left off everything wherever they were, “we are going.”
    They said: Where?
    We are going, wherever the sound is coming from.
    So He has the wind and the sound as His momentary forces. They deliver in a moment. They have unquestionable capacity to deliver in a moment.
    So Lord, let your wind blow across our harvest field and let it gather great multitudes. Sound your wake up alarm.
    A number of you have wake up alarm on your phone. It won’t stop except you stop it, it will just go on until you wake up.
    Let your fire alarm sound.
    We were in one hotel, my wife will remember and there was a fire alarm; my wife said, “what is happening?” I said, “they don’t ask.” You hear fire alarm, you move. You don’t ask. Everybody, in a moment were on the ground floor, without lift. Everybody!
    Let your ingathering fire alarm sound across our harvest field.
    If you look at Isaiah 5 chapter 27, no waiting: it is a fire alarm, no waiting.
    “None shall be weary”: you can’t say, “I feel tired.” Alarm, fire alarm, you move.
    “None shall stumble among them”: nobody fell down. Straight, speed down the stairs.
    “None shall slumber nor sleep”: you can’t say you are sleeping when fire alarm is sounding. You wake up. The alarm is not the kind you can say, “you are not waking up.”
    Whether it was in Europe or US, I can’t remember again but it was a wonderful night. Fire alarm, everybody was alarmed. Amen.
    I was telling our people yesterday, I said, “look, you say it is the devil that makes you to steal. Why can’t the devil put you on the road when trailer is coming?”
    No, you choose to live so you see the trailer, you move. It is the devil that makes you to steal. Now he didn’t stop you from eating since you have been born. You eat at will. Why? you choose to live. It’s all a choice. The things you obey is your choice, the one you disobey is your choice. Even the Almighty God cannot force His way into your life so how can one poor devil force his way into your life. He (God) said, “I stand at the door and knock. It is when you open, I come in” (Revelation 3:20). So what the devil does is what you open for.
    -Well the good news is everyone who will pray this prayer and we should all pray this prayer: Lord let the mighty rushing wind blow across our harvest field again. Let it gather quails of men and women in a moment this coming Sunday, the kind we have never seen before.
    Number 11:31 – 2 days journey on this side, 2 days journey on that side and it all happened in a moment. 2 cubits high. They just piled them up! The wind gathered them and piled them up. He made them fall round about the camp, not that they were going around looking for them. They are just around you, you will just pick and eat. Pick and eat. One wind, in a moment!
    Prayer: Let your wind blow again. Holy Ghost, unleash your wind across our harvest field. Let it gather quails of men from across the sea of Lagos and Ota; let them come falling down around here. Right here on Canaanland, the kind of multitude we have never seen before.
    How many believe that?
    You know why? God has not changed. I am the Lord, I change not (Ecclesiastes 1:9). We need to engage the Holy Spirit for ‘in a moment’ delivery this coming Sunday.
    How many understand what I am talking about?
    So let your wake up alarm sound across our harvest field, reaching out to everyone that holds our fliers, our tracts and have had contact with us on the harvest field. Everyone, whatever year they got that flier: Alarm, wake up, on your way to Canaanland. Wake up, on your way to Faith Tabernacle. Wake up now!!! Alarm!!
    It shall happen again. You know when you pray according to His will, He hears us. His will is to gather in innumerable multitude through the mystery of the mighty rushing wind and the sound from Heaven, a trump bringing about the dramatic change of story.
    To see divine agenda delivered, just keep rejoicing. Keep rejoicing, you are creating an environment for God to perform His Word, to confirm His Word.
    Psalm 67:6-7
    “Let the people praise thee o God, then shall the earth yield her increase.”
    “Let the nations rejoice and be glad, then the earth shall yield her increase and God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear Him.”
    We are going to see things next Sunday. We are just engaging the Lord of the Harvest, with unlimited capacity to reap the harvest of the world at a go.
    You know how many percentage increase they had in the Upper Room through the mystery of the wind and the sound! From 120 to 3000, do you know the percentage? My God.
    So it is not about double, it is about innumerable company. From 120 folks to 3, 120: innumerable. We are going to see that this Sunday.
    Someone says, “but why all this trouble?” In the multitude of people is the King’s honour (1 Kings 14:28). We are just out in honour of Jesus.
    You say, “No, it is not enough”
    The One who sent us said, “in the multitude of the people and I want all men saved; I want them gathered unto Me to acquire the knowledge of the truth.”
    You say: Why?
    That’s why.
    1 Timothy 2:4
    Multitudes are still in the valley of decision, I want you to go out, tell them, “I am here to give them rest.” Glory to God. “I don’t want no one to perish”, that’s what He said.
    So it is not our ambition, it is our commission. We are just under an instruction to partner with Him in it.
    Prayer: Ask God for grace, for unusual dimension of partnership these last 2 days; today and tomorrow! To pray the correct kind of prayer. To engage the Lord of the Harvest in prayers; to move out with passion and share with your friends, your neighbours and other loved ones about what Jesus is doing in this Church, this coming Sunday. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    -As the Lord lives, the scourge of untimely death shall no more have expression in our camp.
    -Good old age will become the identity of every Winner worldwide.
    -Every married soul, you will live very long with your spouses.
    -Every would be mothers, you will see your children become great in your lifetime.
    -Death and its sting shall not be known in our camp anymore.
    -Whatever you put on your list of Prayer Banquet and those you are bringing in, in the name of Jesus, every such item will be turned to a testimony.
    -In that anointing service, breakthrough will become your new identity.
    He said, “supernatural turnaround shall henceforth become your identity.”
    -So by that anointing, you are stepping into that supernatural realm of turnaround and it shall be clear to everyone.
    -Your mockers will know it because every issue of mockery will be turned to glory in the name of Jesus.
    So let’s pray the Holy Ghost prayer extensively, knowing that is the key, releasing ‘in a moment’ forces of Heaven for ingathering of innumerable multitudes. He will hear us, He has heard us already. We will see wonders this coming Sunday.
    Anyone you pray for will show up.
    Anyone you say, ‘come’ will respond.
    You also will be surprised and not only that, your turnaround package, your open and speedy reward will come through like a dream of the night. So shall it be.
    Declare them as your most fruitful days since the year began. Your most spiritual robust days since you met Jesus.
    Do that from the depth of your heart everybody. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    In case anyone under the sound of my voice is not baptized in the water yet, please note that tomorrow is our Water Baptismal Service and it is holding at our various places where we have baptistries across Lagos and Ota. Take advantage of it, it is important to fulfill all righteousness. Jesus is waiting. Your obedience is the only guarantee for a future. Let’s obey Him and see Him decorate our lives over and again in the name of Jesus.
    Well tomorrow is our WSF (Winners Satellite Fellowship), it shall be explosive. Many more Home Cells will open tomorrow, than we have seen in the last few weeks. In the name of Jesus.
    I am sure you are glad that we are now 8,000 plus new Cells since this drive began. Give the Lord praise. 8,000 plus new Home Cells. Awesome God, what He says, He does. What He commands, He confirms. Give Him praise one more time.
    -Everyone involved in it, be visited continually with the Obededom order of testimonies in the name of Jesus.
    Give Him thanks.


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