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Every good thing you would ever need in life is found in Christ; by Him, everything you see in the world, the riches, the beauty, the glory, all came into being. You don’t find these in Christ: poverty, sickness, diseases, failure, setbacks, shame, disappointments, and every other negative thing you could ever think of.

If you want the good things of life, you must come and find them in Christ. Don’t be deceived, you can have all the good things of life without having the bad and the negative things; having or experiencing the negative things is a choice, if you make choice to experience them once in a while, you would experience them, but if you decide you are never going to experience them, you will never experience them.

It’s important for you to know this also, if you are in Christ but fail to possess all the good things that have been made available for you in Him, you have automatically make way for the negative things to come into your life. Your failure to possess your riches in Christ would bring you poverty; your failure to possess your health in Christ would make you struggle with sickness and diseases.

Christ is the only place where we find everything that’s good and excellent, outside Him, there’s no guarantee of you finding the good things of life except the counterfeit that the devil offers as His way of getting people deceived.

I live in Christ, in Him, I have abundance and I live in abundance of every good thing. My way pleases the Lord and He makes all my adversaries seek peace with me.


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