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We often asked ourselves, what’s wrong with the church? Mostly, we point accusing finger to the ministers of the gospel. Well, I am not ready to argue your answer.
Do you see the rate at which Mammon slaughters Pastors?
Do you see the rate at which everybody wants to belong?
Do you see the rate at which mammon appeal to everyone of us?
Friends will you attend a church where you worship under open heaven beaten by the sun?
Will you be ready to listen to that Pastor whose suits is old despite the power of God upon him?
Will you be ready to bless that ministry that has no state of the art facilities?
Will you take your family to that church where Christ is preached? Or to that place where mammon inspired sermon is sweet?
Don’t you call Pastors who have nothing old school?
Don’t you hate it when preachers emphasized so much on holiness?
Don’t you prefer that place where you will hear sugarcoated messages that massages your ego?
When God used the poor pastors to bless you, where do you take your offering?
When you noticed the need of a poor pastor, do you help out?
The fact is the society murdered the poor pastor to create most of the greedy ones.
The worst of this mammon driven society is that the society don’t support the weak, they prey on them.
Everyone seems to be in a hurry to make money, that’s the reason you’re not interested in spiritual growth.
The world have taken over the word in the church..we don’t need to spread blame game, all of us need to repent and go back to the old rugged cross.
A.T Joel.


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