Why Can’t Ladies be Faithful in a Relationship?

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There are many issues happening in relationship nowadays and it seems as if its almost impossible for partners to stay faithful to one another again, this is a major concern, a man just narrate his own experience below, read it and let’s know what you think about it.

Some guys too dey go through a lot in this relationship thing. 🤦‍♂️
A man has narrated amid the pains of heartbreak how he caught his girlfriend with another man.
According to the man, he thought she was in school, but a cousin of his in the village informed him that he had seen his girlfriend with a barman.

”My cousin who lives in the village called me very late one night while i was fast asleep, at first i refused to take the calls, thinking he wanted he wanted to beg me money. He sent a text and said it was urgent, I finally picked and he told me that he just saw my girlfriend with a known barman in my village.
I was shocked so I told him to stop joking but he said he wasn’t joking that was the reason, he was calling me to be sure if it was really my girl, because he knew her.

I have taken my girl to the village on two occasions when my mother died and when my sister was getting married and that bar was actually where i usually take her to, to chill out, so when my cousin told me at first I doubted him but then I told him i would like to enquire myself.
I remembered on occasions we went there, the Batman usually loves talking to her and tell her she’s pretty and like calling her sweet names, she’ll be blushing and I didn’t know they later exchange numbers.
It was too late so in the morning, I called my girlfriend in the morning and ask her how she is, as I try not to create any suspicious by not asking her where she was, I just told asked her about school and She told me she is preparing for lectures, telling me she’s almost on my way.
”I told her I would like to see her face, but she refused to video call to do video call, saying she’s in a hurry and blaming it on bad network and several times she didn’t pick up my WhatsApp video call and this girl loves video calling me.

”So I called I travel to the village in the afternoon I got there in the evening, slept and in the morning around 9am when i knew the barman would have left for business. i told my cousin to take me to the barman’s apartment. We got there, i knocked the door, lo and behold it was my own girlfriend with just a wrapper tied to the chest that opened the door, when she saw me she started crying.”

What do you think is the problem in this story ?

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