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-Bishop David Oyedepo
at Midweek Communion Service

*Receive grace to take responsibility for empowerment.
*Empowerment in the Kingdom is not for show or marketing but for service.
Give the Lord a big clap. Thank You Jesus. Lift up your right hand to Heaven and ask God for a definite encounter tonight. I must leave here with a key in my hand.

Today is the last service in the month of March and God usually reserves the best for the last. Lord Jesus I desire the last days encounter tonight with Your Word, an encounter of a lifetime.

Ask the Lord from the depth of your heart. Do a new thing in my life tonight. Show me the way to go and how to get there in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Lord Jesus we have all gathered to seek You. Let no one leave here without a story to tell. Grant everyone tonight an encounter that will launch us into a realm of rest. Thank You Lord.

We are all set for the last days encounter. It’s the last day of the month and the last service of this month. Show up on our behalf. Empower us supernaturally today and let the purpose of March be fully accomplished in Jesus precious name. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

Now we understand from Scriptures that every turn around is triggered by a man’s obedience of faith. A man born blind 40 years old, Jesus plastered his eyes with clay and told him to go to the Pool of Siloam to wash it and he went and washed and came back seeing for the first time in his life. Every turnaround answers is to our prompt obedience to His instructions. Now go to Jordan and wash. Dip yourself in there 7 times. Most of the time we lose so much time to procrastination like Reuben, to go or not to go, to move or not to move. Every turnaround in the Kingdom is a result of man’s prompt obedience of faith to whatsoever God commands.

This commission is a product of prompt response of faith to Heaven’s instructions. You can’t give any iron a shape when it’s cold, you give it a shape when it’s red hot. The English man will say “Make hay while the Sun shines”. It’s not about response. We are victims most of the times of belittling response, dragging response that connotes doubt. Prompt response is key to the most adventurous and fulfilling power life in the Kingdom. The day I saw that thou shall not borrow was the same day I entered into a Covenant to not borrow in life and see how it has given my life rest. You don’t embark on the things God is asking us to do with a borrowing mentality, you will borrow till death. You will so borrow that you’ll become a borrow pit. Amen. There’ll be holes all over your body.

The day I saw the mystery of Kingdom Prosperity, I dived into it. I yelled and shouted like never before. The day that Jesus said arise and go to Lagos, the same day I moved from Kaduna to Lagos. I’m not talking about you hearing or not hearing from God.

Many things have been said this month but it’s all about hearing and doing what He says. Praise God. “Whosoever hears my Word and put it to work is a wise man. He has built his house upon the rock, the rain and flood may come but the house will be standing”. Believe and rejoice as you do.
Somebody’s story is changing.

If you have put 50 percent of what you know of your God, that He spoke to You directly from His Word? What will your life be like today? I mean 50 percent of what you know, not the one they preached to you but what you discover for yourself. Now put that on top of the things you have been taught by God-sent teachers.

Tonight is a night of empowerment. You shall be empowered to making obedience your new lifestyle. Let me hear your loudest amen.

Tonight we will be looking at


Our God is a Covenant keeping God and not a Father Christmas God. There is what you must do to move His hand to confirm His Word in your life. If one is too smart to repent he can never be saved. If you have problem with complying with instructions you are simply heading for devastation.

If a man will not believe in the finished work of Christ he will never be saved. If you are too smart to give then are too smart to prosper. If you know someone that don’t go to Church anymore you will see him go from weakness to weakness, down, down and out. For they only grow from strength to strength those who are in Zion, now that you are smarter than that, MD, Chairman, Executive Chairman, that’s what they bear now in Nigeria. Everybody is an executive. Every provision of Scriptures lives you and I of what to do. We serve a what to do God. Amen. We just need to know Him.

We’ll be touching on a very important subject tonight.


What must I do to be and remain empowered and this is so important. Infact Jesus told them, “Don’t ever go, tarry, wait until you’re endued with power from on high”. These principles are not enough. You need to be empowered to fulfill your mission on earth. You need to be empowered to fulfill your destiny. “Tarry in Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high”.

Luke 24:49
Those were folks that sat and lived with Jesus for three and half years. They were the first to hear the good tidings. But don’t go nowhere. I can’t guarantee your going until you are endued with power from on high. That’s how significant empowerment is.

Empowerment in the Kingdom is not for show. It’s for service. “You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you, you shall be witnesses of me”. So how disposed we are to serving Him determines what level of power we can ever walk in. It’s not magicians power like Simeon thought. When he saw the Holy Ghost come upon them as Peter laid hands on the people, he offered money, “give me this power also”. “Give me this power that whosoever I lay my hands upon”. He will receive the Holy Ghost and then collect money.

Empowerment in the Kingdom is not for marketing. It is for service. Only those who are out for God keeps growing in power. Not just power for power sake. So we need to know the purpose.

With a head to serve God with your resources, God has all the power in empowering you for wealth. How disposed a believer is to serving God and the interest of His Kingdom is what determines what level of power he can walk in.

Why we cannot buy the power of God with money is, empowerment is always at a cost. They told those foolish virgins “go to them that sell and buy for yourselves”.

What is the cost of empowerment? When you see people coming to drop offering when you are ministering, they are buying to your power. They are Simeons. You can’t use money to buy the power of God. Things have been so bastardized today sir. You can’t use money to buy the power of God. I’m preaching and you’re dropping money for what? Did I complain to you that I need money? He’s not hearing anything, nothing, he’s not writing anything, amen amen, amen. Then he jumps up and then there are some ushers who will now be collecting it. “It’s for the Man of God. That one is not for offering”.

Somebody came and said I appeared to him in a dream and said I said he should bring an offering for him to be imparted. I said “It’s not me, it’s somebody else you saw, it’s not me my friend”. I said “What we carry is freely given and we freely give so kneel down if God ever called you for anything I’ll pray for you now and He will empower you to do what He has called you to do” I said “give the offering to the poor or to the needy. It’s not me you saw o”. He said “I hear”.
Somebody’s story is changing.

You can’t buy the power point of God with money. What is the cost of the power of God. What does it cost me to get empowered? Now in
Psalms 63:1-3
In fasting of the soul, and longing of the flesh which equals fasting is a fundamental course for empowerment. You can now see how many people have sown their birthright to their stomach. A task of the soul and longing of the flesh is a Covenant requirement in the Kingdom.
Matthew 25:91

The fuel in my car cannot cannot run your car, the oil in my lamp cannot light your lamp. “Is this not the fast that I have chosen to be powerful? So fasting is prescribed to breaking every yoke. Now the yoke is broken by the anointing so we get anointed through the cause of prayer and fasting.
Isaiah 58:6

Spiritual empowerment is key to fulfilling our glorious destiny and fulfilling our mission in the journey of life. So Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith went on a forty day fasting spree and he returned in the power of the Spirit.
Luke 4:14
Hebrews 12:2
No one ever gets empowered without subscribing to the demand of prayer and fasting. “If your early father give good gifts to your children how much more will God give the Holy Ghost to them that ask Him?

Empowerment is based on demand. You don’t wait for it , you demand for it. It’s a matter of fasting coupled with fasting.
Mark 2:18-20
The bridegroom left over 2000 years ago. We are in the fasting era of the Church.
Luke 6:33-35

The end time Church is ordained a reigning Church and empowerment is fundamental to the enthronement of this Church.
Psalms 110:1-3
Power answers to the demand of prayer and fasting. So fasting has become a major item on God’s agenda for the Church today. You better plug in. It takes empowerment to grow your destiny and fulfill your mission on the earth. It takes empowerment to find your way through.

The enemy does not respect grammar he only bows to power. It takes empowerment to subdue the enemy. Thank You Jesus. Somebody’s story is changing.

“Don’t be slothful but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises”.
2nd Corinthians 6:5
2nd Corinthians 11:27
Acts 14
He rose from that state. We saw him in Philippians 1:23-25
He had claimed dominion over them. He was lost in the seas overnight. He was a man given to fasting often.

I’m sure everyone here wants to fulfill his or her glorious destiny in life. You want to fulfill your mission on earth, this is God’s wisdom pathway to realizing that dream. No matter the anointing sir, if you don’t subscribe to this demand of fasting you will soon be rendered powerless and helpless. Those are your New Testament gods as it were on Samson. You don’t play with it. When that is scraped, you become helpless. Somebody’s story is changing.

That was the testimony of Paul. “Jesus I know, Paul I know, who are you? Lined up after Christ. Power. That is the cost of empowerment. Our access and sustainance to the realm of growing empowerment is the demand of prayer and fasting. It is also important for me to mention here that Scriptures recognize different levels of empowerment.
Ezekiel 47:1-5
So it comes to us in the form of a river. Can I hear your amen. So we saw four levels of empowerment in there and we can easily interpret it to mean this

Ankle deep empowerment is the power of the Holy Ghost. Can I hear your amen. It is your beginners class in your school of thought. That’s the kindergarten of power. You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost had come upon you, that’s what they’re talking about. Praise God.

Then we have the knee-deep power. We saw them receive power in. Acts 2 but in Acts 4 with great power preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. So it moved from power to great power.
Act’s 4:33
Praise God.

The next level is the waist level. Now Paul was speaking in Ephesians 1:17-20
The ressurection power is called the exceeding great power. So the waist deep is the exceeding great power level. That’s the power that brings dead things back to life. Exceeding great level power. Many don’t get near that all their lives. They run off at kindergarten level.

Then we have this level that cannot be passed over. The nearest interpretation to that is in Hebrews 6:5
So this river that cannot be passed over is the manifestation of the powers of the world to come. Men having command at the level that Christ has that cannot be passed over. Now at that level they cannot go off, they cannot backslide. The powers of the world to come.

So power is not power. Power pass power. Not that I have the Holy Ghost. At what level are you operating from? Power pass power. The powers of the world to come, there is no limit. You just keep climbing. That’s the way it works. Somebody will need to scream, you devil come out seven times before it does. Somebody else will say satan get out of there. One it’s gone. Somebody else comes and Satan disappears. It can’t wait for you to say something. There are different levels. So don’t just rush to the prayer altar for needs. Engage in the altar of prayer and fasting for empowerment. As your level changes, your level of command changes.

Psalms 66:3
It’s time we move from the realm of grammar to the realm of power. You can entertain your audience with grammar but the devil has no respect for grammar. He only bows to power.

I remember a story in those early days in our ministry. I wasn’t there but they were casting out a devil and the devil looked at one of them and gave him a dirty slap. The possessed person gave the person a dirty slap. “I’m not talking about everybody, you you asking me to go out”. Amen. Praise God.

We need to grow in power. Don’t let people’s applause confuse you. You need to grow in power. I need to grow in power. So encrave for next levels of empowerment. It is fundamental to our desired change of level of command. There must be an undying crave for change of level in the school of power because that is the only way to enhance our level of command in the affairs of life.

Now we all know that no one empowers his enemy so to be empowered we must be in love with God you won’t use the power against His Kingdom. Amen. We must remain in love with God to experience growing levels of empowerment.

Remember Paul said “What shall separate us from the love of God? In all these things we are more than conquerors. For me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. So he’s not empowered for free. The love of God burning inside him was the covenant qualifier for his empowerment.
Romans 8:35-38
That was his platform. He had an established platform that qualifies him for growing in power.

Without a heart for God, you are not a candidate. He is checking you. “I hope this guy will not rise up against my Kingdom tomorrow? For instance you can never be empowered for wealth above your heart to promote His Kingdom. You cannot. I’ve studied Him, I know Him. You cannot. I cannot. But with a heart for God, He keeps empowering you to move from one level to another. I told you some time back, before I had my first bank account in life I desired inside my being, “If you ever bless me Jesus I will be building Churches”. I had no plot of land of my own when I decided. One day I said to God “If I have a pugeot car right now I would like to give it to this individual who is going . on this mission. The following day someone brought me a pugeot car. It went to him direct. I never touched the key in my hands. There is nothing you want based on your love for His Kingdom that God delays in giving you. So if you seek empowerment you can be part of His end time army in advancing His Kingdom for free, we need to understand that platform. Not “Father give me power I will show them now.

Now I saw the prophetic drama in Ezekiel 37. I went to the mountain for three days. God showed me the secret behind the Book of Ezekiel. The rain fell, sun came, dried me up. I never left. Third day the Lord said to me “Behold I have touched your tongue with the coal of fire. From henceforth as you say it, you see it.”. I went for Him, I went for His Kingdom and I returned in power. The things I say you will not know the meaning o but ask the people in the other camp. When I say a thing they are tormented because I have been empowered by grace to operate in that realm.

Anything done on the basis of love will always catch Heaven’s attention for response.
Somebody’s story is changing. Thank You Father.

No one experience a change of level of empowerment without a heart for God. So we must keep the love of God in our heart to keep moving from one level of empowerment to another. He will always empower and anoint His lovers.
1st Samuel 13:14
Psalms 18:21-24
Your story is changing.

Now the purpose of empowerment is stewardship.
Luke 10:1-2
He empowers everyone on the go for Him naturally. Lord as I go out today anoint me afresh that whosoever I come in contact with will submit to the authority of Your Word in my mouth and be convicted at the point of Salvation in the name of Jesus. He says now you are doing My will, be empowered. You become unstoppable.

It was Myles Munroe of blessed memory that said “When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable”. You better know your purpose for empowerment and recognize the platform that qualifies for empowerment and give to the Church and watch as you keep changing levels.

Lift up your right hand to Heaven and give God thanks for the life that is shown to you today. No enemy will take advantage of your life anymore.
It’s the dawn of a new day for you.
Speak to the Lord. We are talking about empowerment not religion. Thank You for showing me the way to empowerment. I receive grace from You tonight to connect with this demand. In Jesus name we have prayed.

Now there’s a missing link and I want to show you before we serve the communion. Now fire won’t go up without wood. We’re empowered on the altar of prayer, we sustain the altar by the Word. The Word of God is the wood.
Leviticus 6:12-13
Glory to God. That’s the challenge with those who just go on and on, fasting and fasting, they are empowered but there is no wood, the fire goes out. But when the fire is ignited and you keep casting wood into it, every morning you sustain the burnfire, you keep adding wood, it keeps going higher and higher.

Somebody asked me how do you get time to read? I said how do you get time to eat? All these Sunday Sunday Christianity won’t go far. Amen. You keep pouring wood on it to keep the fire burning.

I’ve not seen a burnout in my life. I’m burning everyday. Burnout for what? For being in seven services? I laid hands on people here one day till 10:20 pm from morning service without sitting down. No fire goes on without wood.

Lord grace to take responsibility for Spiritual empowerment I receive it. Go ahead and pray. We need the Word to keep the fire burning.
Lord grace to subscribe to the demands of keeping the fire burning. Lift up your two hands and pray. Get out of that docile situation, get out of that passive situation and take responsibility. It’s not about speaking in tongues but remain in the power. Thank You You Jesus in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Refuse to be lost in the crowd. Don’t ever convince yourself. We are all empowered in our Church. Are you empowered as an individual? Judas was one of the twelve. A confidant of Christ, Satan entered into him and turned him off.

🎶Give me oil in my lamp. Keep it burning.
Give me oil in my lamp I pray.🎶

You need oil in your lamp to keep your lamp burning. You can’t use my oil to keep your lamp burning. Husband and wife are one flesh. That’s what the Bible says but the fuel in the car of the husband can’t power the car of the wife. When we were growing up you always use your mouth to draw something from another person’s car and out in your own. The kind of cars they do today you can’t draw. Amen.
It’s Matthew 25 kind of car. You either have your lamp or you can’t get from anywhere else. You need your own oil.

Say with me I need my own oil. To give meaning to my life. To be a man of impact. I need oil in my life to keep the devil away, to keep the power of darkness away. I need oil in my life to keep triumphing in life.

Grace to be willing to keep paying this price receive it now in the name of Jesus.
-Sickness and disease will be far away from your life.
-Satanic opression will be far from your habitation.

When a lion is sleeping is he now a dog? So witches know who to attack in the night. They know people they don’t move near. Even a dog, when he sees a sleeping lion, will he say yes he’s sleeping now? “Hey my God save my head”.

-That’s how you’ll become.
-The forces tormenting you in the night will be far from your habitation.
-No devil will block your way forward again in the name of Jesus and so shall it be.



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