What I Learned in Ministry To Never Fight Spiritual Parents

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By Evangelist J.T Taboko .

This might not be your lesson but is something that I have learned for months. Why become a warfare to the man who took care of your warfare? You cannot unseat a principality that gave you a seat , You can never erased a man who raised you . You can never lie about men who laid their lives so you find a platform, you can never topple a man who topple you up and set you at the top .

You cannot dishonor who made people honor you, you can not bring embarrassment to the man who gave you endorsement.
Listen to me never become a problem to the man who gave you emblem. You cannot deplatform the man or woman of God that gave you that platform , you might think you succeeding but is a lie from the pit of hell rather in most cases the Father’s and Mother’s in spirit may be the ones that wrong you BUT
Remember the God who anointed David to kill Goliath could never allow him to kill Saul . The battle against your spiritual mother or father is a battle you can never win. The drunkenness of Noah is not a license to expose whatever you think is his nakedness,
That will be wickedness and foolishness in the sights of God . For the man was naked in his own bedroom. The mistake of Moses in marrying an Ethiopian woman ha not taken away from the ability to make Miriam Leprous.
Am not hear to defend errors of spiritual father’s, mother’s and mentors , am actually an advocate for correction But allow their heavenly father to deal with them in his own way and time.

Please listen to me if they don’t repent the Bible says who are you to condemned another man’s servant before his master, he stands or falls . I say this because I Ave seen Sons, daughters Fight their spiritual father’s and Mother’s on behalf of their heavenly father only to be punished by the same heavenly father.
Please anything man of God run away from it is an advise let God handle it his way.


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