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Wise men still seek Jesus!
Between now and the 40th Anniversary, something has broken loose in your life.
May your labour begin to find speedy and open rewards.
We have not seen anything yet, Churches including ours around the world will begin to experience some strange order of harvests before Jesus returns.
Massive ingathering of souls demands a fervent prayer altar.
We need to engage the Holy Ghost on the altar of prayer

Someone disconnected from His God and everything went haywire: lost his job, official car, apartment, I mean back on the streets. He didn’t commit murder, back on the streets! I caught a sticker on the door of an Evangelist many years ago in Aba town. It said, “wise men still seek Him.” That is only the foolish ignore Him: ‘wise men still seek Him’.

This man of God was in my office sometime in 2014 and I reminded him of the sticker on his door. He is also a proprietor of a University today. Wise men still seek Him but the foolish says in his heart, there is no God; let’s try drugs, let’s follow the men of the city, let’s follow the big boys of Lagos. Wise men still seek Him.

Grace to keep following Him all the days of your life, you know what it is, you follow Him, goodness and mercy are compelled to be following you (Psalm 23:6). You can’t be following God and then ‘badness’ is following you, goodness and mercy, not misfortune, not mishap.

Receive grace to be an untiring follower of Jesus. It’s for my good.
“Follow Me and I will make you” – My making will stop when you stop following Me. You keep following, I will make you.

In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
I want to hear from You Jesus, speak to me again this morning. Open my life up to a new dawn, a new day (Luke 21:38). In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

He found a Word in his situation, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matthew 9:37).

He said, “I need rest”, so he came (documented testimony). He also read 8 books to find light that will shatter the darkness holding him bound and for one year after, there was no way, the taste for drugs died, destiny recovered, dignity restored.

-Whatever anyone may have lost here, your Year of Restoration is here in the name of Jesus Christ.


It’s like “why must women continue to go to the labour room?” To give birth. You can’t be going to work and say, “suddenly I just gave birth.” No, there is a process that leads to giving birth to a child.

Isaiah 66:7-8
We can’t bring forth children without travailing on the altar of prayer and the reason is already told us: the force holding them bound is never on vacation.

They are there on duty, per day, per day and we must have to come and loose them through spiritual warfare. Wherever prayers stop is where growth stops.

Ezekiel 36:37 – “I will yet for this be enquired.”
You will be asking Me; I will be doing it. When they stop asking Me, I will stop doing it.

We also understand from scriptures that the Holy Ghost is the Lord of the Harvest. What we call the Acts of the Apostles is actually the Acts of the Holy Ghost. We saw the Holy Ghost came and came with His harvest mandate on the day of Pentecost: 3,000 people were added to the Church (Acts 2:2, 47). Geometric growth.

The Acts of the Holy Ghost. Then 5,000 added next, just delivering His mandate as the Lord of the Harvest (Acts 4:4). Then in Acts chapter 5 verse 14, multitudes of men and women were added to the Church. The Holy Ghost was there delivering His Harvest Mandate. He is the Lord of the Harvest.

Matthew 9:37-38
He (Jesus) is pointing us to the Holy Ghost because when He is come, He will convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgement (John 16:8-9). The Holy Ghost has this mandate to judge the prince of this world and let go his captives. He is the Lord of the Harvest. We saw Him judge Elymas and we saw the deputy turn unto the Lord. He judges the prince of this world to release their captives.

But we must pray the Holy Spirit to engage Him (Luke 11:13). We have to demand for Him and His harvest mandate to be made manifest in our midst.

He has 2 principal ways of enforcing ingathering of souls into the Kingdom:

1. We saw Him, came as a mighty rushing wind in Acts chapter 2 verse 2 and that is symbolic of what happened in Numbers chapter 11 verse 31.
“A wind went forth from the Lord…” – Numbers 11:31
“I will pray the Father and He will give you another comforter.”
A wind went forth from the Lord; when He is come, He will convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgement. A wind went forth from the Lord!

So He comes across as a mighty rushing wind, gathering innumerable multitudes into the Kingdom of God. He is the Lord of the Harvest. We pray, “Holy Ghost, come down as a mighty rushing wind and blow into this Church quails of men and women in their numbers beyond description.
Holy Ghost, come down. Come across our harvest field as a mighty rushing wind as You did in the wilderness and bring in quails of men that cannot be numbered for multitudes”; they were coming. Praise God.

When you pray according to His will, He said, “be confident that He has heard you” (1 John 5:14). When you know that He has heard you, you know you have received your petition that you asked of Him (1 John 5:15). The Holy Ghost is that wind from the Lord that makes the unusual happen in terms of ingathering of souls into the Kingdom.

2. He comes through as a Trumpet, He comes with a sound, a compelling sound like a fire alarm that sets everybody on the run for safety and He keeps telling them “come here, come here, fire is burning. Come here.”
Acts 2:6
A compelling sound of the Holy Ghost. We have that picture in Isaiah chapter 5 verses 26 and 27.
Compelling sound: none shall stumble nor sleep – “I just overslept”. None.
Compelling sound: coming with speed swiftly.
A fire alarm does not require question, you just hear the fire alarm and move. You hear the alarm and move for safety. You move for safety!
We demand of the Holy Ghost, “blow your irresistible sound. Let it come like the last trump that will gather the whole of humanity there for rapture.”
“Let your sound be noised abroad across our harvest field.”
“Proclaim what Jesus is doing in the midst of His people.”
“Reach out to everyone wherever they may be, compelling them to be gathered at the feet of Jesus.”
That is how to engage in praying the Holy Ghost, to take His place in this season of ingathering of harvest into the Kingdom.
We have not seen anything yet, Churches including ours around the world will begin to experience some strange order of harvests before Jesus returns. Church Gist. Strange order of harvest; the prayer platform is the platform to engage, to be a partaker of the blessings of this time because massive ingathering of souls demand a fervent prayer altar.
As soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children (Isaiah 66:7).
Grace for continuity, in sustaining fervency on our prayer altar, receive it now in the name of Jesus.

Everything you need, to engage this wit is available and as you are praying Kingdom advancement prayer, He is advancing you in your various areas of life.

We have here:

– ‘2021 Supernatural Turnaround Intercessory Prayer Guidelines’, it’s on the net. You have your copies, please engage.

-‘Personal Spiritual Awakening’: to keep you on the move. They are all prayer items and they are ready to go, fully packaged.

-‘Intercessory Prayer Guideline for the Release of Life Transforming Word in our Services’: so you are not just coming to the Service to attend, you are preparing the way to be part of the first partakers of the fruits by praying for God to send His Word to His people.

-‘Praying for Church Members of the Winners’ Family’: Interceding for those that might be going through some stress and strain. You don’t know their names but you are praying, “Lord, let no one now under any pressure stay in that bondage.
Loose them, set them free, visit their families.” And if anyone comes your way among them, what a joy! Jump at the opportunity to put smiles on such a face.

-‘Towards Fruitful Outreach’: This is an Outreach Church; outreach continues forever whether with a specialized operation or by reason of our passion, we keep pushing and pushing.
-‘Supernatural Church Growth Intercessory Prayer Guideline’: God, You have said it, confirm it. Let this Church remain on the path of growth for life.
-‘New Converts Retention’: Only God can retain the ones He has saved. We stand in the place of prayer, praying for the retention of every new convert and then He shows up.
-‘Intercessory Prayer Guideline for Vengeance towards Continuous Church Growth’: cutting down the enemies of God that are standing on the way, on the growth of His Church. Bringing down the gates of hell for the Church to keep triumphing.

All these are there, please take advantage of it and maintain an ever effectual prayer altar. He does not only change things, He changes people: you will be going from strength to strength, from glory to glory, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Then why don’t you relax yourself with the Prophetic Word for the Year and plug yourself into every statement that applies to you. That is ‘Winners Personalized Prophetic Declarations’, don’t keep it when the next year’s own is coming. Begin to tick it, somethings have happened in your life right now that are as prophesied that time. So take heed, don’t lay aside! Take heed to every prophetic Word; take heed to it when he’s been challenged: “Lord, you said it, confirm it.” Every statement here is backed up with scriptures so you can refer back to the original Person that said it, God Himself.

Well our adventure in the faith is a lifelong one.
Grace to remain on course till the end, receive it now.

-May the blessings of God that attend to the faithful begin to find raw expression in your life.
-May the open rewards that answer to men that lift up their faces to You in their closet begin to manifest in the life of everyone.

-I pray that between now and the anniversary, something has broken loose in your life.
-This morning, anyone on the line for miracle job, I command it released in the name of Jesus.
-Everyone whose business is challenged; I decree breakthroughs for you in the name of Jesus.
-Every challenged home, I decree restoration of peace and harmony.
-The day is declared your day of Testimonies!!! In the name of Jesus Christ.
-May your labour in the course of Operation ‘who is on the Lord’s side?’, begin to find speedy and open rewards.
-May your labour in Cell Growth and Replication begin to find speedy and open rewards in the name of Jesus Christ. And so shall it be.
Be blessed in Jesus name.

Remember today is Wednesday, we are waiting on the Lord. We are coming in for a time with God tonight, it is going to be awesome. So get yourself ready to make the most of it.

Sunday is our Financial Fortune Banquet: As the Lord lives, you will never suffer any more financial strain or stress in your life. The same grace upon this Commission will be transmitted practically into your life and it will be clear to everyone around you.


It is your day, your day of testimonies, your day of breakthroughs. Speak to the day.


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