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Gehazi was a good man but a single stupid act crushed the remain of a foolish life.

Do you remember the rod of Elisha didn’t work in the hand of Gehazi.

He was never anointed, Elisha didn’t see it, only God knew.

He walked by mere sight nothing more.

He was very observant and knew about people physical problem yet he lacked the most important thing in life.

What happened to Gehazi is happening to many people today, they know all religious process but do not know God by themselves.

Prophet Daniel said those who know their God shall do GREAT EXPLOITS.

Exploit is missing because you have not know God.

It starts with being born again, discipleship and conscious walk with God.

You see the GREAT apostle Paul said, that I may Him and the power of resurrection. It is a continuous thing.

Everyone who have met Jesus wants to know Him MORE everyday.

It has nothing to do with the supernatural but it is natural habit of born again Christians.

Some young folks at Babajide School of Prophets many years ago wanted to play prank on the great prophet of God.

They said since Baba will ask us to discern accurately before he accept that we are genuine prophets let us test him too.

So they hide a tuber of yam under the bucket with other buckets, they asked Baba where the yam was.

The great Prophet of God told them there was no yam in any of the bucket except vegetables.

Sarcastically they said so this man have been deceiving us, to prove the prophet wrong, they opened the buckets.

The bucket had vegetable underneath, no yam.

Gehazi never took his master serious if he did he would know that a prophet is a prophet, God is with him always.

A believer should know this basic truth, God is with us always no matter where we find ourselves.

If we will not do ANYTHING BY FAITH it is BETTER that we don’t do ANYTHING AT ALL.

I have always warn people around me to be careful, KNOWING GOD PERSONALLY will help you to relate with people well especially God servants.

Elisha and the sons of the prophet never lack anything but unbelief forced Gehazi to think the leprosy on Naaman is the best for him.

With unbelief, leprosy is near.

Unbelief made him see the raiment and silver as gem, if he had seen by faith he would have see that leprosy awaits him.

Your pursuit of irrelevant things are a stone throw away from leprosy.

Jesus said seek ye FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD and EVERY OTHER THINGS shall be added to you.

The kingdom operates solely on faith relying on God daily.

What happened to Gehazi maybe happening to you now, U N B E L I E F.

We walk by FAITH not by SIGHT.

Greed, covetousness are all products of unbelief manifesting as anxiety and ambition.

Some of us recite the Lord’s prayer without minding the wordings just like Gehazi.

Most sing HYMNS without know HIM.

Some are churched but not in HIS CHURCH.

The kingdom thermometer runs on F A I T H.

A.T Joel


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