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-Dr Kenneth Copeland
Hour of Visitation, Day 1
40th Anniversary Prophetic Feast, “Possessing Your Promised Land” and we are talking about “Possessing our full plan of life”.

Psalm 91:14 -16
With long life
Genesis 6:3, Exodus 23:25-26
Always remember this, in the Bible the first mention of a thing always carries that same authority and that same statement through out the rest of the Word.
Genesis 6:3
When He said, I will see to it that the length of your days is fulfilled, he is talking about 120 years. He already said that is your lifespan. Once He already said, then it is in His covenant forever. The written Word is Covenant Word. These are God’s statements, God’s Promises, God’s will. What He has said in His covenant Word is His will.
Why will God say, “eat this but don’t eat that”; “do this but don’t do that”: that is based on your living 120 years. It is so simple
It doesn’t matter about what any man says about long life, it is what God says about long life that counts.
In medical science, there is a general consensus in the medical community that the human body should live 120 years.
I am committed and covenanted with God to carry out the length of my days in order to draw attention to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is His keeping power, it is His Word.
Why do we call the Bible God’s Word?
When you think of a man like Bishop David Oyedepo, I know from many years of contact with this man, that he is a man of integrity. He is a man that if He says, then it is Yes, if He says No, it is No
Matthew 12:37
To choose life, you must choose to speak Words of life.
What belongs to God belongs to me.
You need to speak words of life, because they are faith-filled words. Life Words are faith filled Words
Respond to God instead of responding to the devil in people, never retaliate – 1 Thessalonians 5:15
What belongs to God, belongs to you, what belongs to you belongs to God.
Peace means nothing missing and nothing broken. If you have sickness in your body then it means something is broken and that is not part of God’s will for your life.
Don’t give thanks for the trial and the tests; give thanks in the testing and the trials. Give thanks for the victory that overcomes the trial and the test – 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:24


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