What Christians and Pastors Can Learn from Dr Paul Enenche’s Marriage

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Praise the name of the Lord forever, Amen!

Today I want to quickly teach something that we must all learn from the life

and Marriage of Our Father, God’s Anointed Servant, Dr Pastor Paul Enenche,

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Christian Center Abuja.

Daddy is such an humble man filled with the spirit of God, and the Power of God at work in his Life is evidently obvious for all to see and we cannot deny it, but beyond the supernatural and miracles that we all can see in the Ministerial aspect, is the Succeeding and Excelling Marriage, that is evident for all to see, in the manner with which him and his wife relate and smile and operate even in Church, it is something highly fascinating and the Bible says, ‘Follow them who through Faith and Patience obtain the promise, it Is those that obtain the promise, that we have been commanded to follow, those who have results, those whose light is shining brightly for the world to see, the devil notwithstanding, they are making such a tremendous progress that we all cannot deny, it is evidently obvious and we return the Glory back to God for that, we are indeed blessed to have them as our spiritual Parents, we are sure that we are been led unto a destination that is glorious, by the virtue of what we can see at work in their own live presently.

Few Things

We can learn from Daddy’s Successful Marriage;

# Heart for God: We all cannot deny the heart that God’s servant has for God, his

Passion for God is second to none, his zeal for God is amazing, his pursuit

after God is mindblowing! You can Not be dedicated to God that way and God will

not be dedicated to taking care of all that concerns you, including your

Marriage… amazingly, God’ servant and his wife are both dedicatedly serving God

together in the ministry, thereby making themselves available as tools in the

hand of God, this is such a thing that we must all desire that, you won’t just

serve God alone, but your household will be instructed and led in the way of


When Husband and Wife are holding the hand of

God together, no Devil from Hell can penetrate such marriage; we live in a

world that is governed by various ungodliness and ways of men, but wisdom must

be found in God’s Children, they must not go the way of the world.

Whenever I see Daddy and his Wife sitting

down in church, I just get excited and I know that I am going to replicate the

same for God in my generation.

#Heart of Love:  Daddy’s Heart of Love is amazing, it is obvious and evident that the love between Both Dr PAUL Enenche and his Wife is deep, their smile alone can solve your problems and melt your burdens away, Love is a very powerful force, and God is love, when you know God abundantly, you will enjoy Love ceaselessly!

I believe their knowledge of God and

dedication to God is a major facilitator of their love for each other, God is a

God of Peace and LOVE, and where there is abundance of God, there is abundance

of Love.

Love is a necessity for marriage to work,

everyone must walk towards Loving their partners and making their marriage to

work, the love must grow by the day, both in interaction, prayers and


#A Life of Vision : The Bible says ‘Where there is No Vision, the People

Perish’ so Vision is a major facilitator of ‘Flourishing in Life

every Life, Destiny, Marriage, Family that must work, must ride on the wing of

Vision, there must be a running Vision in order to make things work out


There are many Marriages that are subject to routine lifestyle, it is not been enjoyed because there is no Vision, No goals

and agenda that ought to fuel the smooth running, I remember God’s servant

telling us; how that he doesn’t go for ministration without taking his Wife along

with him, these are winning wisdom that shut downs against intruders and

enemies of Marriage, especially for Ministers and Leaders.

On various issues, we can see Daddy orderly settling his marriage and family appropriately in such a way that makes them worthy of emulation, this is what vision does, God’s servant has told us many times how that right from the beginning, he knew the kind of marriage he was heading for, ‘It’s not just for carnal Pleasure but for spiritual impact’ this is so evident and obvious today for all to see.

#Divine Direction: This is something very important we all must pay attention to,

especially single youths, Divine Direction on the issue of Life Partner is extremely

crucial, we must be guided by God, one of the aspects where spirituality must

speak and show in the life of a son and daughter of God, is in Marriage, you

must be open to God and his will for your Life Partner, you must set things

your way. God’s servant Dr Paul Enenche, told us.. how he was busy pressing

into God and God led him to his wife and ever since then till now, he has not

known any other person, it was a divine direction that came timely to power

Destiny ahead of time, because that aspect needs to be fixed, so that he can

focus on his Calling and Assignment as we all can see it today, To God be the


God’s Will is best and perfect for us; he has the best master plan, if only we allow him to have his way, someone might need to pray tonight, that God take away my own will and desire and let your Will be mine, let me want what you want, let me love what you love.


: The Bible says ‘Faith without Work is Dead!; There is a Work aspect of every

Faith moves, this means, doing the needful, we have seen God’s servant, taking

mummy out on a date, even as busy as he is, he always take out time to have a

personal retreat together, before Glory Dome was completed, we saw them taking pictures

together and just enjoying the beauty of the environment, these are some of the

works that make marriage work!

Also, I remember God’s servant, telling us,

how he imparted Mummy with Spiritual Gifts before they marry, and interpretation

of Tongues, these are all works that are required to make marriage work, both spiritual

and physical responsibility, many times, he has shared with us, how he take

mummy to boutique and buy many matched colored cloths, also while the marriage

was still young, daddy always come home with Suya for mummy, these are all tips

they are making their marriage super blissful and we are learning from them to

replicate the same in our marriages.


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